How To Become Ridiculously Awesome in your Life

Everyone on this planet wants to be an awesome person in their life.  But, why only very few people succeed and achieve this mastery?  Is there any hidden secret or any magic class for same? Definitely not — they just have few powerful ships in their life which everyone have, but many of us are not willing to travel through those. Confidence and fearless attitudes are those ships which take them to Magic Island called “Awesome Life”. Most of common people lack this, as they want to preserve these ships in their harbor called “Comfort Zone“.


There are numerous things you can do to start reconstructing your life and making it incredibly astonishing. I’m going to share a few kick-ass tips that will ignite your dopamine without any energy drink and hope you will start sailing towards your destination.


1. Make Commitment  to yourself to deliver CHANGE

Commitment is a word in human dictionary that always loses its meaning when we start using it in our real life, but it’s an important factor to welcome new lights. I can say, giving commitments towards your goals is like traveling through foggy path with clear vision, where your intuition only takes you towards right pathway.

It’s not an easy thing to adopt but practicing and repeating tasks make it happen. I mentioned a few day-day commitments we people should focus.

  • Daily Activity (what you do with your time from Morning -Bed e.g exercise/work)
  • Location (Where you spend your time e.g Office/Home/Workstation etc.)
  • Relationships (with whom you spend your time e.g Family/Friends/Peers)
  • Use of Media – TV and Internet. (It’s a Dracula for your commitments that not only sucks your time but also diverts you from current execution)

High dose of anything is always harmful and that is why we should not over-commit to lots of things. Otherwise you will end up with nothing.

2. Forgive Old shits & Try Some Crazy New Shits

Past is one of the essential factor that either stops or frightens us to move ahead in relationships, business, carrier etc. No matter how dark the situation you had experienced, it’s important to divert your mindset to accept something NEW and crazy. There are two powerful impact of this —first, you will engage with new shit as well as tackle it in very intellectual way and the second is, you will start moving towards your new goal.


Don’t just believe on suggestions from your peers or friends. Just listen them–>interpret them–>accept them only if you find it useful. If  person ‘X’ failed in something, it doesn’t mean that everyone will fail in that. Only thing that you should observe is reason of failure! Majority of people learn fear from failures and hence they end-up in giving-up. Ultimately, failures are strong experience to build robust mindset not dirty picture.

If you get fu*k by failure then it’s loss and if you give fu*k to failure it’s success. Position always matters 🙂

People want to be good on paper/resume than they are in reality. Don’t be good on paper; rather, be great in reality and this is possible only by unlocking your potentials. It’s a universal truth that “Every interest has expiry date“. Hence you should look for something NEW & have passion to explore it. Blind followers obviously will get FREE f*ck in near future and when they realize it, they would already have lost most valuable asset called TIME.

3. Manage your day like universe manages the world

One of the most important factor of most successful people is that they start their day early morning to configure their day-day settings and their brain is smart enough to handle & execute it in timely manner. It’s a recommendable habit that you should be a morning person in your life. Nowadays,  internet & social media stop us from becoming same but it’s not a difficult task to achieve it if you have strong desire. Remember what I mentioned earlier “small steps lead to big changes”.


I was night-owl few months ago but now I’m morning person. Believe me, my friends, life has changed so much after becoming a morning person. I enjoy my morning walk, think about what I want to do in rest of 17H, what task to execute, whom I meet etc. By the way, I’m writing this article as a part of my daily morning activity and yes I’m enjoying it to share my glimpse of life with my lovely readers 🙂

Eventually, it matters how productive you were yesterday and how you will increase your productivity for today. This can only be achieved by practicing consistently. Study shows people who sleep at late night are less productive and face energy loss in upcoming days than who are in 5AM club.

4. Surround with Positive People & keep away from Jerks

We require positive and adoring companions who will bolster you in your better approach, forever. Surrounding yourself with constructive, kind, strong and cherishing individual increases your energy level. These are individuals who can lift you up when you are feeling nervous, who will show you right path when you are felling lost somewhere. They actually help you to show real face of you by highlighting your strong points.

