FlexClip Review: Best Online Tool for Creating Videos & Vlogs in Minutes

Updated on: June 2, 2022

Over the years, developers have devoted a lot of time and effort to creating video editing tools to help companies make professional marketing videos for their ad campaigns. But, you may still not be sure of which video editing tool to use for your professional marketing strategy. If you are skeptical about which tool, we suggest you try out FlexClip Video Maker.

FlexClip is a unique editing tool that helps you create videos in minutes. This video editing tool is very effective and has unique professional templates that are easy to configure to make mind-boggling video clips from images too. With this tool, you can add your voice-over or audio file for narrating in videos. One of the best features of this tool is that it has a free version for editing videos, but the most features crucial features are always reserved for premium users.

Features Of Flex Video Clip

1. Millions Of Media Files Available For You

One of the best key features of FlexClip is the ability to gain access to numerous free media for your projects, so you don't have to spend so much time searching through the web for soothable images. This singular feature helps you work on projects quickly.


2. You Can Choose Between Different Fonts and Text Animations

If you fall into the category of people that use a specific font for your site. You can set the text characteristics to your liking. You can avoid boredom for your daily viewers, by selecting the best variety of text animation that is built with unique typography.

3. Voice Over Recording

Most times programs require a personal touch, that's why you are given the feature to record a voice-over. You just need to push the microphone button to start recording while talking.

4. Animated widgets

Any viral video is not complete without an abnormal presence of widgets. The insertion of some emoticons is supported, and the same goes for a subscribe button.


5. Setting Filter and Speed Effect

FlexClip gives you the option of speeding or slowing down a video when using the FlexClip video tool maker. By tapping on the speed icon, you will be granted access to the motion tool. You can adjust the video speed from ranges of 0.5x, 1.5x, or 3x, etc. Another advantage you can get from FlexClip is applying many filters to images for custom effects.

With this simple and efficient tool for making videos, we are certain you will create quality videos for your project on the internet. In other words, checking to see if FexClip is fitting for your needs as a content creator is worth it.FlexClip-voice-over

Why FlexClip is easy to use

Among so many useful features of the FlexClip video editor is how easy it is to use. For a video editing tool, FlexClip comes with one of the best UI for both veterans and content creators with no prior experience of using a video editing tool. On entering the platform, you will notice that the Dashboard is well organized and very easy to navigate. Down below we will give out eight brief steps on how to edit a video using FlexClip.

Choose a template: Open FlexClip in your desktop browser. when the page opens navigate to the left side of the screen and you will see the menu bar, click on the Template option. Choose a video category and sort by time or popularity, next, Hover over to anyone that interests you preview it, and click on customize.

Manage storyboards: When you look below the web page you will see so many options of storyboards you can use. Drag your desired storyboard to where ever you want, and select a background color.

Add stock media: You can find stock photos and clips in the FlexClip media library, enter the keyword of the sort of stock media you intend to use on the search bar, and select through millions of stock assets when your desired stock media is chosen click the plus button to add it to the new storyboard.

Add Text To Video: Look through the menu icon, and you will find the Text option. Click on it. Choose the text file you like, you can use the toolbar to customize the size font, and color of the text.    FlexClip-Dashboard-create-videos

Video Transition Effects

Adding transitions: Activate the transition between two storyboards, select your preferred style of transition and make sure to preview the effect before applying it.

Add animated elements to the video: Go through the menu once more and select Elements. Choose from hundreds of dynamic widgets, and post the object in the video, you have the option to resize and customize to your preferred color.

Add music to the video: Click the music icon on the menu, and select from over a hundred thousand stock music on FlexClip music library.

exporting videos: Now all that is left to do is choose the video resolution and export it. You will find the export button at the top menu, click on it to download your video in high definition, enter the video name, and click on the export video button.

With the simple steps listed above, you can see how easy it is to make a video and export it in FlexClip video maker.


Video Editing Tools FlexClip offers

FlexClip helps you level up with its numerous video tools. So it will be wise for you to take advantage of this beautiful video editing tool to create amazing videos.

  1. Add Logo to Videos: With FlexClip you can embed your logo into your videos without much hassle, and fortunately, text logos are supported.
  2. Add Watermark to videos: Watermarks or surely essential when you have intentions to publish personalized media content.
  3. Compress Video: FlexClip gives the feature of compressing your video to whatever size you are comfortable with.
  4. Record Screen: This tool also comes in handy when you intend to record your screen activity, All these unique features just make FlexClip an incredible tool to use.
  5. Convert Audio to VideoUpload your desired audio file, and within seconds it will be converted to a video format.

Pricing and lifetime deal

FlexClip being a professional tool comes with various pricing options and lifetime deals Free, Basic, Plus, and Business. But as you would expect, the Free version has limited features when compared to other pricing options for FlexClip.


When using the free version of FlexClip you will be able to

  • Download 480p videos to your SD card.
  • You can manage as many as 12 projects.
  • Only videos with a length of 1 minute supported.
  • You will have access to 1 stock video per project.


$5.99/mo. Save $48.00 every year by paying $71.88 for a year.

  • Download videos with HD quality of 720p.
  • 1 stock video per project.
  • Access to embed custom watermark.
  • Cloud space of 10GB.
  • Save unlimited projects online.
  • You can work on projects with a video length of 3 minutes.
  • No FlexClip intro.


$9.99/mo. Save $120.00 every year by paying $119.88 as a one-time payment for a year.

  • Download 1080p Full-HD videos.
  • Maximum of 5 stock videos per project.
  • Custom watermark.
  • The maximum length of 10 minutes for your project videos.
  • No FlexClip intro.
  • Save unlimited projects online.
  • 30 GB Cloud Space.


$19.99/mo. Save $120.00 every year by paying $239.88 as a one-time payment for a year.

  • Download 1080p HD videos.
  • Save unlimited projects online.
  • embed custom watermark.
  • Access to unlimited stock videos per project.
  • No FlexClip intro.
  • Work on projects with a video length of up to 30 minutes.
  • Access to 100GB Cloud Space.

Most likely you should have realized that the pricing for the FlexClip converter is quite reasonable for a very good video editing tool. All that is left is for you to select the pricing option that best soothes you, or you can begin with the free version.

FlexClip Use Cases for Vloggers and Digital Business.

Vloggers and Digital business managers use FlexClip to create stunning videos with thousands of unique templates. Vloggers might find it useful for illustration on their videos, while business managers will find it useful for creating captivating adverts for consumers.

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