F.lux:A Software Tool That Protect Your Eyes From Computer !!!

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Do you really spend your most of time on computer or laptop?,Do you afraid about brightness of LCD screen,which causes eye-burning issue? So don't worry I am giving you "Medicine" to tackle this situation.But this medicine is nothing but any tablets or sirup's its a totally a Software-Medicine called " F.lux".

F.lux is a special kind of software which can adjust your LCD screens brightness by time of Day.This free utility not only adjusts the glow of your monitor but also the brightness and tint based on the time of day, dimming your monitor later into the evening and tinting the screen color based on the kind of lighting you have.

When the sun about to set, it makes your LCD screen look like yellowish and in the morning it makes things look like sunlight again. F.lux sense your location and adjust the brightness according to it, for that you must have inernet connection to act it as dynamically ,you can also manually adjusts your location. You can also adjust the day-night lighting effect under change setting menu, after that It will rest automatically according to time .F.lux has a preview option that runs through the dimming in a few seconds,you can feel this in  preview effect.

Obviously this app would helpful for Bloggers like me which spend hours and hours to write their  articles , but as someone doing some graphic designing on their laptop and want to make it colorize that time this apps fails and you have to  disable  it for some time ,disabling can archive from settings of apps, I do appreciate the idea that coming to the computer to save your eyes. If you give it a try or have used it in the past, let's comments below and share your experience with us.

Availability: F.lux is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Note: You can Customize your location through Google map with proper value of longitude and latitude.

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