Where to find God of War Ragnarok Walkthrough & Guides to Help you in Gameplay?

Updated on: November 10, 2022

God of War Ragnarök (GOWR) is a single-player, action-adventure role-playing game (RPG) for PlayStation PS4 and PS5. It has combo-based combat elements, as well as puzzle game aspects. GOWR follows the adventure of the lead character Kratos which the players control. Kratos's teenage son Atreus who is an AI-driven game character supports him throughout the gameplay. GOWR is the ninth installment in the God of War series and was released worldwide on November 9, 2022. Upon release, GOWR is receiving high ratings and critical acclaim, with its Metacritic score at 94/100. In this article, we compile, curate and share the best resources on the web for the players & fans of this latest popular game in the God of War series. They will help the GOWR players to solve puzzles, study the walkthroughs, and understand the gameplay properly.

God of War Ragnarok Puzzle Walkthrough & Combat Battles: Solutions, Tutorials, Guides, Tips & Resources

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There are many seasoned gamers who full-time play latest video games and create resources for their fans. Gaming communities and companies also collaborate and prepare guidebooks, collectible lists, wikis, tutorials and other helpful resources. There is a vast collection of video game trailers and cut scenes from gameplay streams on Youtube. Similarly, many gaming blogs and forums feature tips, solutions and clues for solving the puzzles and combat battles in God of War Ragnarok. To let the GOWR fans & players understand the game better, expert gamers explain the storylines, character arcs, weapons & objects, maps, and theories. We are compiling over 30 resources to help you solve and succeed in playing the puzzles and combats of God of War Ragnarok.

Where to find God of War Ragnarok Walkthroughs to help you in the GOWR Gameplay?

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You can find GOWR walkthroughs, gameplay tips, puzzle solutions, and background information of various aspects of the game on Youtube, Reddit, forums, gaming sites and blogs. These include Youtube gaming channels, popular recommended videos, livestreams, wikis, pdf guidebooks, forum discussion threads, and subreddit communities.

Youtube: List of Youtube Gaming Channels & Videos for God Of War Ragnarok Walkthroughs, Combat Battles & Puzzle Solutions

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1. God of War Auto-generated Youtube Channel

Youtube algorithms compiles the latest and greatest video content across its platform on the God of War Ragnarok game. This includes Youtube shorts, live streams and recommended trending videos on GOWR.

2. Kaptain Kuba (Channel)

Kaptain Kuba is an avid gamer & youtuber who creates content focusing mostly on God of War game series. His channel includes videos on God of War theories, lores, news, Top 10s, livestreams, playthroughs, and reaction videos.

3. GOWR Full Walkthrough on GameClips (Video)

This is an 18 hour long complete walkthrough / playthrough of God of War Ragnarok. It features no commentary, quality is 4k 60fps, includes all combat battles, puzzles and dialog scenes. It is raking in millions of views and thousands of excited and emotional comments from fans of GOW series.

4. GBG GamebreakerGod (Channel)

GBG is a youtuber gamer with plenty of content on God of War series games. You can see starter guides, reaction videos, interviews, livestreamed playthroughs from GOWR and earlier games.

5. Zanar Aesthetics (Channel)

A popular God of War channel on Youtube with cut scenes, boss fights, game highlights, walkthroughs, endings, gameplays and walkthroughs from GOWR.

6. Gamer's Little Playground (Channel)

Gaming channel with God of War Ragnarok gameplay movies, boss fights, cut scenes, shorts. They also do console updates, top 10s, complete series stories for GOW and other games.

7. Shirrako (Channel)

Shirrako loves gaming and music, so his channel features gameplays, cutscenes, & soundtracks. Secret endings, secret locations, boss fight guides, walkthroughs from GOWR.

8. Casual Gamerred (Channel)

Casual gamerred channel has lots of old walkthroughs and gameplays for the earlier God of War series games. At the moment he seems busy with Bayonetta 3, but he might upload GOWR content very soon.

9. Dark Player Brett (Channel)

DarkPlayerBrett youtube channel has walkthroughs, cutscenes, boss fights from God of War Ragnarok and earlier GOW games.

10. Boss Fight Database (Channel)

Best collection of videos on bosses and boss battles from GOWR and older God of War games.

