Vue JS Framework and its Development Benefits for Developer

Updated on: June 1, 2021

Vue.js or simply Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework that is used to build user interfaces.

What is a framework?

The JavaScript world is huge, rich in all kinds of libraries, modules, development environments and frameworks. This is a huge plus of the language, but also a small dilemma for a beginner: what to choose for work. One framework will bring moral satisfaction and increase in productivity, the other will exhaust all the nerves. In this article, we will walk through 5 parameters so that you can clearly understand what is ideal for you. And it is far from the fact that the choice will fall on one of the popular frameworks.

Skillful use of a little-known framework can boost self-esteem and even be a plus for your resume, but in practice, the first choice should be the popular option. Here are some reasons:

Convenience for the employer. The restrictions on the tools used are not taken from the ceiling - here are both the financial side of the issue and the human side. If each developer in the team works with their own framework, this will negatively affect performance and interoperability. And dependence on a specific employee is the last thing any company dreams of. Therefore, choosing vue js development is a plus for both the applicant and the employer.


High scalability. You can work on a project alone with any framework, but if a whole team is working on it, at least the leader or team lead must perfectly know all the tools used. Using rare frameworks will only lead to problems.

The number of specialized resources and literature. As a rule, this parameter is directly related to popularity: the more fans, the higher the activity on the forums, the more specialized sites appear, books are published, etc.

The difference between a framework and a library can be clearly explained like this:

  • The framework uses a specific architecture of the application so that the project is divided into logical parts, modules. For example, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) partitioning scheme implies separation into three segments: model, view, and controller, each of which can be changed independently of the others.
  • To put it more simply, there are many common tasks that developers have to solve - and therefore libraries are often used. Using the framework allows you to avoid storing useful material somewhere in a separate folder or constantly writing the same type of code: the framework allows you to use built-in classes for validation, logging and many other processes, and also has a structure that the project receives as a result.

Frameworks have many advantages, which is why they are used almost everywhere.

  • convenient and fast application development;
  • clean code that (most often) doesn't require refactoring.
  • But there are disadvantages to using the framework (and you shouldn't forget about them):
  • weak security due to open source code;
  • you need to spend some time and effort learning the framework;
  • each framework needs to be studied separately (you cannot understand one framework and begin to understand how to work with all of them).

Development services include:

  • Development of a user interface for displaying data, including analytics and statistics, that are collected from sensors to measure traffic.
  • Development of an interface for an online store with a large number of users.
  • Development of a static page generator using predefined blocks. Works as a landing page builder.



Among the main advantages of Vue.js are the following:

  • Quick tutorial for novice users.
  • Availability of documentation related to Vue.js and its highlights.
  • A large community of Vue.js followers that guarantees fast issues, immediate feedback, and more.
  • High-quality and modern UI kits for Vue.js, including Material Design.
  • Facilitate the process of creating a user interface for multiple products. For this purpose, Vue.js can also serve as a plugin.

In general, ease of integration is one of the main advantages of this framework, especially in combination with the ability to integrate with backend frameworks.

Other strengths of Vue.js are ease of learning and good documentation, as well as high performance.

Also, Vue.js can be used to build single-page apps.

A central concept in Vue.js is the concept of components, that is, small pieces of the user interface that can be reused. Thus, the application itself consists of parts components.

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