How to Digital Detox

Updated on: August 8, 2020

Before getting on to how to Digital Detox, we must know what does exactly digital detox means and why is it important? Digital detox simply means taking a break from digital technology. It is very crucial to perform as continuous usages can lead to numerous problems. The first thing at risk is your eyes.

Because of excess uses of digital technologies e your mobile or computer, and its bright screen, your eyesight can decrease, or there can be a constant itching or pain in your eyes. Too much digital usages can also increase your laziness and reduce the activity level from your body.

Moreover, if you choose digital detox, you can reduce your stress, open yourself up to more opportunities, and get BetterHelp.

How to Digital Detox

There are some significant steps that you must consider and regularly follow to perform and gain the benefits of digital detox. These ways or steps are as follows :

1. Restrict app usages using Digital Detox apps

The first thing you need to do is use your mobile phone less and to do that you need to limit its functions. The best and only way to do so is to restrict the app usages.

We are not saying to delete or uninstall the app but only restrict the time you spend on using it. You can limit the app usages by using the digital detox app.


You probably have heard the saying diamonds cut diamondsJust the same way, the detox apps will reduce the time period of other apps.

You can find various Detox apps on the Play Store and Apple store for free. These apps continuously remind you that you exceed the time limit for using an app through various methods and help you fight your phone addiction.

2. Motivate yourself to do things in a different way

Nothing can be done if you are not motivated for it. You have to bring out your inner spirit and leave that laziness or procrastinating habits behind.


Try writing whatever you have planned and making a list of it. Looking at the list will make you feel more motivated to do whatever you have planned to. You have to plan different things that you can do without your mobile phone. You will able to keep yourself entertained and busy once you have different plans and work.

3. Put your electronics out of reach

If you will not be able to reach, then how will you use it? You will feel the need and cravings to use your mobile phone or other electronics less when it is out of your sight.

If the electronic item is something that is not easily portable such as a computer system, then try putting a certain portable part such as the mouse out of your reach.


Ask your close family member or a good friend to make sure that you do not try to reach it or ask them to hide it somewhere you will not be able to find.

4. Meditate and relax.

Meditation can help with anything. Try to meditate and relax your mind and soul. In this way, all the additional and distracting or disturbing thoughts will be out of your mind, and so will be the desire to use the electronic devices.

It may be a little difficult initially, but once you get a hold of it, you will be able to do it very quickly and feel the benefits from it yourself.


Meditation and relaxation are the best ways to cope with stress, respiratory or breathing problems, and many other elements. You can also take it up to the next step and add some yoga to your meditation. Performing yoga will help you increase the mobility and flexibility of your body and your overall health. Some yoga poses can also help to lose or gain weight.

5. Add new skills to your skill-sets

Learning something new is always an adventure and the cause of distraction from their regular habits. When you start learning something new and genuinely taking an interest, you will forget about the electronic devices and lose interest in them.

Plus, learning new things is always beneficial in social terms as well. You can learn a new language, new cooking recipes, dance routines, singing, musical instruments like flute, piano, guitar, violin and so on.

adding skillset

You can also concentrate on increasing your flexibility and learn new tricks. Try to indulge in activities that take the pressure off your eyes and mind. With this, you will be able to explore new hobbies and introduce them to your daily routine e.g you can also try learning magic tricks for entertainment or maybe a particular new course that you have always been interested in.

The final choice is yours, and once you have taken it in a field that actually interests you, then you will be able to keep yourself busy in an entertaining way and away from your phone or other electronics.

Final Note

Putting the electronics away can be a little tricky at the beginning, but once you master it, then you won't have any problems. Ensure that you understand and follow all of these steps for Digital detoxing that will lead you to a much healthy and happy life. You can have more time for other interactions with close family members once you have successfully detoxed the digital devices.

How to Digital Detox
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