Best 5 Health Applications for Android Smartphone

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Having to work all the time with latest technologies in the surrounding is good but you should also take consideration to health as well. The technology is advancing very rapidly and todays are the generation of smartphone and tablets which contain very magical apps in which include the Health management applications.

best health apps for android

Some take the use of GPS or some make the estimations but the applications are made according to the doctor’s suggestion or by those who have excellent knowledge on health. These Health Applications which we are going to show are so popular and have the tendency to reduce the rate of obesity and heart attack as well.


Runtastic Android health apps

Runtastic is one of the personal tracking applications for running, biking and other sports activities. It uses the Smartphones Built in GPS to track and record each and every event. This application is so helpful that it can maintain the calorific value as well as view the Heart rate in the unit of BPM (Beats per Minute). Just like business rates or blog analytics it also has the analytics rate for Speed, pace, altitude and heart rate as well.

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter Android Apps

No need to wait for losing weight. This application can help you in losing weight there for enhancing health condition of our body. The special thing inside this application is that it has a directory of about 400,000 food databases keeping a check on what type of food you eat. This app is comprehensive fast and ad free. It can also help you in having a balanced diet with many directories of Recipes as well. This was most recommended for good health by many reviewers. This application is available at a price of Rs.221 or $4.5.

Lightning Bug-Sleep Clock

Android Lightning Bug-Sleep Clock apps

Do you have the tendency to have sleepless nights due to stress or tension? If yes then this is not good for your health because every need to have at least 6hrs of sleep a day to have recharged the battery of our brain to work the whole day calmly. If you want the solution to this problem then here is the Godly app which is known as Lightning Bug. This is one of the most foolproof and trusted applications that can make you sleep with very scientific and soothing sound waves that can make you asleep within minutes. No one has ever complained about this application. It has been the best application for maintaining health. Another good thing to notice about this application is that this application is absolutely free.


WebMD Android health apps

Having any health problem like pain in the tooth that won’t go away? Also you are alone and are not in the status to go out for a doctor? Also if you would go then for a simple pain, you would be charged tons of bills for money and advices. But now you do not need to worry at all because of this amazing application named “WebMD” This application is free as well as provides medical help and advices. Just simply you have to look up for a problem you are having or search of a troubleshooting related to your health.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Android Fast Food Calorie Counter apps

If you are very much concerned about your weight and you are very fond of fast food as well then it’s the best app recommended for you it has the data of all the fast food with its Nutritional value information as well. That is if we take Chicked Egg Roll then it would give its data which consist in following categories. 170 Calories, 8g Fat, 24g Carb. 5g protein, and 2g Fiber. This android  app will help you stay away from too many fired, mayonnaise-drenched snacks.

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best health apps for android
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