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Updated on: June 2, 2022
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Digital advertising is a very competitive and ever-changing landscape. As a result, publishers unable to deliver what’s ‘in-demand’ and ‘all the rage’ remain an outsider to premium campaigns and ad rates. One platform notorious for leaving money on the table for its publishers is Google AdSense.

While they offer a straightforward, hands-off approach, maximizing earnings is impossible. There are many AdSense alternatives, but some bloggers are hesitant to leave behind the industry titan. Cue Newor Media. A tool (and moneymaker!) to be used alongside AdSense to increase website earnings.

What Is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a full-service ad management platform and Google-certified partner. They support header bidding - the programmatic technique that draws from a host of different networks together to bid in real-time for ad space. So unlike AdSense, which only draws from their pool of advertisers, Newor Media draws from several network pools.

In addition to more competition, they supply a wide range of ad services that create high-performing ad units. Bloggers benefit from the company’s AI tech and machine-learning tools that optimize various elements of earning with ads. As a result, bloggers get ads that earn more and can even improve their website quality!

What Does Newor Media Offer?

Since they are a full-service ad management provider, they work with publishers from integration to strategy and payouts. So let’s explore several features that give them a competitive edge.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising started as a shiny new trend in the industry but has certainly proved it’s here to stay. It’s the use of technology to automate the buying and selling of ads to allow advertisers to get more ads out and in front of a more relevant audience. As a result, we’re seeing companies pour a bulk of their ad spending into this particular outlet.

High-payouts are the reward for publishers who can sell their ad space in these types of programmatic channels (real-time bidding, private marketplaces, etc.). Unfortunately, AdSense does not support programmatic bidding. However, Newor Media allows AdSense users to still benefit from this feature.

Extra ad management features

The sole role of Google AdSense is to serve as the middleman and connect publishers to advertisers. They offer no extra ad support, which leaves publishers to do all the heavy lifting. In addition to playing the middleman, Newor Media provides an abundance of ad services to help publishers maximize their ad earnings.

They offer publishers layout and placement optimization to improve engagement and viewability. Unlike other ad management services that automatically optimize based on best practices, Newor Media provides manual and individual website assessments. So you’ll have a layout tailored to your audience’s behavior. Optimizing ads also includes doing so in a way that balances user experience and page loading speed—two critical website vitals.

Additional helpful features include:

  • A consent management platform - to help with data and privacy protection laws
  • The ability to whitelist/blacklist advertisers
  • Adblock revenue recovery
  • Revenue generating solutions (ad refresh, lazy load, etc.)

How Can Newor Media Increase AdSense Earnings?

By now, you’re probably wondering - how will Newor Media increase my AdSense earnings?

Increased ad rates

Firstly, AdSense works on an ad rank system. After all the bids for ad space have been received, AdSense uses the ranking system to determine who wins—and it’s not always the highest bidder. So already, AdSense is short-changing bloggers what they’re owed.

Newor Media creates a ‘fair’ auction by guaranteeing the highest bid rate. Additionally, their publishers get access to some of the highest rates in the industry through programmatic advertising and increased competition. Publishers get access to Google’s AdSense and AdX networks, as well as the other 30+ premium partnerships they have. The increase in competition alone results in a 50-200% boost in earnings for their publishers.

Proper optimization

Publishers often choose quantity over quality. As a result, they earn little and hurt their core web vitals. Rather than increasing the size and number of ads on a page, they need to optimize an ad’s performance better. Newor Media increases viewability and engagement without making a webpage appear spammy or oversaturated.

Additionally, they’ll optimize for better user experience and page load speed— elements commonly overlooked. Unfortunately, publishers fail to realize that even with amazing content and great ad placements, slow-load pages or unresponsive mobile loads are responsible for a lot of missed revenue.

Dynamic solutions

As we mentioned earlier, the digital landscape changes constantly. Newor Media keeps up-to-date with industry trends, protocols, and best practices, to keep publishers’ ad strategies at their best. In addition to staying current with digital trends, they keep a pulse on their publishers’ websites to continuously scale earnings.

For example, if your website begins to leverage video content, Newor Media will implement video ads. Since they’re all the rage in the industry, you can expect high payouts for minimal effort on your end. Or, if they notice you have long-form text that performs well, they may test ad refresh as a way to increase your earnings without having to add more units or work on your end.

Getting Started

Newor Media is a popular and distinguished AdSense alternative amongst bloggers. However, you can utilize them together due to their non-exclusive and non-contractual status. So, if you’re hitting 30,000 unique visitors per month, they’re worth testing to increase AdSense earnings.

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