IBM Developer Day 2019 Accelerating Blockchain, AI & Cloud Computing

Updated on: March 20, 2019

IBM Developer Day is all about exploring the newest technologies which are redefining industries, learn from the experts, and get the biggest questions answered. It is an opportunity for all beginner Developer, to showcase their skills and to meet the brightest minds in open source. Another is to discuss the most exciting advances in open technologies today. The event covers the agenda including cloud, Al, data, analytics, blockchain and many more. The said event has a limited space to take by every Developer. IBM Developer Day allows combining the top curated technical talks, open source code, hands-on workshops, and coding expertise.

IBM Developer Day is designed for Developers by Developers. People are allowed to share their own strategies, process, and techniques, particularly in coding. The objective of each and everyone who all attends the IBM Developer Day is to meet and learn from the experts in the said field. They are the one who is expected to speak in the event and has the most exciting advance knowledge in the area of cloud, Al, blockchain, and Quantum powered by open source.

Focused Topics at  IBM Developer Day 2019

1. Open source for code patterns

Each speaker in the event shared their own strategy and tips in making it easy for the beginner Developer in the venue. Showing the people the future of coding by gathering some information and shared it to the public.

2. Tutorials for coding and Al

This was really helpful in order to have a better knowledge for the future of coding. Inventory of tutorials and learning materials from expert speakers really helped coders to understand technical aspects from inside out.

3. Meet-ups for fellow Developer

The conference helped many developers to share ideas with each other. It was a good thing about this event as you were able to do networking with fellow guys and gain a lot of learnings by listening to others. It was a great opportunity for many developers to have good communication with subject matter experts from different technology stream.

4. Challenges and Mentoring

Discussing developers challenges and providing better solutions to overcome them was the real agenda of most of the speakers. Many subject matter experts addressed the latest technological tools to code, build and deploy. This helped the developer to understand the seamless process of IBM Cloud

5. Global Coding Community

It is always a better idea to build a good foundation and connection. It could be a way in mastering coding and to meet other people especially those who can help them. Most developers got an opportunity to build a good connection with the experts and somehow they can showcase their skills in the field.

6. Future of Open Source:

IBM is also focusing more on Open Source, this is how such kind of event gives them great feedback about building that powerful ecosystem. We heard from great minds from IBM about open source community impact like.

  1. Gautam Khanna, VP, Modernization Practice

  2. Dr. Lata Iyer, Global Head

  3. Julian Gordon, VP APAC

What Happened during the IBM Developer Day?

  • Along with Keynote, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty addressed to give back about open source principles, open governance for better portability and engage the larger ecosystem.

  • To build a smart connection with developers community IBM had some great session about community building. Everybody in the event was excited about code day at mini code labs.

  • Create, Prepare, Train and Deploy is the new trend leading to better accuracy according to the speakers during the IBM Developer Day. Speaker tries to enrich people who attended the event by sharing possibilities in coding in the near future.

  • Speakers also shared best practices for a product built using hyper ledger and Fabric.

  • Arun gives great demos and spots possible problems with regards to k8s deployment. It will help different Developer to enhance their skills and grow together with other people.

  • IBM Developer Day prepared for a panel discussion about on Developers, Technology, Startup Ecosystem and Industry over the years. Speakers tried to give a lot of possibilities to the people to prepare great things with blockchain, coding, and Al. The panelist was Sharma Shradha, the founder of YourStory and KS Viswanathan, VP of NASSCOM.

  • Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM), one of the Famous speaker of the event, shared 3 principles of open source: ecosystem enablement and give back to open source and open governance.

  • During the event of IBM Developer Day, has a build smart section code cafe in the area.

  • Ginni Rometty as the IBM chairman emphasized the importance of open source and open Governance to the IBM Developer Day.

  • There are also challenges that can enhance every individual skill, one of these is the War of minds. This reminds people in the event X-men series, as the game was really interesting to play with fellow developers.

  • Such events help developers to have great Meeting, interaction and play with new people and build a good foundation to establish a network after the event of IBM Developer day.

  • Sneak and peak on the demo booth, which gives more knowledge to the attendees. Especially TJBot demonstration along with RPi by IBM architect Vidhya.

  • Many developers tried out hyper ledger framework running on IBM Cloud at IBM Developer day. Putting all of land ownership details on blockchain is a very interesting use case.

  • Due to such massive insights, conversations have changed from "what should we do to open source? so why shouldn't we start now?". By interacting with other people in the event, sharing is the best way to communicate.

Developers Interaction & Community support :

Building a sustainable and growing community is really important and during IBM developer day we found efforts from speakers to educate developers to build some great applications using IBM solutions in a simple way.

  • Every speaker emphasized on AI Explainability is critical for the adoption of AI, especially in regulated industries. There are many ways to contribute to the world around and your power is to code.  Developers got an insightful idea about IBM Blockchain which is getting implemented in Walmart.

IBM Developer Day 2019 Walmart blockchain IBM

  • Girish Dhanakshirur, spoke about the iCloud Track for the first session in the event of IBM Developer day. There was a group conversation during the event, great values are shared.

  • Games exist during the event, attendees allowed to have fun while learning. The best thing about the IBM Developer Day was that the organizer tends to give attendees a comfortable conference.

  • Willie Tejada, General Manager & Chief Developer Advocate, IBM talked about "A developer showcase - Call for code winners from Nepal

  • Raghavendra & Shikha had their hands full at the "Implement Asset Securitization on the IBM Blockchain Platform" workshop.

  • According to Ginni Rometty, Blockchain is going to grow into tens of billions as a market. There was a section in the venue wherein participants showcased their skills and tried to play code Ninja with other participants.

  • According to Sriram Raghavan, Vice President of IBM Research AI,  We are all today like kids while talking about the various kinds of technologies which are available and how much Developers can do with it.

After Event Musical Treat:

After getting high with all binary games and technological treat at IBM developer day 2019. IBM arranged a musical treat for all techie talent to get relax after the event. Lagori band really performed a great musical play which helped all coders to relax their tired mindset. Ultimately IBM developer day really helped many novice, expert and tech enthusiastic developers to sharpen their skillset using latest IBM tech solutions.

IBM Developer Day 2019
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