Top 11 Slack Communities for Digital Marketing

Updated on: November 9, 2022

Slack is a great communication platform for teams and communities. Slack has topic-based channels with discussion threads, and private messaging, allowing teams of all sizes to share knowledge, news, and opinions. It also supports document attachments, email alerts, and integrations with other productivity and project management apps. As a result, a lot of online communities for digital marketing are using Slack to create discussion forums, opportunities for networking, mentorship, career growth, and peer to peer learning. They may also share industry updates, job boards, event invites, and deals on SaaS tools. In this article, we have handpicked 12 best online communities for digital marketing on Slack, that you must seriously consider joining.

1. RevGenius

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Scaling SaaS companies is the core goal shared by RevGenius members. This Slack community has over 30,000 active members worldwide. You will connect online and learn from the most forward thinking thought leaders in SaaS. RevGenius will introduce you with productive networking events in the fields of sales, marketing, revenue operations (RevOps), and customer success. It is an inclusive space to learn and bond over the industry experiences in revenue growth mechanisms. RevGenius Slack community is completely free to join and be a part of. But they also have a paid program for Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives called RevLeague.

This online community has a digital magazine called RevGenius Mag to support, education, and inspire digital marketers in their revenue growth journeys. Community members can also become contributing writers to this magazine. Inside the Slack community, there are many aspects covered that are important in a professional life. These include events, meetups & roundtable programs to aid career growth, mental health support to deal with regular stresses in life, and knowledge hub with curated content from members.

2. Superpath

Content Marketing is the focus theme for the Superpath Slack Community. You can have meaningful conversations with your fellow content marketers around the world. Discussion topics can range from content strategy, content writing tips, budgets, etc. By gathering a skill and experience rich network, Superpath can offer excellent writers to companies looking for high-quality, SEO-friendly content. There are over 10,000 content marketers in this Slack community, from freelancers to founders & senior leaders at SaaS companies. Superpath has an active job board to find open positions for managers, leaders, editors, strategists, and content creators. It can match you with freelance writers and manage the editing, payments, sourcing etc. Besides the bustling Slack channels, Superpath also sends out a weekly newsletter covering the important highlights from the community.

3. Growmance

growmance slack community logo

Growmance is the Slack community to be in for the lovers of all things digital marketing, like growth hacking and lead generation. It is an opportunity to grow your network of marketing professionals, exchange ideas and feedback, and even do joint promotions & campaigns. Startups and SaaS companies love sharing with this community free or discounted access to their newest products. You also get access to a vast marketing knowledge repository, with the Best Practices Wiki, and many certification training programs and courses from Copywriting to Strategic Marketing. On their job opportunities channel, companies and professionals find the right matches between the skills pool and the open positions. This is especially valuable for freelancers. Company founders and senior leaders often hang out and share their experience & wisdom in the Slack channels as well.

4. DemandCurve

demandcurve slack community logo

DemandCurve offers weekly newsletter containing growth tactics and playbooks that do actionable teardowns of advanced marketing topics. They also have a paid professional course called The Growth Program for startup founders and marketers. With plenty of blog articles, design inspiration gallery, and landing page teardowns, DemandCurve has a rich repository of valuable & practical knowledge for everything related to digital marketing. And they have their own Job Board portal. They also organize an annual 3-day virtual event attended by 10,000+ people called The Growth Summit having focused tactical sessions for startup operators.

To regularly exchange tactical growth advice with other marketers, they have a private Slack community. It features well moderated and quality controlled channels for discussing specific topics. They include Paid Ads, SEM, Mobile, E-Commerce, Tools, Content & SEO, B2B Outreach, and Landing Pages. DemandCurve Slack community members get early access to new playbooks, masterclasses, and other learning & growth opportunities.

5. OnlineGeniuses

online geniuses slack community logo

OnlineGenius is one of largest Slack communities for the collaboration of over 35,000 marketing and advertising professionals. There main Slack community is free, but they also have a dedicated Pro community of dedicated marketers, talent network and online marketplace. Their global members include both newbies and experts in every marketing niche. OnlineGeniuses has industry professionals with varying experience and roles like VPs, CMOs, agency owners, consultants, and freelancers.

All the community members are manually vetted and OnlineGeniuses has a large active team of moderators. They also have an email newsletter with over 38,000 subscribers and 35%+ open rates. Also, OnlineGeniuses regularly organize Q&A or AMA (ask me anything) sessions in their Slack community with the world's best marketers. Thus far, 100+ Q&A sessions have happened, featuring well-known marketers & leaders like Gary Vee, Neil Patel, Guy Kawasaki, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Forrest.

