How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights in Your Profile

February 8, 2019

Instagram today introduced two new tools that can be used by everyone and will probably help them to revisit favorite Instagram stories. Also, it allows the user to showcase these moments to everyone who wants to visits their profile. Instagram highlights are nothing but a collection of your 24-hour stories which are available permanently on your Instagram profile. Stories highlight is a great feature of Instagram to store photos permanently. It allows a user to compile the old stories in a new section that sits below their Instagram bio. This story highlights also reflect on one’s personality and can make highlights of anything to share an Instagram story in the past. Having a story highlight on the Instagram profile is the best thing, especially for those people who love to take photos.

Tips and tricks that might be helpful to you about Instagram Highlights

  • Editing your highlight cover image: It’s the best thing to do, as your first highlight will serve as your own highlight cover image, it will automatically appear. Thus, there are some ways to edit your highlight cover image. You just need to go to your highlighted story and click more. Then, you can have various option to optimize your Instagram highlights cover image, just click Edit highlight and in this section, you can edit your cover image. In editing your cover image, remember that you can always pinch, zoom and drag to reposition the cover depending on how you want.

reshuffle Instagram Highlights

  • Naming your highlights: Instagram highlights can give you the freedom that you want, you will have the option to name your highlights. But because the area is limited and small, your highlights name may consist of 8-10 letters only. It is better to have the Instagram highlight name as short and sweet, so it is more attractive. You can do this by heading to more of your highlight.

  • Adding and removing frames from your highlight: You can do this by heading to more button and click edit highlight. You can choose if you want to have a frame or remove the frame in your Instagram highlight.

Instagram highlights help you to save your 24 hours stories

Instagram highlights are really helpful to those people who love to store their precious pictures as their memories in a social media platform. Hence, it is not only applicable for personal purposes, but a lot of people also keep using this kind of feature on Instagram especially

business owners. Because of these Instagram highlights are front and the center in a users profile. They really have a prime real estate and potential customers are going to see these before they can see your feed.

rearrange instagram highlights

How to rearrange Instagram highlights on your profile

To begin, new stories feature by the Instagram this will automatically allow users to save 24-hour-long stories into a private section of the app when they expire. This can be done by the users, they just need to find the archive icon on their profile. On the other hands if you want to save your story into a lifetime, then you must think of another way which is arranging your Instagram highlights on your profile. Here are some ways and techniques to start arranging your Instagram highlights.

1.  Let's consider five highlights on your profile say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & you want to rearrange it like 5, 1, 2, 3, 4.

2. Then simply go your story ->> add 'new story' to your profile with any temporary image.

3. Add that story to highlight '5' which you want to see at 1st position on your Instagram profile.

4. You can delete recently posted story from your profile immediately so that no one can see.

5. Go to your profile and you will see your highlight is arranged like 5, 1, 2, 3, 4

You just need to decide on what will be the sequence you want to go and its the easiest technique to know and do.

Benefits of reordering Instagram highlights in your Business profile

  • It allows you to introduce your business to the public. Helps you to answer, what do you want people to know about your business. Instagram highlights can specialize in branding and website designs by showing the previous work so people can get a quick view of the business.

  • Instagram highlights can also a great option to display all your freebies, a Blog post that is helpful in promoting your business. The content that you will be putting out there for your audience remember to direct to the people. The information from your business that you want to tell your audience Instagram highlights can be the key to store informative posts.

  • You can promote using this Instagram highlights, for an event or launch coming up and build potential customers.

  • You can also share updates on what’s happening in your business. If you have a great promo to your services, sales on your products. It depends on what business you have to offer for the people. This could be the easiest way to know publicly.


Shuffeling Instagram highlight varies to the need of an individual, and also depends on their desire. The best thing about this is Instagram highlights can help to attract other people, especially on a business brand. It is very important to those business owners,  specific contains, collaboration with other influencer or vlogger and for personal things. It's just like a memory card that you can buy in the market, you can store photos according to your will. You can arrange well according to your desired sequence and most especially you can look over and over again to the photos you consider as memory.

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