How to Do Home Automation using Amazon echo and Google Home

Updated on: September 9, 2023

The good thing about technology in today’s generation is that it allows people to live in a much easier way. The product of technology helps many of us to work faster but accurate. There are called home automation, which helps people to have a safe way of living and organize everything at home. It is applicable to those people who are not good at remembering important things in their homes. Including the air-conditioners, thermostats, lights and garage doors, it can be all connected to the internet. Not only that but also it can be remotely controlled with a mobile device or a smart speaker. Setting up a smart home can be great in many ways, however, there are different accessories that work only with certain products.

What are the benefits of Home Automation?

  • Savings

it is always a big factor to home automation. Home automation can help you to provide even more for other necessities and not only for your bills. Smart thermostats and smart light bulbs can save energy, cutting utility costs over time. The good thing about home automation is that it has water usage too. This can help to prevent exorbitant water bills. It implies only that home automation can save a lot of money from a simple way of saving utilities automatically can help to lessen bills.

  • Safety

a lot of people want home automation for the purpose of security and safety. Many home automation technologies fall under home security which is a good feature. Usually, consumers purchase these devices for the reason of making their homes safer and more secure. Such a way of automated lighting and motion sensors helps the people to enter doors and walk hallways late at night. Another is that it keeps an eye for you, it can give a quick response in any circumstances.

  • Convenience

for the reason that home automation technology performs automatically depends on the command people will give, it will end up to a great convenience. A lot of smart devices are compatible with one another and can set to various triggers between devices to automate regular home processes. For instance, you can use your smart locks to turn on your smart lighting, it is easier to do with compatibility.

  • Control

The best thing about home automation is you have the control to the home entirely. From the front door to the garage and even lighting in kitchen, you all have the access. You can even use your voice to have your own command, serves as your control. Smart home devices have better control functions within the home. These smart devices allow you to know what’s happening inside your home anytime.

  • Comfort

Smart technology can give a quick response and also can give a strange response to what you need. It can record shows or play music, as connected devices and can help in order to have a comfortable atmosphere throughout the home. They can also have the adaptive feature to lighting, sound, and even temperature. Thus, it can help to create a good ambiance and an inviting environment.

Home automation using Amazon Echo Google home

Home automation using Amazon echo and Google Home

Virtual voice-controlled assistants can be done using an Amazon echo and Google home. It can make an easier way to control smart home products by speaking simple commands.

  • Ok Google 'set living rooms to lights brightness to 20% up to 100 %' . You just need to have smart bulbs, this can help you to have more tricks using voice control. Also, you need to have smart switches that tend to be more practical. Thus, you can use smart lights or smart dimmer switches, this will help you to control lighting.

  • Google can set lights to Daylight. This changes the color of the light bulbs to a more cool tone. It helps to brighten more the ambiance and can have an inviting environment.

  • Setting light bulbs in a room to moonlights. The lights here get more yellow, can use voice for this command.

  • Turn off the lights. You can use your voice to turn off and on the lights. You can have a sentence to open the lights and also in turning off automatically. For this kind of command, you need a smart bulb and you can’t do this with just a switch.

  • Turning lights into some part at home. You can use the stringify app so one command cascades to a bunch of operations. This is in order to turn a lot of lights.Home automation using Amazon Echo Google home

  • Another is google home can turn off and turn on the fireplace. It took finding the right switch to make this fireplace work.

  • Closing the garage can be automatic, you can set up a timer. Most of the current garage doors can be modified with a product, this device does not require a hub but runs on its own app.

  • Turning on the lamp and locking the door. People use motion sensors for stuff like turning on the lamp on the garage, front door or in the hallway. On the other hand, voice can also be useful serves as the locking command of the door.

  • By using the Amazon echo or Alexa, you can set up a timer and voice to control commands. It can tell dee bot device to start cleaning, setting the thermostat to cool.

  • Turning on the TV, if you don’t have a current smart TV you will need a specific hub to do this command. You can have the command on channels or switching the application you want to enjoy. Navigate channel surf with voice on youtube.

  • Voice can control rewind and fast forward this is a feature from Amazon echo, and it is better than a TV remote. You can surf by saying the channels or by saying what exactly you want to watch.

  • With the use of IFTTT app, it can help you to have a unique response for what you need. It is adaptive for what mood you are telling them. Another this IFTTT can set a strange response and can set a timer to leave, the door lock and every appliance at home turn off.

Home automation using Amazon Echo Google home
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