Why IBM Call For Code 2019 is Gateway for Developers to WIN $200K Prize

Updated on: October 28, 2019

IBM is one of the largest information technology companies. Thus, it can provide different hardware. Software services offerings. IBM usually means as the “Big Blue” begins in hardware and prospered in software for many years. International Business Machines is one of the leading competition in the world. It is a global challenge for different Developers to find a various solution and this is to prepare for the natural disaster, response and recovery. It is believed as the multi-year program in order to create and deploy open source technologies to discuss the world’s largest challenges. IBM Call For Code 2019 is the answer to solve those mission-critical problems of the world.

Why Call For Code is Helpful for Solving Real-World Problems

The call for code Global established for practical, effective and high-quality applications development. Which is depending on the cloud, data, and alternative intelligence. This can give an instant and lasting implication on humanitarian problems. Includes natural disaster such as earthquake, typhoon, floods and many more. The main reason for this kind of event is building a great community of problem solvers in 2019.

IBM call for code 2019 world problem solving

It demands many developers, data scientists, designers, business analysts and subject matter experts to create solutions that are valuable just to enhance preparedness for a different natural disaster to accelerate quick relief. Thus, the 2019 call for code competition helps every individual developer to become aware and introduces the highlights on individual health and community well-being. Implementing solutions can reduce risk or disease. Which also enhance the access to the data and the accessibility of references for mental health. Which can be classified before, during and after the disasters.

Prizes of the Call For Code Competition 2019

This IBM Call for the Code has a great prize for every Developer team. Including the second annual call for code global prize. Which is supported by the United Nations Human Rights Office and the American Red Cross. The winners and the runners up will get cash prize along with support from open source project through the Linux Foundation.

This will create an impact and stimulate its deployment in areas of greatest need. In addition, the grand prize winner will get $200k and get a chance to meet mentors and investors to discuss possible funding for the idea and they will get deployment support through the Code and Response.

Why it is helpful for every Individual and Beneficial to the Community

There is no technology today that can predict earthquakes and even another natural disaster in the world. Thus, there are people that can prevent and prepare for various kind of disaster. Many developers, a scientist in the whole world gives their own life just to give the world the best product and for the needs as well.

The world is not getting younger today but getting old, so it is more applicable to have this kind of IBM call for code competition that may help the people and the world.

IBM's call for a code is a one-way ticket to allow people to explore and have the chance to solve at least one natural problem occurs in the world. Through coding, this will give a hint to every individual on how to trace and even how to be prepared. Every developer who will participate in the campaign and in the competition will have the place to win the gateway to the biggest prizes.

ibm call for code 2019 registration participation

Challenge Scope & Technologies Used for Developing

This IBM Call for code competition brings developers and data scientists around the world to build sustainable, scalable, and life-saving open source technologies via the power of Cloud, AI, blockchain and IoT technologies. This scope includes decreasing vulnerability by preparing populations for disaster risk over the long run. It also focuses on system threats to develop precautionary measures in the short term like answering to medical needs during the disaster and increasing the overall resiliency of communities to rebuild health services to track major disruptions.

Individual Who Can Participate Call For Code

Technology Developers

They are the one who is reliable when it comes to different types of coding languages and technologies. Like

  • Data science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things

This time they will participate in Call for Code, for a global coding challenge created by David Clark Cause and IBM as a Founding Partner.

You can register here ->  Enroll Call for Code challenge

College Students

It will help them to enhance their own skills in building their coding skills as well as to help the community. They will participate in CGI U, Call for Code, or one of IBM's campus scope of surprise such as IBM BlueHack.

IBM Volunteers

This is for present and retired IBMers to identify volunteering chances. Anyone can access and allow materials such as Activity Kits to help ideate and execute volunteering projects.

Rules and Schedule of IBM call for code Competition 2019

The Challenge Community is powered by IBM, the Call for Code Founding Partner. By seeking the Community you will sign up for an IBM Cloud account that gives access to the cloud, data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies that you can use to make your solution. You also get access to the IBM Coder community where you can acquire about creating your submission, finding help, and developing a team. You formally join the competition when you submit your solution between March 25 to July 29, 2019.

schedule IBM Call for code 2019

A lot of people are not aware of the different benefits that IBM call for code 2019 competition can bring to the world and to the participants. Thus, this only empowers the great features of the technology. This shows that technology can be the best way to different worst scenarios done naturally and not intentionally. People have a big part to make the world more convenient, safe and protected area. As this era tells the world, different developers ensure that they become part of this innovation and greatness just like giving this kind of competition for the people.

call for code 2019
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