Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Updated on: June 20, 2019

Email is still ruling the roost as one of the most popular and reliable forms of communication on the Internet, it is not surprising that a DotMailer email marketing campaign can work wonders for your enterprise's visibility, brand image and ROI. Professional digital marketers such as DotMailer provide you with all the tools you require to make an email marketing campaign a success, like email templates and software – but it is up to you to wield these powerful tools properly. Here are a few tips to get your campaign off to a flying start:


Be sure of your targeted aims 

There's one overarching reason to undertake an email marketing campaign – to increase sales and conversions. There's also a few other reasons which should not be neglected when considering the aims and objectives of such a campaign. Consider how the campaign can build a relationship with the customer, through subscriptions, special offers and invitations. Consider also that email marketing associates your brand with a certain style – be that brash, confiding, no-nonsense or anything else.

KISS email content

Keep your emails clear and simple

Clear design is a must for most forms of visual marketing, but even more important when it comes to email marketing. Keeping images and embedded videos to a minimum in your messages speeds up download times and makes it more likely to be compatible across a variety of platforms – including that all-important array of mobile devices. Use clear short paragraphs and avoid the temptation to use garish color schemes. Bright flashing fonts and an overly excitable or busy style will only get your emails exiled to the junk folder!


Use highly visible links and use them often

One of the most important results you need email marketing to yield is a high click-through rate. You will not have succeeded unless recipients are clicking through to your website and being tempted by the goods and services on offer. Ideally, you should have a link in every paragraph, plus one or two more overt “Act Now!” links separate from the rest of the text, placed where you think customers will be the most receptive.

Send emails automatically

Sending emails manually is not the best idea. It will take you much time and efforts to find out who of the clients have opened the message, in which way he or she has replied, and so on.
For those who wants to save time and money, developers works their fingers to the bones to bring the best automation tools and make the work flow. Such tools are really a savior because they send emails on their own according to the triggers you've set before. For example, you can try drip campaigns tool.
Want the recipient to get the second email 10 hours after the email was opened? Not a problem. Set the trigger and the email will be sent automatically. Need to schedule email sending? It's up to you. Just do it! Wanna address every person by their names? That's OK, add custom variables and every email will look personal. Don't know how to compose a perfect email? Just use pre-written email templates.
With Drip Campaigns, you will save not only time but money as well. Why? Because the tool is free for up to 30 recipients. Have up to 1,000 clients? Great! You only need $29 to reach out to such an amount of people. How amazing is that?
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  1. Professional post right there. I have been looking for information on how to carry out successful email marketing campaign. This has come as a big help to a newbie like me. However I don't know how to come up with a mailing list to be able to distribute my mails.

  2. Yes, Successful Email Marketing Campaign is very necessary in now a days if you want to get success in online business. It is very helpful for website link building. Your article is really helpful and give better information regarding Successful Email Marketing Campaign. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.

    All the best.

  3. Glad to Know that we can used also Email Marketing in our CAmpaign, I also heard that it is also effective, and you prove it to me. Thanks

  4. Email marketing is great campaign and it gives good result to only if we did it perfectly. I am tried this once and it prove a good for me. Thanks Saurabh for this tips. 🙂

  5. Hello, First of all, I read your article and your information about email marketing campaign is very amazing and so much helpful for me. Keep it up and thank you very much:)

    1. Hi its my pleasure, Email marketing in 2020 is a bit different as compare to points I mentioned in the post. Followup and personalize offers and interaction is the game in 2020 for email marketing. Which can get more complex w.r.t your email marketing needs.

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