How to Choose a Domain for Your Website

Updated on: April 27, 2021

When you are making your new webpage, there are tons of different elements to consider. The site has to look professional and correspond with what you offer, and most importantly be suitable for customers or other visitors. How you choose to make your website also plays a big role in where you will end up on google, which is crucial when you want visitors to notice your site.

When searching on google, people rarely scroll past the first few options, and rarely to the second side. The design and content of your website should appeal to the users or at least to the search engine. You should also have a fitting domain name to gain attention.

When choosing a domain

If the website is for a company, the domain should either have parts of the name, an abbreviation of the name or most desirable, the whole name. When you have chosen a domain you want, it is time to see if it is available. There are plenty of websites that offer domains where you can take advantage of the sale on each site. The most desired domain will for many businesses and bloggers be “.com”. This stands for “commercial” but is used for commercial purposes. This is a so-called TLD or a “top-level domain”.

If you do not already have a name in mind, you can buy already existing domains. These are generic names that could be used for a multitude of blogs, companies, services, and so on. Some even have existing logos, which makes it easier to choose one that fits the concept you want to create. This can be helpful for new website makers and is a good start to an exciting online journey as a blogger or business owner.

Why the websites content matter

If you want your new or existing website to succeed, it is crucial with good and fitting content for many reasons. It is obviously a way to attract readers and the content of your site should be well written and correspond with the website's purpose. Another reason is so that your site is prioritized on search engines such as Google. The site should contain certain sentences and keywords that appeal to the readers and satisfies the searcher. This is called SEO and is short for search engine optimizing. SEO decides where your website ranks on search engines.

You can either have paid or organic SEO. Paid search traffic is the most common because it ensures a better placement on search engines. You will end up in the prime advertising space and be labeled “Ad” or “sponsored”. Organic search traffic comes when you don’t pay the search engine, but your own SEO practices are good enough to land you a good spot.

SEO and a fitting domain are important parts to consider when creating a new website, it will help you gain new customers because the page will be one of the top results.

Saurabh Mukhekar
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