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Updated on: July 1, 2022

Recently  Facebook roll out their new Timeline feature to all over the world,its pretty good and nice w.r..t profile view and navigation is concern.Facebook design timeline to maintain the privacy  & security of users as well as simple day-by-day representation of user data which is sorted in hierarchy manner.Idea is pretty nice ,which really attract the peoples toward the timeline. Facebook neither  touch any old privacy setting of user nor existing  data modification while dealing with Timeline.So if you are running business or want to promote  yourself in the age of socil networking then you must explore the facebook timeline feature.Still you didn't get Facebook timeline  then simply go here. Click “Get Timeline button.” It’s enabled for you, but still not published yet Click “Publish Now.” Enjoy your timeline !!!

Collection of Facebook Time Line Cover Images

Collection of Facebook Time Line Cover Images

What things I like in Timeline 

1. Flow of navigation is Nice.

2. Order Position of each sub app.

3. We can add our past tings into timeline in simple way.

4. Attractive Cover and Image dashboard.

5. Preserve  Privacy and security of users .

Many of my friends using facebook timeline and it looks great ,but so many peoples are  not able to put appropriate timeline cover in their profile due to image size issue.It can be solved using Photoshop 🙂 but what if the users don't know about Photoshop? then here is solution ,their are several sites who give you ready-made food for you 😀 just eat a dish hat you like most !!!

Get Custom Timeline Cover using Facebook Apps:  Go to this app and make your most desirable timeline cover in few min.

Facebook Cover Trickedouttimeline

  • TrickedOutTimeline Create Rock & Roll eye catching  Facebook cover:

If you ever want to do things differently then here is a chance to customize your Facebook cover using TrickedOutTimeline

TrickedOutTimeline is an awesome facebook cover customization service enable you to re-imagine  your  timeline experience. It has capability to present your picture in such way that your profile pics and cover photo make some relation.

How to use: This site support may type of design,choose your right design and upload your cover photo or use existing fb cover photo to edit it accordingly !

TrickedOutTimeline coolest Facebook Timelines, Cover Photos

Best Websites to Get Facebook Timeline Cover Photo:

I Love Music Facebook Cover - myFBCovers

I Love Music Facebook Cover - myFBCovers

1.MyFbCovers: In this site you may find lots of facebook cover pics,choose it according to your choice.If you already login into facebook then it has an option to directly get it using single click

Colorful Piano Facebook Timeline Cover, FB Profile Cover

Colorful Piano Facebook Timeline Cover, FB Profile Cover

2.FacebookProfileCovers: It's also having same functionality like above ,in addition to it ,it has lots of category view which is properly sorted.



You can get lots of categories & options like movies, technology, programming, gaming etc. grab them as per your needs and remix your profile easily

3.MyProfileCover: This site content variety of covers,but it doesn't support any direct change from one-click button,you need to download it manually and upload it as cover picture

Colorful Jelly Beans Facebook Cover & Colorful Jelly Beans Cover -

Colorful Jelly Beans Facebook Cover -

4.FirstCovers: This site also have huge collection,but in additional it has ability to create your custom cover from your own images.Their is option Make Cover,which will give you some tools  to customize your own cover  check following image which has the customization cover tools.

Custom Facebook Cover Maker & Facebook Cover Creator

Custom Facebook Cover Maker & Facebook Cover Creator

I'm All Yours Facebook Cover -

I'm All Yours Facebook Cover -

5.FacebookCovers: It also explore more funny covers w.r.t different categories,you can simply grab it without any download . We already saw few of such sites in earlier .It's also support one-click cover change option.

[note] If you want to share some other cool site which has best Facebook covers collection please put it into comment section .it will help our readers [/note]

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