Why Online Casinos Could Be More Beneficial than Real Casinos

Updated on: May 10, 2022

The debate between ‘online and real’ entities is hotter than ever. Recent discussions which came into fruition following the birth of the Metaverse have made us question whether online entities are better than their real counterparts. This conversation could be stretched to the gambling realm as we wonder- could online casinos be more beneficial than real casinos?

This primarily depends on what you deem to be beneficial- is it the wins you get from playing at a casino, is it the experience that casinos offer, or is it the games that you play?

The Benefits of Online Casinos

Since their birth in the 90s, online casinos have taken the internet by storm and have infiltrated a great chunk of our conversation too. If you haven’t heard the term iGaming yet, you need to get out from that rock you’ve been hiding under. This is not even the beginning, as the stats are predicting that the market for online gambling will keep increasing in 2023. The question we are posing is; why?


The first and most obvious factor which gives online casinos an edge over real casinos is the fact that you can make use of online casinos at any time and from anywhere. The flexibility offered by online casinos means that they will be far more beneficial for people who might not want to suit up and head out to the casino James Bond style. The comfort and accessibility of online ventures is a definite contributing factor to the consistent and continuous technological advances which we find ourselves experiencing in the 21st century. Many gamblers would forego the in-house casino if it were the only option available to them due to the lack of a neighboring casino. Customers may also have to wait in line to join a table at the casino. Online gaming has stepped in to alleviate some of the tedium and is one of the many ways that people spend their time resting and relaxing online.

Bonuses upon Bonuses

This is another redeeming feature of online casinos that puts them at the forefront of the competition with land casinos. The welcome bonus which is offered by online casinos is only the beginning of what you can expect to see once you’ve created an account with an online casino like Slots.lv.  The reliable source of information we have come across is Basketballinsiders informative guide covering fresh slots lv bonus codes that you can use to learn how to get even more wins when you play slot games at Slots.lv. To cash out any wins from the Slots.lv Welcome Bonus, you must play through the bonus and deposit 35 times before making a withdrawal. The welcome bonus code includes one incentive of 200% match for a wager that ranks up to $1,000 and 8 bonuses of 100% up to $500 a piece in this promotion. Despite these terms, there is no way that real casinos could match the payout that online casinos offer with this incentive.

Games for Days

Slot machines, poker tournaments, or new takes on old card games are all games that you can find at almost all online casinos and at most in-land casinos. However, the possibility of finding a real casino that has all the casino games your heart desires is less common in comparison to the online option. Yet, another reason why online casinos could be more beneficial than land casinos is the fact that it's very common to be able to play free demonstrations before putting real money on the line. Having this option will help to improve one's strategy when playing games. It's impossible for in-house casinos to compete with the opportunity for players to try their luck for free, which is beneficial to the casino but not so much for the player.

In addition, there is a broad choice of games to pick from for those that play online. Similar to land-based casinos, there are gambling websites that have a distinct look and feel. Thousands of games are instantly available to everyone who has signed up for an account on one of the many internet sites. Gambling lovers are enticed to check out online casinos by the large range of games available. A burgeoning online gambling community is expressing confidence in the steadily improving quality of the sites they're assessing.

The Verdict

As was mentioned above, it is clear that online casinos have plenty on offer that you cannot attain from land-based casinos. Online casinos are more beneficial to the player who is looking for flexibility, variety, and easy accessibility. To some degree, online casinos are more beneficial to users for this reason. However, land-based casinos have a certain charm that cannot be replicated in the digital sphere. Heading out to a casino is an exclusive experience in its own right, maybe not ideal for the regular gambler but definitely worth a try for those whose curiosity needs to be satiated.

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