Solve Network Coverage Issue using Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Updated on: June 7, 2014

Mobile phone towers are not always capable of transmitting strong signals to cell phones to catch. Each time a phone is located at a great distance from the nearest tower, the signal becomes weak. Exactly in such cases a mobile phone signal booster becomes just useless. They say phone signal boosters can help. Let's learn something about these devices.



A mobile phone signal booster working principle is quite easy. Outdoor antenna collects strong signals from the base mobile tower and via the cable transmits it to the repeater. The device amplifies the signal and covers the whole area with quality signal reception. Phone signal boosters are pretty much linked with broadcast towers and they also rebroadcast the phone's incoming signal in a designated area only. Important thing is that you may use the same gadget for numerous phones.



There are numerous products easily obtainable in the markets, which might be vended as cheap smartphone signal boosters. These are tiny devices that may be directly attached to the mobile device. They're lightweight and they could snug into any mobile phone without adding any weight or bulk. Their efficiency, however, has not been established.


MyAmplifiers devices are different from those cheap mobile boosters. They differ in dimension which depends on its power. They also have different colour (white, grey, black) and indoor antennas as some of them are fixed on the repeater and others are installed separately. The design of the repeater is rather simple and modern, so it will suit any location.


When the directional antenna catches a signal, the interior booster rebroadcasts into any localized area. The indoor antenna distributes the signal across all directions, provided that there are no obstacles. The more walls and stairs in the house or building the more powerful booster you need.

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The amplifier allows getting perfect signal transmission. Such devices work through repetition of the signal to enable the handset to receive a better signal. It's imperative to mention that the signal amplifier would become useless if the outside antenna doesn’t receive at least 3-4 bars of signal. Otherwise, the booster has nothing to amplify.
Amplify your communication with them effectively.

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