Positive People

In reality, we are lacking with positive friends & family members. We see so many mediocre/jerks around us but it’s better that we can keep them away to save our ass 😀 . Nobody in this world want free fu*k from these Jerks. Life also has BLOCK button like Facebook and Whatsapp its up to us to when to use it.

Social media and internet created magic in this space to get connected with right positive person anywhere in the world; it’s our duty to build better relationship with them, because,

Being Selfish is hurdle and Being Selfless is Glory

In today’s world, biggest mistake men and women do while building relationship is that they believe on intangible things of individuals like emotions, monetary support, properties, safety etc. These are nothing but volatile stuff and they actually overlook desire, passion & vision of partner. Youngsters trust more on dating apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid, which rarely make connection with RIGHT person by swiping RIGHT. Virtual world is totally different than real world. Dating apps are bullshit, you invest your time and you will not get even single peanut. Meeting someone in person is really important to see the real face, because in online world, people fake it until they make it.


What I believe is that giving a freedom is more important in relationship along with trust and commitment because we are human and are born to live life with our own eyes not someone else’s. Positive people always have long lasting relationship than negative jerks, so act according to stay strong & stay bless.

5. Don’t seek for Happiness, Build it !

Most of the time, our mindset is searching for treasure of happiness and we become baseless detective who start haunting for the same desperately. Believe me, my friends, happiness should not get counted in terms of Work, Small Business, Financial Strengths or any other volatile things. One of the biggest mistakes people do while judging any person is that they consider above mentioned points to describe how happy that person is ! But, actually, it’s not a case always. Billionaires in this world also feel nervous during some part of life, either due to health illness or people management.

Build happiness

My point is, instead of searching; why not create happiness by yourself. Obviously there is no quick recipe for same. Now you might be thinking how I become happy person? I have answer for it and it’s “Start Doing What You Love”. We actually hesitate to take bold steps in our life and our fear actually stops us from becoming happy. Hug your fears, respect people, love people & accept what life throws towards you!!! Don’t forget “The life that we are living is dream of millions”.Whenever you feel anxious about your life, do watch below video, this will show how lucky we are as a human being.

Recently I met one of my friend who was working in startup company. He was telling me how his friends enjoying in MNC, hanging out on Saturday nights with cheeks, clubs etc. and how bad he is doing with his current job. Ultimately he is not happy with what he is doing right now. But what I observed that he was trying to adopt happiness of others & blindly considering their happiness as his happiness. I suggested him why he is not trying for somewhere else if he is not enjoying his work? He said “I don’t want to take risk till I have X years of experience”.  Ohh  f*ck  his bullshit comfort-zone talked with me in person :).

Kill Comfort Zone

We should not have 10 years of experience repeated 9 times, this is crazy shit you can find in many corporate guys in today’s world. Taking calculated risk is great for your progress but I still don’t know why people step back from the path to dive into ocean of opportunities. According to sources there are thousands of ways to make money without any Job, We choose perfect cloths for our body, but no perfection while choosing our profession. Sad but real f*cking truth 🙁 !!!

6. Be a good reader of great books not Social Media

If you have enough time to spend in your life, then don’t make shit out of it by engaging with crappy bullshit feeds of social media and IM(instant messaging). Use it for your own & your business growth, not for growth of telecom operators. Nowadays, TV & news media are also throwing shitty stuffs to get good TRP. Please avoid it and say NO to those crazy frogs.


You guys can limit access of this endless universe using some productive apps like UBhind android app & Be Limitless chrome app. I’m personally using these apps; and, seriously, it helps me a lot to get rid from distraction [it’s not a paid endorsement 🙂 ] Study shows IM is killing youth time, so we have to be more conscious about our time management.

Spend your time to read life changing books like autobiography, motivational and self help. For me books are nothing but a place where I find, meet & greet splendid mindsets in front of open eyes. Reading develops mental stimulation in our mindset like exercise does it for our body.

7. Don’t collect Degree get Life instead

We are in generation where formal education is losing its soul, I personally explored self directed learning and it’s taking good shape using MOOC’s. In current time, majority crowd take classes either to get degrees or to take promotions in their respective fields. I respect the value of knowledge but it’s more important to apply it in your day to day life. Otherwise, you will be like human version of Wikipedia, where you will be only source of information. I still don’t know why I studied Thermal Electronics, Mechanics, & Graphics etc. during my Engineering. I still regret about those subjects 🙁


I’m not blaming on how bad current education system is. Rather, I’m focusing on how hardly it’s broken due to its static nature. If it will not change, then soon we’ll see UnSchooling in mass.

