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Updated on: September 2, 2018

Affiliate marketing is promoting any product or services to customers by the third party called “Affiliate”. The Affiliates gets paid or some commission of the profit once the referred product is bought by a customer. Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial business for all from merchants to owners whereby an affiliate is also benefited. The Advantage of Affiliate marketing is as follows:

  • Merchants gain a higher platform to sell their products
  • This increases sales of Merchants.
  • Affiliate Marketing is cost effective plus it saves the time of owner/Merchant.
  • Affiliate Marketing is an easy way of additional income for affiliates.
  • Affiliates do not need to invest money just time.
  • Affiliates do not have to worry about e-commerce related headaches all he has to do is promotions of the product.
  • Affiliate can work 24/7 or few hours as per his wish from any place at any time.

Because of all these advantages, Affiliate Marketing is in full swing nowadays. Being an Amazon Affiliate is more preferred overall because of the Amazons more and advanced features provided by Amazon like:


Whenever you are selling or promoting anything online, hardest and important thing is to gain peoples trust. This is the big task in front of Affiliates while promoting the product. This problem is solved when you are an Amazon Affiliate, as because of a big brand name trust is already there.


Amazon cares for everyone right from its customers to Affiliates. Not only as a customer of Amazon, you are guaranteed safety and privacy with customer care numbers but as an affiliate also, you will feel very safe by the support provided.

If an Affiliate send a customer over to Amazon, and  if the customer adds an item to their cart, Affiliate gets  90 days to check whether the customer makes the purchase, if he does in 90 days then the commission is passed on to his account

The best part is, if the customer doesn’t buy the product sent by Affiliate but end up buying something else, the affiliate still gets the commission.

Because of trust and security, Amazon Affiliate is the best and easiest way for newbie bloggers or even pro bloggers with good traffic to make Money Online. But in some cases, affiliates earnings maybe slower than expectations due to some reasons. Some of the proven tips and tricks to further increase your through Amazon Affiliate are:



To increase the sale of the product it is important to create attractive, up to date and original content of the product. SEO friendly and high-quality backlinks with proper keywords related to the product helps affiliates in increasing customers trust and thereby sales and earnings.


Another way of increasing your affiliated earnings in Amazon is by creating a list of best sellers, this way is different from the comparison chart.

A comparison chart focuses only on products below certain price or product with the same price whereas bestseller lists focus entirely on the best product frequently bought and loved by customers under a selected category. You can check out Journal Review blog for more marketing tips for your Amazon niche site.

3) Negotiate Deals

There are certain big sites that only do the work of digging the deals and discounts and enlist them on their website along with the links for their readers to view them. This websites are actually an affiliate of that product and just by displaying the deals and discounts they make money as well.

This model works wonders as customers love good deals. Affiliate to get more sales and to attract more users can make a smaller version of this and it can be set out based on weekly and monthly basis divided on the basis of products and its niches Or else Affiliate can directly add a separate “deals and discounts” page on his website so that users can get direct access to deals and discounts

Affiliate can also send a constant email to customers reminding and updating them up about new deals and discounts so that customers would be more connected.

4) Don't ignore SMALL FISH

Even though Amazon modified its commission structure recently on basis of the category of items sold instead of no of quantities sold, selling smaller products still is a good deal.  With the big competitors targeting customers buying a big and expensive product like electronics and appliances, it is advantageous to concentrate on a small product because of very less competition and good demand you can still bag a great deal.


One of the best-implemented strategies of thrive leads developed by theme developers can help affiliate set up a multi-step pop-up box that starts asking the question to the visitor about his product needs and when the customer presses the answers then based on his personal preferences affiliate can end up suggesting a preferred product.

This step in spite of looking complex is a simple work ethic that enables the visitor to access the preferred product by personalizing. This saves visitors time and personalization makes them feel special and excited about shopping.

6) Use In-Content Links

Using in content niche sites is one of the best ways to send people to Amazon, these links are more likely to get clicked by the customers, and therefore, affiliates should pay more attention to this to increase sales and earnings.

Placing in content links helps the visitor in finding the product through the link on the website to Amazon.

7) Add Buttons and Links on End of the Article

This is most important to be taken into account by affiliates. When readers read the article about the product they may be interested in buying, for slink to the sales page must be present at end of the article.

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