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Updated on: January 12, 2019

We often come across  various apps which asks for our Google account details or sites which require our Facebook details, We just provides access to these sites or apps and move on. It becomes so common that we have stop noticing which apps have access to our personal information. Obviously, this is not safe and Advisable. We can overcome this by an  App which can set permissions to our 2nd party apps or which can secure our data from social sites, here we have it “MyPermissions” is the best  thing for us.

MyPermissions Security App

Time named it One of the 50 Best Websites 2013, and it has also been featured on Wall Street Journal, Wired, MSNBC, The Verge, Lifehacker and more!

MyPermissions is one of the best app to control 3rd party app access , to your social media account like Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Instagram , and many more.

How MyPermission works:

It Logs into each account separately, and then wait while MyPermissions  scans for apps and permissions. Don’t panic if it initially claims it’s found none – the app tends to jump the gun, and once the screen clears a more accurate picture is painted. From here you can manage individual networks by tapping the name, which takes you to the service’s own apps page where you can revoke access manually.

mypermissions app

Better still, the add-in will also alert you – either from within the app or using your phone’s notifications system – whenever an app from a supported service (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo! or Dropbox) accesses your personal information, you know what’s going on and when.

Here’s how MyPermissions Android App works:

  • Once you install and run the app, you get this screen where you select the services / social profiles you want to monitor. You can add more later too so don’t be very specific about this now.

social sites mypermissions

  • Next up, tap on a service to authenticate MyPermissions to access data from that particular profile. The app will only access the information about what apps are using the social profile. Don’t get alarmed when the app asks username and password, it only directs you to the login page of respective services.

scan mypermissions

  • Initially it claims zero apps found, of the selected service, but within a few seconds it shows more accurate results.

app access mypermissions

  • The app will automatically scan all the data about the app and what it is accessing. Once done, it will show you how many apps are accessing your personal information. You can manage things from here.

Mypermission Facebook Scanning

  • Additionally, you can also add other services and manage them via the app.

Facebook Google app access revoke

  • Next time you let an app/web service access your social profile details, MyPermissions will notify you.

As you can see, it is a really simplified way of managing things on your social profile.

There’s the menu section, where you can give feedback to the organization of MyPermissions by rating and commenting on playstore or their official website.   There’s the ABOUT section where you can read the complete description of the app. The FAQ section is really useful for newbie’s. Then there’s term of use and privacy policy which we must read and had accepted if we use the app.


You can share the app via facebook timeline, whatsapp, and also by messaging through your cell phones.

mypermissions menu

I don’t know how it actually figures out these things but this is actually ironic: once you give access to an app, it can access quite a lot of stuff from your social profile. And MyPermissions proves it although in a safe way.

Why should you use MyPermissions:

It’s not surprising to note that people can find out a ton of stuff about you through your social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus.

But the real threat comes from apps that have access to your social accounts. We routinely login to several apps and web service via our social accounts. Facebook and Twitter are often used to login to several apps across the web, on desktops and smart phones.

Several apps have access to our Facebook account. Feedly has access to our Google+ profile. So in essence, there’s a ton of apps accessing our social profile. What data do they have access to? Is it serious data that should actually be protected? Are the apps doing something that we should know of?

MyPermissions is a free, powerful way to scan, track and control how applications on mobile and the Web access your personal data. Know what apps are accessing what data - and approve them, or remove them. We take privacy and security online seriously and put the control back in your hands


  • You'll get notifications as soon as new apps connect to your accounts.
  • MyPermissions does not record or store any of your confidential information. It simply links you to the services' own apps permissions pages.
  • You can easily revoke access for apps that you don’t need or look suspicious.
  • MyPermissions can even provide you with weekly reminders to fix your permissions.
  • It saves you time keeping track of the apps that access your private information. The app has potential.

How you can get MyPermissions:

You can get Google Chrome & other browser extension from their website

Download MyPermissions for Android from Playstore

And for IOS  download it from iTunes

Let us know your review about this great app. Be alert and protect yourself from spamming.

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