How to Create Your Own Website – Beginners Guide

When compared to old days, websites have now become extremely common! You should better not wonder if some petty food workers approach tomorrow to create a website for him to attract more customers into his/her store. For websites have become a necessity in several cases, methods to create websites have become extraordinarily simple, especially when you just need a website to let its visitors know what your company, product or service is all about. In that aspect, next time when the notion how to make your own website hits your mind, you need not to search for a web designer or developer. But, you should look around you to find that creating a website is as easy as messaging your friends in Facebook. So, here is all what you should know of creating a nice website by your own. Before we try to elucidate the simple process, there are some prerequisites for creating a website. First, we will go through a list of requirements of setting up your own website.

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What You Should Have [Or, Purchase]

This is the most important factor decides fate [well, if you believe in one] of your website. The effect of web hosting on your site is extremely simple at the same time significant. If you purchase a good web hosting, your site will have a good uptime, impressive loading time etc. On the other hand, if you keep lazy while purchasing web hosting, you’ll face many issues like sudden downtimes, technical issues, worst customer support, penalties from search engines as well as other uncountable issues. So, you have to be very careful while purchasing web hosting for the site and you’ll have to consider several factors such as trustworthiness of hosting provider, uptime it does offer, availability of good customer support team etc. It is always better not to go for free or cheap hosting provider, as they will doom the site in no time. It is always good to choose shared web hosting, as it is simple to manage and has several features as well.

  • Domain Name

Domain name is actually the identity of your website in all senses. Because, your visitor comes to your website as he enters the domain name in the URL section. Of course, you cannot get for your fruit store business. On the other hand, your domain name should be exclusive, easy to remember and related to the product or service that you are prospecting. Also, you should choose the most appropriate domain suffix. It won’t be okay to give your store website a .org suffix, as the mentioned one is meant for organizations.

  • Site Builder [Optional]

If you have chosen the method of creating website using a website-builder, you will have to purchase one. In some cases, your web-hosting provider itself will provide you a site builder, which makes things even simpler.

How to Create Website?


There are different methods available for creating a website by your own. Some of the popular ones are as follows.

  • Coding: If you are good at web programming, you can use this method, and you will have to build your site by entering code line by line. You can use from a variety of languages and platforms to coding.
  • CMS: There are a number of free and paid Content Management Systems available in the web world. If you’d like to make things easier, you can choose one of the best CMS, say WordPress, and move on with building of site quite easily. The process will be even simple if your hosting provider offers scripts to install CMSs.
  • Site-Builder: If you hate setting up CMS stuff, you can go for a site-builder, and it will help you set up the site using drag and drop interface.

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