STRACKR REVIEW : Single Affiliate Dashboard for Your Affiliate Networks

Updated on: July 4, 2022

Strackr is a platform that collects user affiliate data like the user's transactions, clicks, income, and payments into a single affiliate platform. The idea behind this facility is to save the user's time and compile it all in one place, making it convenient to view statistics on a single affiliate dashboard.

Strackr ensures that a user can see all reports needed by them, and allows comparison with different affiliate programs while keeping all data encrypted and secure. It is a great support system for individuals and businesses and provides a live chat system to answer all queries of users.

This platform helps to monitor and track the data from various affiliate platforms like Awin, Impact, ShareASale, Amazon, etc. It features a dashboard that helps you keep tabs on the number of leads generated, the revenue and clicks recorded.  It emails the users with a daily summary of the revenues generated that helps them to keep themselves up to date with their earnings.

Uses of Strackr


Strackr is a service that allows a user to unify all affiliate data in one place and eliminates multiple logins into several networks in a day. It helps with:


  • Having Access to Metrics

Strackr allows a user to have access to all of their metrics from multiple affiliate sources in a single unified dashboard. As a result, one can find it very easy to access metrics from different platforms on one proper affiliate dashboard.

  • Comparing Programs

A user often feels the need to compare different metrics or a particular affiliate program's performance with one another. Strackr provides this service in its product, making it simple to find the best programs out of several others.

A user may feel doubtful while trusting a product with sensitive information. Strackr however, believes that a user's data is a serious matter of concern, and ensures to keep all connection data is encrypted.



Strackr allows a user to view a very detailed report of every transaction they are involved in. It helps one to access the reports having details of the transaction mentioned, operating system used, user device, and even landing pages included. One can also see the various types of details of a program.


Strackr allows a user to follow their performance conveniently. Once a user can understand their progress which effectively enhances the revenue earning capacity. It provides the facility to:


  • EPC and Revshare

From the dashboard, you can efficiently conduct comparisons using Revshare, Conversion Rate (CR), and Earnings Per Click (EPC). Since one can compare, it also helps in concluding subjects for promotions.

  • Decline Transactions

Strackr enables a user to check the details of a transaction using date ranges. This eliminates the difficulty of keeping track of every transaction status for each program.



Strackr is a platform that integrates several APIs from different affiliate providers into a single API. This unification makes it incredibly easier for developers to work with. The API Integration feature makes it possible for one API to rule all others at the same time.



A publisher working with this product can easily share coupons with their readers. The Deal feature of Strackr allows a user to find all coupons in a single place in less time and energy-saving manner.


The pricing of Strackr can be categorized into three pricing packs:

  1. Starter Plan

The Starter pricing pack costs €10/ per month. Only one user can use this service, allowing 10 network connections, 1000 transactions in this product. The package enables one to have their data updated every 12 hours and monitor statistics, networks, with the complete protection of the user's privacy.

  1. Professional Plan

The Professional pricing pack costs €25/ per month. Only two users can use this service, allowing 20 network connections and 3000 transactions in this product. All of the user data is considered sensitive and remain secure at all costs. The package enables one to have their data updated every 6 hours with protected monitoring of all statistics, network, and user information.

  1. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise pricing pack costs €50/ per monthFive users can use this service, with full security of each user data. The package enables the use of 30 network connections and 6000 transactions in this product. Data updations take place on every 6 hours with proper control and monitoring of statistics, past data, and advertisers/networks.

Further, all these pricing packs provide users with email reports of their work on this product. Strackr also offers a trial version of all these packs for 30 days. A user's payment information is not required to sign up for the Strackr trial and is not inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). Lastly, the trial shall end automatically for every user, irrespective of the pack chosen.

The Final Words:

Strackr is a software which is specially made for email promotions and coupon channels. Also, it helps to improve efficiency and increase sales and revenues. It is an amazing application which helps you to keep track of your affiliate earnings. Also, it mails you your daily reports so that you can plan your next step accordingly.

Strackr also allows you to compare the performance of various programs and then helps you to choose the best affiliate program. Also, the software ensures complete security of their customers.

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