AVG Mobile Antivirus is Best Way To Protect Your Smartphones Privacy & Security

Updated on: May 5, 2017

In an era where we are captives of the digital markets, and happily accept to be glued to our screens to upload our selfies, knowledge and cutting edge information, we also accept the fact that piracy is inevitable and we got to trust sources blindly sometimes to download that cool new app or the new trendy piece of music everyone is talking about.

Today android is the most widely used operating system and has been running around from past several years at the same position. And the topic of the Security comes to be one of hot topics for it. Regardless of one’s ignorance, we understand the need of cyber security to protect us from the malicious activities online. We feel helpless with the diversity of viruses latched onto each file we download online.And here comes the need of antivirus app.


Keeping a smartphone in your pocket without any remote security app in it can be a risky thing to do.And here comes in the picture, the caped crusader to fight these malicious entities, protecting the software realm of your precious phones,

AVG antivirus:

AVG offers a free antivirus software, and probably the best program you can download to ensure your cyber security.

It is an exception of its kind as it is a complete tool, covered with flagship features of protecting you from threats from your internet files, protecting your local files, p2p connections and instant messages, and many more features to showcase. More importantly, AVG offers a constant protection to your phones and acts like the ultimate vigilante watching over to make sure your digital territory remains safe.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android - Android Apps on Google Play (2)

This puts AVG much forward from its competitors like McAfee and Norton, who charge for their precious services.

So, let us discuss the plus and the minus of this security tool:


  • Provides constant protection from viruses and other malware.
  • It has four different sections for android security: Protection, Performance, Anti-Theft and Privacy.
  • Supported by smart tech, it detects previously unknown threats.
  • AVG antivirus scans the recently installed apps automatically. You can schedule scans daily or weekly as per your requirements.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android - Android Apps on Google Play



  • The AVG antivirus includes privacy and anti-theft options like SIM card replacement protection, app lock and a special camera trap to let you know about anyone who tries to bump into your device.
  • It has a user friendly and simple interface.
  • It has a pool of performance boosting features to offer it users, vis., a task killer, which kills unnecessary tasks; a storage tool for letting you know which app consumes how much of your phone’s space; a data plan tool to display the data usage on your mobile network as well as wifi.
  • It provides real time protection of files from internet surfing, email, p2p transfers, instant messages and suspicious behavior.
  • AVG scans the internet plugins and finds out intallations of poor reputations which may be malicious. Though AVG requires an annual registeration for continued use, but it holds value for time, energy and data spent to acquire it.
  • It offers another amazing feature of battery saving utility which alerts you when the phone’s battery is low and automatically activates power saving mode which disable WiFi/internet, turns off auto sync, Bluetooth and reduces brightness.
  • The AVG antivirus has a very particular support staff at its back end, making sure that it is up to date and capable of fighting all sorts of new found threats. What more could we ask from our protector than to be updated with modern armour to safeguard our precious.


On creating an AVG account, user gets a 30 day trial for AVG AntiVirus Pro.

This anti-malware android app provides a wide array of protection and anti-theft services at the cost of $14.99 per year. You can use some of the premium features of this app and experience it by downloading additional few apps.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android - Android Apps on Google Play (1)

My views on AVG:

It is the go-to software if you are searching for the ultimate protection for your digital devices. Ahead of its tech, it is the best antivirus one must have in their smartphones.

AVG is free of cost and is well-known amongst everyone today as a dependable security app which can sturdily combat all the existing, potential and emerging malware's.

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