6. Traffic Think Tank

traffic think tank slack community logo

Traffic Think Tank has a paid Slack community consisting of seasoned mentors for SEO marketing. You get access to this exclusive Slack community if you become a member of their "The Full Accelerator" program. It has monthly and yearly payment options. It is possible to access their courses without being part of the Slack group. So if you want to pursue self-guided learning without involving in the community, you can opt for their Academy only. They have courses & learning material on basic, intermediate and advanced topics like Link Building, Career Growth, Keyword Research, International SEO, 7-figure Agency and SEO Automation.

The prime selling point for the paid exclusive Slack community is to have a spam-free access to a network of dedicated mentors. SEO is a tricky industry with an ever-changing landscape of algo updates, cut-throat competition, and endless to-dos. Hence, having on-demand mentoring and advice from seasoned and smart professionals in the SEO marketing space can be a lifesaver. It is like being given a mastermind blueprint that top experts are using. So, by being a Traffic Think Tank member, you access the inner circle of SEO with a boardroom full of SEO experts available 24/7.

7. Startup Foundation

The Slack Community of Startup Foundation is a free to join community of Startup people. There are over 7000 members who are entrepreneurs, investors, employees, consultants, and freelancers involved with Startups. Together, they discuss about challenges and decision making, and curate the best content, tools, opportunities, and techniques useful for Startups. With both international and local aspects, you can find theme-based and location-based discussion channels to suit your needs. It also offers access to a Startup Deals database worth over $70k in savings.

8. #measure Chat

Analytics has a central role in digital marketing. The #measure chat is a free Slack community dedicated to topics related to analytics and data-driven decision making in marketing. Channels in this community include blogs and podcasts, conferences, job postings, business intelligence tools, data visualization, SEO & SEM, statistics, testing etc. They use the free version of Slack which has a message retention capacity of 10,000 messages, limiting searching through historical messages/threads. The admins recommend perceiving this Slack community as a never-ending industry conference, where everyone has an open mic and whiteboard. Everyone is encouraged to engage, share and contribute. They recommend picking a couple of channels initially, and focus on commenting and contributing actively to them, for best experience.

9. Creative Tribes

Are you interested in building and growing your own tribes? Tribes can be defined as "a group of people connected to one another, to a leader and to an idea" in the words of Seth Godin. CreativeTribes has 1600+ people from different niches and professions like startup entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, developers, designers, remote workers, and strategists. You can share your experience and learn from other tribe builders here. There are over 22 channels in this community, including analytics & data science, content marketing, social media marketing, developers, designer, nomads, solopreneurs, writers, and job postings. CreativeTribes regularly organize Live AMA (ask me anything) chats to benefit you with actionable advice and expertise of experienced members.

10. Vidico Community

Vidico is a niche and private Slack community of 600+ members like marketers, brand managers, and founders focusing on Video Marketing. Here they share learnings and expert knowledge about brand, storytelling, and video content marketing. Vidico is a great community to learn how to use the video medium properly, what type of video content suits which business model, how to get video campaign insights like ROI, performance, KPIs, and getting high-quality feedback on your own brand storytelling and video content. The channels in this Slack community include storytelling, content creation, tools, performance metrics, case studies and video inspiration. You will also connect with and learn from experts working in proven and innovative startups which are using video for growth.

11. Product-Led Growth

The ProductLed Slack community has over 11,500 members who are enthusiastic and dedicated about achieving product-led rather than sales-led growth. Here you will see professionals sharing their tech stacks and tool recommendations, industry events, job openings, and industry best practices. Peers and experts will answer your queries like how to build a product-led business from scratch, or how to transition from a sales-led growth model to a product-led one. The channels in this Slack community include ask a question, best practices, community sourcing, summit, events,  tools, shameless promotion, and jobs board.


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Digital Marketing is an intense field with many niches and ever-changing landscape. A static course or book cannot stay updated and relevant with this fast moving industry. To get the latest and greatest advice and insights, you must be part of a vibrant community with diverse members to learn from and share your own knowledge with. In this article, we have recommended to you 11 of the best Slack communities for digital marketing that you must consider joining. While most of these Slack communities are free to join, there are also some paid options for more exclusive mentorship or streamlined learning programs. With niches ranging from content marketing, SEO & SEM, video marketing, BI & analytics, startups, tribe-building, and product-led growth, you can pick the best suitable Slack communities and channels for your career and revenue growth.

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