Teachers need “Teachers”

especially in developing country. I believe a teacher plays crucial role in human development, I still feel happy about my teachers, who were part of my old school & diploma days. Heterogeneous learning makes you informative but not expert whereas focused learning makes you expert. This actually visualizes you what we have to do with our life. I like to collect all kind of life movements, regardless they are harsh or pleasant.

8. Avoid FREE F*CK

Our mind resonates according to situations we see around us. This creates big impact on human psychology to follow things blindly. Most of time situation around us force us to do the things that we never realized.

free fuck life

I saw many IT employees especially in India who wait in queue for years to get overseas opportunity. For that, they have to sacrifice their time, efforts & postpone their memories. At last, very few pass through it, and others will get FREE F*CK  — one that  no one will forget in their entire life.

Sad thing is that we people realize it after we becoming victim of same. So, be talkative to yourself before you postpone your decisions or dreams; otherwise, be ready to get lots of FREE F*CK 🙂

Remember people who are frightened to themselves do work for who are not.

9. Create canvas of your life & fill it with your achievements.

In our life, boldest steps are nothing but way to executing your imaginations into reality. It’s only possible by doing hard work, planning and taking action on it. It’s like, when we want to draw any picture on canvas, we prepare for right subject and then we start imagining & elaborating our picture with innovative things then we will start filling it with awesome colors.

Life Canvas

Similarly If you want to see such amazing picture of person you see every day in front of mirror, then you have to focus on opportunities in your life instead of f*cking comfort. Once you imagine what you want from life after a year from now, then start believing on it. If you don’t believe on it, no magic power will boost your confidence to achieve it. Now, many of us reach till this road, but in last the earthquake of not executing above things will stop you from completing your picture. And, that picture becomes impassive black & white sketch. Execution is the key for any success.

Don’t settle for small achievements, demand for BIG !


If you ask me what is best thing which make you feel happy instantly, then it’s ‘Gratitude‘ — a powerful act which helps millions to smile. Behind every successful person there is a lot of support and help. Human can’t do everything alone in this universe and hence we must greet people for what we are.

We must greet our parents, teachers, doctors, friends, mentors and employees etc. for being part of all timelapse of life.


We encounter thousands of people in our entire life; and, directly or indirectly we should show gratitude towards them. Recently I got email from one of my reader who said how my article helped him to solve mission critical problem in his organization. This actually helps me to boost my confidence to work more & write more. We people must have more gratitude than attitude.

11. Do meditation to avoid medication

Lots of people around us running rat race. A hectic weekday schedule increases stress level and create anxiety about the things that we do. This will increase consumption of medicine & believe me all chemicals suck our body and it’s better to be healthy. Seriously, we human beings don’t have control on our own minds.

Every minute, our thoughts will get change according to surrounding & present situations. So, it’s very important to manage our thoughts by doing meditation & breathing practices. Meditation really helps you to move from anxiety to peace & harmony. I personally do meditation using Sattva app, and I tell you, my friends, it’s an amazing app to do self-discovery. I prefer to do guided mediation using Sattva & it’s my essential part of my daily routine.


Meditation & breathing practice rejuvenate our unstable mind to behave energetically. Doing meditation for 30min/day is best practice which I believe. Struggling people don’t give importance to their health and they will become tired & energy less in near feature. Tired nature kills our productivity & indirectly slows down our progress.


My main intention to write this article is to create awareness about what we should do in our life to make it awesome. I’m asking all my readers to start building picture of your life & share your progress on your Twitter or Instagram with #MyLifeMyVision. We will show it to world & discuss about its progress in comments. Blogging help me to do networking with heterogeneous people & hence I started this new series #AwesomeLife to address lots of youngsters to avoid mistakes that we people did & make most out of their life.

Change is always initiated by inner intuition not by reading articles like this. 🙂

May the force be with you!!!

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