Reasons Why You Should Switch to WordPress for Your Business

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress was popularly used for blogging. But eventually, it becomes a popular Content Management System (CMS) for hosting websites as well. Now WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide. It is now been used by around 74 million websites in the world. It is a powerful and feature rich CMS and perfect for any kind of website. WordPress is the content management platform like no other.

Wordpress Code

If you are looking for a CMS then don’t look further. Whether it is small blog websites or a big one, every site is now switching to WordPress CMS. Obviously, due to the various reasons that make it a popular CMS. You must be wondering what are reasons FOR its being a popular CMS. This article will just explain that, read on to know more.

Available for Free

It is an open source CMS and is available for free. It free for all whether you want to use it for blogging or build a business website. This is like an icing on the cake. So, small businesses can bank upon WordPress for building a website as initially, they have budget constraint. And the best part about WordPress is that there is no hidden cost in maintaining a site in WordPress.

Moreover, you can change or improve the source code to build a website ass per your need and requirement as it is an open source.

Wordpress Code


WordPress is known for its flexibility. It offers an incomparable flexibility for its users, be it a blogging website or a famous e-commerce website. The versatile nature of WordPress platform will entice you like no other. You have the freedom to use its numerous features and extension to build a masterpiece for your business.

SEO Friendly

In this digital era, if your website is not SEO friendly then it will not be ranked on the search engine page and all your hard work will go in vain. If they are not visible in the search results, then your website will not get noticed by customers and your business will not incur maximum profit.  But if you are building your website in WordPress then you don’t have to worry as it helps your website to appear in the search result. The framework of the WordPress is easy to crawl and that is why it preferred by popular search engines.


WordPress offers high-security services to its users. It secures your website from hackers and viruses by constantly sending software updates. It has an automatic update feature that informs you of any threats in advance. After all, it is the most popular CMS and under the radar of hackers. So, it ensures high-level security to the websites.


It is no fun in using a CMS platform if it doesn’t offer you the freedom to customize the platform. After all, you want everything on your website your way. But you don’t have to worry about customization if you are using WordPress as it offers thousands of plugins and themes to make your website even more beautiful and interactive. WordPress gives you the opportunity to customize your site easily in no time. You can do it just with a click of a button and make the site appear as you like.


WordPress is so user-friendly that even a newbie blogger can use it without any hassle. The platform is easy to use, learn and create sites. And hence it is popularly called as “5-Minute Install”. What are you thinking about then, make an account and start using WordPress.


Whether you run a business or just a blogger, you might need assistance many times while using a CMS. With WordPress, it is easy to get support whenever you are stuck. The massive WordPress community is there to troubleshoot any problem and answer any queries through the WordPress forum.

Host Multimedia

The presence of multimedia in the website imparts an attractive aesthetic to it. Your potential customer would hook on to your website if it is interactive and attractive. Including multimedia on the website could be a little difficult task. But on the WordPress platform, it can be easily incorporated into any page or post. You can also easily edit the multimedia files in the WordPress platform.

Responsive Website  

It is the need of the hour to have a responsive website. As nowadays, most of the customers browse web pages from their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, your website must be mobile friendly to adjust to any device be it a mobile phone or tablet. And you can build a responsive website easily in no time in the WordPress. The platform offers many themes that are responsive in nature. So, look no further and opt for WordPress if you are planning to build a responsive website.


WordPress provides you the liberty to integrate with many platforms that help to expand your business. Whether you want to do an email campaign or use popular payment gateways, you can do all this on the WordPress platform. You can use services like Aweber or MailChimp for an email campaign.

Easy Maintenance

With WordPress, it is super easy to manage a website. It comes with a built-in updater for security check. Moreover, WordPress further keep you posted in case of any updates of themes and plugins. So, managing your website in WordPress is hassle-free as you are constantly updated with the latest change. 

Build Community

WordPress is a great platform to build a community. You can share your webpage link in the community and even interact with other users for queries and concerns. WordPress provides innovative feature and plugins that help to build a community easily.

E-commerce Solution

If you are using WordPress platform for building your business website then you might need e-commerce solutions to help your business grow. There are several e-commerce solutions that will help you to transform your website into a digital store. Plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, and Shopp helps to generate revenue online.

Hosting Provider  

With WordPress, there is no need to stick to one hosting provider. If the present provider is able to manage traffic or your site is going through downturn then you can switch to another provider. You get this option in WordPress platform as it works will almost every server and you get a plenty of option to choose from.

Look & Feel

With the number of themes available in the WordPress, you have ample options to change and update the theme. Be it only to give the website a different look or to incorporate a festive theme, you have it all on the WordPress. You can keep updating new themes to entice your customers so that they don’t get bored with your website. A fresh and new look of the website generates a fresh and positive environment for the viewers or customer.

Membership Service

WordPress can be used to build a membership site that can help you to generate additional income. You can also expand loyal site followers by building a membership site. But you need exclusive content which is useful and informative for the customers.

Schedule Posts

Maintaining a website is a time consuming and daunting task. Posting new content, integrating multimedia into the web pages, and editing the content could be a long process. But WordPress makes it easy for you. You can schedule a post for later posting later after editing. You can also preview the post in advance before publishing it online. You can get a rough idea of how the page will look online after publish. And can also edit the content if you point out any mistake in the preview section. Therefore, WordPress provides you hassle-free site maintenance.

Multi-user Option

Wordpress Multiuser

As mentioned above, managing a site alone may be difficult. You may need to manage the site. With WordPress, it is very easy to manage a site in a team. WordPress provides the option for different roles. Suppose for a writer, he/she can log in from his/her account and upload the content. The similar editor can pick the content from the writer and make the necessary edits. Then-publisher after reviewing the page can publish it. So, it goes on smoothly without any interruption in between. The different roles offered in the WordPress Codex are:

  • Super Admin
  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber


WordPress provides a plugin for maintaining testimonial. A testimonial is an effective way to maintain a loyal customer base and pull potential customers towards your company. The plugin like Easy Testimonials and Testimonials Widget can be used to manage testimonial on the platform.

One-Click Publish

WordPress offers you one-click publish facility. You can create the content, edit it and publish later as per your convenience. Publishing is easy and can be done in no time just with the click of a button. WordPress is also available in mobile app which allows you to publish the content anywhere and anytime.

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