Pinpointe Review : How to Automate Business Email Marketing

Updated on: December 11, 2018

Have you ever wondered companies, regardless of their size, choose email marketing over other methods? In spite of the common saying that Email is Dead, it’s still the only way to appeal to the personal agent. You are actually speaking to a human being, who has signed up for the newsletters or messages, right? So, when done right, email marketing is the most powerful tool in the market.

But, how do you do it right? For starters, it makes sense to use an automated, consumer-focused and result-oriented business email marketing software. As it happens, there are a number of email marketing tools out there in the market, but only a few lead you to proper results. We recently came across Pinpointe, an email marketing tool with the powers of automation, precision and delivery rates.

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In this article, we have a brief review of Pinpointe, exploring how it becomes one of the best email marketing tools in the market.

What Is Pinpointe?

Pinpointe is an innovative email marketing tool that caters to individual marketers, agencies and big-enough enterprises who want to reach out to existing and potential customers. Revolving around the idea of action-based response, permission-based marketing, and precise analytics, Pinpointe offers a bunch of features that other platforms don’t have.

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Depending on your specific purpose, you can choose between Pinpointe Professional, Agency and Enterprise Editions. As you can guess, the features vary quite exponentially. For instance, the Enterprise Edition has an impressive collection of features for flexible scaling, a collaboration between the team, enhanced management of subscribers and of course customization.

Here, we will be checking out the core features that make Pinpointe one of the best tools for email marketing for companies, if not the best.

What Does Make Pinpointe Unique?

We don’t want to list out the features here, for the list would be incomprehensible. Instead, we will have a look at the major areas where Pinpointe shows expertise.

  • Building Emails that Appeal

Pinpointe has not only the most intuitive but also the most customizable email marketing builder. You’ll be able to create anything from minimal layouts to mind-boggling designs using the easy interface. Because the company believes in Go-Mobile philosophy, all the email templates are 100% responsive. Trust us, it takes just a few minutes to create the perfect email newsletter using Pinpointe.

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  • Result-based Analytics

Pinpointe understands the importance of analyzing performance. Each email sent out from Pinpointe is tracked for the responses. From the moment a user opens the email newsletter to closing the window, every action is notified. All the recorded data is used for behavioral tagging, which further helps a professional in choosing the prospective audience.

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  • High Delivery Rates

When it comes to feedback loops, Pinpointe has tight tie-ups with ISPs. In addition, the permission-powered email system increases mail delivery rates. It’s very likely that everyone in the subscriber list would get your responsive newsletter in no time. If you ask us, this is something great for a growing company. You will want to focus on every customer possible.Personalization of email

  • Integration at Many Levels

It’s great that you can integrate Pinpointe with a lot of other services as well as your website. The perk of a website integration is that you can have centralized space for lead management. You can also integrate this email marketing software with other tools like Salesforce. In other words, Pinpointe can be your compatible choice for 360 Degree Digital Marketing.

  • Maximum Response Rate

Because Email Marketing is all about the right responses, Pinpointe has included a bunch of options to boost the same. To start with, it has Autoresponders and Trigger-based messaging. These are two great ways to make sure that there is the element of integration between your enterprise and the audience. Split as well as Multi-Variate Testing is also available in the package.

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The Process

As we said earlier, creating the perfect email marketing campaign and executing the same is just a matter of minutes. Once you are done, the clean Dashboard provides sufficient information about the ongoing email marketing campaigns. We also loved how organized the feature-arrangement goes. You won’t be confused about choosing the right part at the right time. Something awesome to begin with, right?

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The Pricing

Pinpointe charges based on the number of emails you send and the size of the company. If you have a small company with a subscriber list of 5,000, the prices start at $44 for 6 months. Compared to any other email marketing tool in the market, this is way too affordable for sure. Pinpointe offers custom-made enterprise plans too.

The Bottom Line

We stick to our opinion — Pinpointe is undoubtedly the best email marketing tool you can have right now. It packs so many features that are actually useful when it comes to enhancing response and delivering emails that convert. And, compared to these features, the pricing structure is incredibly affordable too.

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