Guidebooks: Online Wikis & PDF Guides (Download) for GOWR Gameplay Tips

1. God of War Guidebook on PDFDrive

This is a 230 page PDF official novel for God of War by Matthew Woodring Stover & Robert E. Vardeman. Useful for grasping the background lore, storylines, character arcs, quests, & locations.

2. IGN Wiki on God of War Ragnarok

IGN or Imagine Games Network has a GOWR wiki site with beginner guides, how to guides, tips & tricks. It features detailed info on collectibles, quests, boss fights, epic battles, realm guides, written walkthroughs, side quests and more.

3. Playstation God of War Ragnarok Cosplay Guidebook (PDF)

Fans love doing cosplay of GOW at conferences, events, parties, and in online communities. Playstation has this official cosplay guide revealing the costumes, tools, accessories, and styles of main characters from GOWR.

4. GOWR Svartalfheim Realm Completion Guide

Learn how to find all the collectibles from the Svaralfheim realm to accomplish 100% completion.

5. GOWR Alfheim Realm Completion Guide

Take help of this guide to collect all artifacts, treasure chests, Odin's Ravens, from the Alfheium realm.

6. God of War Ragnarok Guides on PushSquare

You can find here detailed information of equipment & gear like weapons, shields & relics. Checklists of skills, trophies & collectibles. Guides, walkthroughs, and tips & tricks for beginners.

7. GOWR Strategy Guides on PowerPyx

Guides for GOWR gameplay strategies, story walkthroughs, collectible lists, and side quests (favors).

Forums: Discussion Boards & Gamer Communities for God Of War Ragnarok Fans

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You can dive into these lively online discussions about news & reviews about GOWR from fellow players and fans:

Reddit: Popular Subreddits & Threads for GOWR Players

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1. r/GodofWar

With thousands of members online anytime and total 250k+ members, this subreddit has spoilers, announcements, help requests, shitposts, photos, videos, and general discussions on all games and news from the God of War games.

2. r/GodofWarRagnarok

Subreddit dedicated to the latest GOW game God of War Ragnarok. With 60k+ members and hundreds online at any given time, fans share memes, walkthroughs, questions, spoilers, discussions about GOWR here.

3. r/GodofWarSecrets

Best place to discuss discovered and mythical (undiscovered) secrets from GOW games. Talk about secret scenes, locations, collectibles, endings etc. to solve the mysteries and easter eggs from GOWR.

4. r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

Leaks and rumours from all latest popular games including GOWR. Together, commenters and moderates can verify these news stories and talk as "Legit"or "Debunked". Thus, you can be sure to separate false rumours from true secrets behind your favorite video games.

5. r/PS5

This is the Reddit home for Playstation 5 with news, games, and discussion. There are over 2.7 million members in this subreddit, with thousands of active online at any given time.

6. r/PS4

This is the largest Playstation 4 community on the web, with 5.6 million members. Here they share screenshots, videos, reviews, news about their favorite PS4 games.

7. r/Gaming

A general subreddit for all things Gaming with 35 million members, 10s of thousands active any given time. Here you can find some huge threads with thousands of comments for GOWR related topics.

8. r/Games

Another general subreddit with 3 million members, 4k+ active online. Go here for all things related to GOWR & other video games like announcements, updates, previews, reviews, opinions, trailers, & industry news.

9. r/PatientGamers

As the name suggests, this subreddit is for gamers who wait at least 12 months before enjoying their favorite games for various reasons like lack of time, waiting for lower prices or bug fixes. Also subtitled "For gamers behind the times", this will be a good place to find fellow GOWR gamers a year later. It is free from the hype, news and drama surrounding game releases.

10. r/GamerNews

Check out this subreddit to be sure you are not missing any news, reviews, trailers, patch updates from your favorite games like GOWR.


God of War Ragnarok has an expansive storylines and locations with all 9 realms from God of War. As a player, you are the protagonist Kratos, aided by his teenage son Atreus who has matured since the last GOW game. You fight many boss battles, indulge in side quests solving puzzles and gathering collectibles, and enjoy thrilling adventures across the 9 realms. With gameplay of over 18 hours, there are secret scenes and endings as well. By using the gameplays, walkthroughs, guides, wikis, and discussion threads in this article, you can be sure to understand the plot, goals, secrets, strategies and checklists in order to accomplish a successful playthrough completion of God of War Ragnarok!

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