Top 9 AI Code Generator Tools for Developers

Updated on: December 13, 2023

With artificial intelligence on the rise, it makes sense for developers to look to AI code generators to get the edge. These applications can crawl the web or their own database to develop many coding tasks a developer requests. They are not perfect by any means, but they are good enough to be used in the workplace.

The Top AI code generators

If you seek the best AI code generators, the following options should significantly improve your workload.

  1. Amazon CodeWhisperer
  2. CodePal
  3. SourceAI
  4. AskCodi
  5. CodeWP
  6. Taskade
  7. ZZZ Code
  8. NoCodingAI
  9. Controllino

1. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon has set out to make writing code a lot easier in a bid to remove much of the work and stress from programmers, and it is doing that with a tool called CodeWhisperer. The company used AI to train this program on billions of lines of code, so they can simply use this tool to accomplish their goals whenever a programmer wants to get something done.

We must note that while Amazon CodeWhisperer is free to use, certain aspects will require the user to pay. But that’s fine because the premium option might not be required unless you're an advanced trader.

Real-time code suggestions customized for you
Support for popular programming languages and IDEs
Support for the command line
Optimized for use with AWS services
Built-in security scans and AI-powered code remediation
Code responsibly: Reference tracker for open-source code
Code responsibly: Bias avoidance

2. CodePal

CodePal AI

We like CodePal because the design is simple, and many AI tools are available on the platform to keep even the most seasoned coder happy. From what we can tell, most of the popular languages are supported here.

If you want to generate lines of code, simply use the Code Generator tool. Select the preferred language, then explain the type of code you want the tool to generate. After that, hit the Create button and wait for the generated code to appear within the text box. You can copy the code, download it, or Run it first to see if it works according to your specifications.

Note that the free version limits the amount of time you can request code, so pay for a subscription if you want to have a lot more fun.

Supports multiple coding languages
Dedicated servers
Enhanced privacy
Can be used for testing and debugging

3. SourceAI

Source AI

SourceAI claims it can generate code in any programming language. We haven’t tested this, but seeing as the platform is open to anyone, even non-developers can try to learn a thing or two. The main problem here is that potential users must request access to the platform.

Simply answer a few questions, and when you’re done, cross your fingers and hope you’ll be granted access.

Relies on GPT-3 technology
Code generated in a single click
Very clean user interface

4. AskCodi


Another excellent tool we must discuss here is one called AskCodi. With it, programmers can generate code using artificial intelligence, but not only that, they can translate one coding language to another. This tool does not support every language known to man, but it does support all the major ones.

The service comes packed with AI-powered extensions, so expect seamless integrations. There is even a chatbot where programmers can create code conversations, among other things.

Able to translate between coding languages
Access to GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT-4
Autocomplete support
Users have access to other AI models

5. CodeWP


If you are a WordPress creator, then you may fall in love with CodeWP. This tool was designed with WordPress in mind, so whatever problem you have as a developer of the popular blogging platform, this tool can aid in fixing them.

As always, you can start using CodeWP for free, but you’ll be limited to what you can do. So, as it stands, the premium option is the safest bet for advanced programmers.

AI codegen for WordPress
AI Chat For WordPress
AI Troubleshooting For WordPress
AI Security For WordPress
Modes & Presets
Free Code Generators for WordPress

6. Taskade


Looking to create some front-end code? You can generate what you want with the Taskade AI Front-End Code Generator. This platform is perfect for web developers looking to leverage AI to make work easier and to come up with new ideas.

Currently, this tool supports many of the significant languages web developers love to use, such as JavaScript, React, Vue.js, and more.

You can start using this tool for free with little problems. The free version only gives 1,000 AI monthly credits, 250MB of storage, 1 workspace, 7-day version history, and meeting notes. To increase the storage and the workspace, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

Dynamic AI builders
100% fully customizable
Edit & download on-the-go
Generate, publish, & share everywhere

7. ZZZ Code


Next up, we want to take a look at ZZZ Code, a simple yet powerful AI code generator that leverages ChatGPT to provide results. This means the platform can only showcase code the GPT backend has been trained on. And since GPT isn’t a specialized coding platform, users should not expect the world.

Still, it is good enough for most cases; just ensure the results are accurate since AI is not yet perfect.

Simple to use
Support for several coding languages
Able to change tone and output language

8. NoCodingAI


Do you want to build artificial intelligence but cannot code? No problem, because this is where NoCodingAI comes into play. This online program was designed to help developers with their SaaS solutions to develop AI quickly without a lot of engineering or coding skills.

What we have here is a no-nonsense AI tool that works, and with improvement, it could change the way programmers code for decades to come. We've always wondered if AI will affect the coding workforce. Well, we may not have to wonder any longer.

User-friendly design
App builder for non-expert people

9. Controllino

Controllino AI code generator

Finally, we want to talk about Controlling. This is another AI code generator that is more or less the same as many of the options on this list. It uses GPT-4 as a language model, so one should not expect it to be unique since most AI generators leverage either GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 to bring everything together.

And that makes a lot of sense since GPT is the most powerful of the publicly accessible AI tools. We will likely see some diversity whenever Google Bard and Grok begin to make their presence felt. Until then, we are mostly stuck with AI tools that rely a lot on the GPT backend, and that’s fine by us for now.

The service is free to try
Uses GPT-4 as a language model
Syntax highlighting is now available
Your prompts can be saved now in a history

Is ChatGPT/Bard suitable for coding?

In its current form, ChatGPT or Bard is excellent for coding; it excels in assisting programmers with specific coding routines and tasks rather than creating applications from scratch. If used correctly, programmers can make their jobs much easier.

Is ChatGPT/Bard replacing coders?

AI-based tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or Bing AI are quite popular right now, but they are not yet ready to replace coders. For many more years to come, the world will require skilled developers to connect code blocks quickly and organise to get the desired results. Still, by making coding easier for programmers, ChatGPT and other AI tools may not replace humans but severely reduce the number of developers needed for any particular job.

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