AI Driven Development: Top 5 Trends Could Change Our Reality in 2024

Updated on: March 25, 2024

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has already produced a boom in the world, but it continues to evolve and gradually increase the impact on our lives. In fact, we have long been using the services of AI in one or another way every day: we use navigation applications, streaming services, personal assistants in smartphones, applications for managing smart home devices, but these are all old trends. What awaits us in the field of AI in the coming 2020? Now AI is used for scheduling trains, assessing business risks, applying deep learning on the simplest levels as well as for solving many other tasks that reduce costs. A couple of years ago, chatbots made a noise and startled everyone, and voice assistants gained tremendous popularity. Our 5 trends of AI will surprise you but remember - the future is already here.

What is AI Good For?

After the recent (yet another) scandal with Facebook, people become more cautious in their digital security, and this is what is required of future developments related to AI. Many experts have the opinion that AI will become much more capable, but they hope that it will be more transparent - without hidden features. Google Duplex is an artificial intelligence that allows Google Assistant’s virtual assistant to make phone calls and communicate with people. Google has confirmed that Duplex will soon become available to users of Pixel smartphones - the system will be gradually introduced in major US cities.

To start using Google Duplex, users in these cities will be able to book restaurant tables. At the same time, the Duplex system during the call will warn that this is not a real person. By the way, it was the reason for a major scandal to break out in the spring, as the voice of assistant sounds truly like a human’s one. After that Google assured that they don’t plan to violate the personal rights of the users of this system.

This situation is a good demonstration of how conscious should be people not to be deceived in the future. AI is going to be in future developments, it can solve tasks, which take a lot of time and efforts for people, it is already predicted, that in somewhat 10 years AI will occupy every field of human activity to facilitate our life. While the technology is still in the process of development it’s possible to hire ruby on rails programmer to help you with the creation of some e-commerce applications or websites instead of AI.

AI Development Trends

1. Cognitive assistants

This trend is a good example of how AI placed in reality behaves. The modern society has heard a lot of information about voice and text assistants: Dialogflow from Google, Russian Alice from Yandex and Anna from Sberbank, Siri from Apple and many more startups, which are just going to be developed. That is how it works: the recognized text can be transferred to the backend, where thanks to NLU, the meaning of the request is understood, then the answer is returned again in text form and voiced by speech synthesis.

An important indicator of assistant development is how human he seems. For example, works only through email, where it can make appointments. This assistant has a style and intonation inherent in a person and therefore it is quite possible to replace a real employee.

Cognitive AI based learning

2. Connectionist Network development

Another AI development trend is a neural network. It is a mathematical model with its main feature to model formulas, which are not programmed in the usual sense of the word, but taught. For example, to predict whether to open the door to a stranger or not, instead of developing formulas based on the words of a person, we teach the neural network, meaning that it will “learn” the necessary formulas.

Neural networks are the main mechanism of deep learning, but they did not immediately gain popularity. Scientists have tested many other methods and models: Bayesian networks, support vector machine, evolutionary algorithms.

Neural Network in AI

All of these methods fought for popularity until, in 2012, researchers from the University of Toronto, led by Jeffrey Hinton, showed an algorithm based on deep learning that recognized images better than all methods invented before.

3. Deep Learning

Deep learning is machine learning algorithms that create high-level abstractions in data using architectures consisting of several non-linear transformations.

The technology of deep learning is based on artificial neural networks, which we have already mentioned above. These networks receive learning algorithms and ever-increasing amounts of data to improve the efficiency of learning processes. The learning process is called “deep” because over time the neural network covers an increasing number of levels. The deeper this network penetrates, the higher its performance.

Deep learning AI

Deep learning answers the question of how AI will change the world. Actually, its impact is hard to measure now, but what we can predict is that AI will improve the quality of our life, it’s the next stage of human evolution.

AI Learning Online

Companies that use in-depth training in their tasks will be able to get more accurate analytics results without having to spend a lot of time training the system.

4. AI-enabled Chips

A company-giant Intel invests $ 13 million in an AI startup that is performed with a new type of AI chip that is developed to perform neural network computing at an accelerated speed. There is still an urgent issue with modern chips: the problem is the data transfer to devices from memory.

AI Enabled Chips

The amount of data to be processed by the chips tends to increase, for example, when it comes to AI applications for face recognition. New AI chips will use smart computing, reducing the actual distance between memory and processing tasks, which process data transfer faster and reduces consumption of power.

5. Cloud technologies

If there was no cloud computing it wouldn’t be possible to create AI with its capabilities. The capabilities of cloud technologies allow organizations to collect, store, process and analyze any stunning amounts of data that are now needed.

Cloud technologies

The other side of the development of artificial intelligence will be the need to revise the existing ethical models, which were designed only for standard, biological intelligent beings - people. Also, Gartner says that AI will replace 1.8 millions of job places, while 2.3 will be created thanks to the development of the technology. These are not bad things about artificial intelligence, but the issues are urgent to be observed.

Bottom Line

Modern technologies grow and improve our world every day. If several years ago we just heard about AI and its capabilities, now we can see the real application of it to the things we are accustomed to. Artificial intelligence applications, Cloud, AI-enabled chips and deep learning are future trends for the world to see in the nearest future.

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