War of the Flavors: An Android Versions Story & Info-graphics

Updated on: May 18, 2013
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Android has a sweet tooth. All the android versions are named after desserts. Starting from the Cupcake, when it was launched to the Jellybean in 2012, Android has been a savory treat for all its users. Users love the sweetness, but, is it as sweet for the developers as well, or is it turning slightly putrid?

Toothache for the developersAndroid Versions List Flavors

According to a recent survey, Android developers across the world are feeling balked by the constant progression of Android flavors. This happens because a large chunk of developers is still used to only work with Gingerbread, and therefore they can barely manage (with some difficulty) to work with ice-cream sandwich, but the Jellybean is a different beast altogether. With every new version, a need to create new classes and system files arises. The entire data flow gets changed and that leads to a concurrent change throughout its operation.

There have always been issues with Android breakup. Simply put, when an android developer makes an app that works on the latest version, say Ice-cream sandwich, it works quite well. But, when the new version comes, it automatically does not get slotted such that it would function seamlessly in it. This is one major advantage that iOS has over Android.


Gingerbread, and then…

Currently, the larger group of Android developers is working on Ginger Bread. We have already seen that apps developed for the previous versions don’t work so well. This would imply that an app developed for Ginger Bread won’t work well for the most part in Ice Cream Sandwich or a higher layer of the Android OS (Jellybean). It would be really unfair to expect an upward compatibility, but an application developed for the lower version should at least work smoothly (if not stunningly) on its higher versions.

Since this is not happening, developers are taking a lot of time to upgrade each and every application every time Google gets innovative with the versions of android. This is a state of worry because, if this persists, there is a high chance that Google may end up losingmany a crème de la crème Android developers, because they would be forced to shift their focus on to something more convenient.

Android Developers

Hopes, and all that

Although it is doubtless that all the android versions have superseded each other ( and also other operating systems) with a lot grace, but hoping that upward mobility will be easier than is, is not too much to ask for. Compatibility and integration will go a long way in relieving the android developer community.

For the most part, the users are very happy with the latest developments in Android. People love the sleek interface and stylish aesthetics of the new versions. However, if a little more attention is paid towards the developers, it would definitely win the whole market. The market trends indicate a sharp increase in the share of Android as in the past.

Small suggestion

If you are a business owner, building an application for the development and growth of your business, make sure that you get a professional android developer, who is well versed with the latest versions of Android at every point. This is so that you can get the best from your application and don’t have to go through the trouble of having to remake or upgrade the app all over again (not to mention the additional costs).


Click to Zoom In Android Version

If you happen to be a developer, my friend, serious recommendations, that you keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings of the Android and its updates and upgrades. Keep learning and developing your own knowledge base, because people are going to be on the look out to hire only the most updated developers for their applications.

Summary: Following is an article that describes the unrest in the realm of Android versions and its development. It talks about the problems that the developers are facing and also bears a tiny suggestion for both, business owners and developers.

About Author:-  Jack is a highly skilled Creative Android Developer in London @ VITEB, who has researched greatly in the field of trends in the mobile application development. He is currently assisting VITEB as a resource. To know more please visit www.viteb.co.uk

Android Versions List Flavors
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