Top 10 Important Eye Catching things of Samsung Galaxy S III

Updated on: October 28, 2019

Samsung is coming up with more and more features for their mobile customers every day. This is the one reason why the New Galaxy S III i9300 is a truly distinctive cell phone in that it is designed with specialization in mind. The New Galaxy S III is not all about high technology features either. It has an array of other essential things about it that makes it stand out as the right mobile choice for someone who likes a touch of diversity in their lives.The top 10 important things about the New Galaxy S III are things that do matter most, and they bring a sense of ease along with them built into one mobile communications device as a whole.


There are Smart phone’s and there are far superior Smart phone’s out there. The New Galaxy S III is clearly the best amid all of the other Smart phone offerings available on the market now, and this is solely for a number of different reasons. The New Galaxy S III is loaded up with nothing but unique hardware such as its quad-core processor, wireless charging, amid some of its extraordinary features.

If a person wants to look for a Smart phone that is highly advanced on all fronts. Then this phone is the right choice as it is well advanced in a lot of key areas.

The top 10 important things about the New Galaxy S III will be shared so that all can know how unique and smart this one of a kind Smart phone is in essence.

1. Total Recognition

face-recognition samsung-galaxy-s-iii

The New Galaxy S III is a Smart phone is a phone that responds and recognizes its user. It has total recognition in a number of areas from being able to provide voice recognition when you talk to the phone directly and get a reply from it in some way. This voice recognition can handle all sort of requests from the user to the phone for turning down the volume on the phone to rejecting an incoming call to putting the alarm on to snooze to whatever else. Another form of recognition it possesses is Smart staying eye recognition. This feature employs a front-facing camera that is able to sense if the user is using the screen or not in order to keep the screen bright until the user is done with the viewing screen.

2. Pop-up Play

Pop-up play allows the user to be able to do all the multitasking that they want to by just employing one screen. On-screen mulch-tasking is hugely fun with the 4.8’ HD Super AMOLED screen that lets the user do a task in one window while sending email or chatting with friends in another window that can be resized.


3. Natural Design and Amazing Screen

The overall design of the Samsung New Galaxy S III is uncommonly natural in appearance and does not contain any lines. It is decidedly curvy and smooth in appearance. Besides this, it has a feel in the hand that is organic and contains a surface that is elegant and grippe. The screen is abundantly ample in size and has impressive color clarity. Its other advantages are its power efficiency and the fact that it is ideal for any media entertainment that is on the go constantly.


4. Direct Call

This special feature of this smart phone is not only smart but seriously insightful. It actually understands what the user does wish to do. For instance, if the user is texting a friend, and suddenly decides that calling would be better. All the user has to do is keep the phone close to their ear, and the phone will automatically dial the friend’s number.


5. Buddy Share

Buddy Share is a tremendously entertaining feature that helps to connect dots where the user and their friends are concerned. When the user clicks on a photo, the phone will ask for identification for the person and search for that individual in the contact list. It will then do all necessary updates for said person with input from the user.

6. Smart Alert

Usability of this feature in real time is something that cannot be thoroughly estimated at present. However, it is a sort of brand new feature, and its function is to vibrate to alert the user that they have missed a call or do have a message waiting that they can pick up.


7. Voice

‘S Voice is a feature of this particular smart phone that was designed to be able to compete with Apple’s version of a personal assistant and a navigator for knowledge called “Siri.” ‘S Voice application pretty much will do what “Siri” is capable of too.

8. 8 MP Cam with Advanced Features

The camera that this phone does have advanced lenses which does give it truly realistic looking color detection. It can also shoot a photo while in sleep mode and that can be in less than a second.


9. A Very Social Phone

What makes this smart phone stand out in a significant way is its ability to be sociable in a number of ways with the user from the beginning. It is more than a phone. It is like a friend.

10. High-Powered and Versatile

Nowhere will you able to find a phone that is more high-powered and versatile as this smart phone is. It has the ability to adapt and work well with lots of Apps and multitasking.

The top 10 important things about the New Galaxy S III are things that a truly superior Smart phone should possess and then some. As this is a smart phone that does define smart in every sense of the word, and makes everyday tasks for the user supremely easy beyond easy.

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  1. I heard from many people that galaxy has beaten iPhone 4g. Well lets see what iPhone comes up with the new 5 series.
    Well i still support iPhone, and its still difficult to beat its market.

  2. Galaxy S3 from Samsung come with new technologies. Screen resolution is excellent and chipset Exynos 4412 Quad core is veryfast.

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