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Updated on: September 26, 2023

Now a days, AI is one of the most discussed topics and it's interrupting nearly every industry. If you are looking for the best AI cover images or wallpapers for social media, is one of the tools you can try. AI photography is near perfect as it requires little or no human touch to the final product. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review to help you make the decision whether to use this AI tool or not.

The AI cover images tool is developed by Lead API which offers premium packages for its users. This tool allows you to select different themes or you can do a search in the search box.

How to use cover images AI?

It is easy to use and generate AI cover images and wallpapers with Background AI. The interface is user and beginner-friendly and generates images in seconds. To use Background AI, go to the official website ( on your browser. Next, select the theme that you want, such as Anime, Sunset, Fluid, Dream, etc. Alternatively, you can insert what you are looking for in the search area and then click Generate Cover. It’s as easy as that; you will get your cover or wallpaper in seconds.

What are the features of Background AI? Best AI Cover Images for Social Media Features is a simple and easy AI tool to use. In this review section, we will look at the different features you will enjoy while using this tool. Below is a list of these features:

  1. Fast and reliable: The tool generated results in about 30 sections, which is quite fast compared to other AI image tools. The results are reliable and can be used in various ways like computer background, social media cover images, etc.
  2. Wide selection of themes: There are a variety of themes you can choose from. They include Anime πŸ¦„, Sunset β˜€οΈ, Space πŸš€, Dream 🌌, Futuristic πŸ€–, Waterfall πŸ’§, Forest 🌲 and Fluid 🎨
  3. Easy interface: Anyone can use AI, whether you are a beginner or expert this tool is for you. There are only two easy steps and the AI will do its thing.
  4. High-resolution images: The tool has the ability to produce up to 4K images. These images can be used in high-resolution devices like Televisions, monitors, etc. review: Pricing and packages Best AI Cover Images for Social Media review: Pricing and packages

The Background AI is free of charge and you can generate as many images as you wish. However, the tool has shifted its premium features to Leap AI. Lead has pro features like generating high-quality images, music, etc. The pricing and packages is as follows:

  • On, everything is free.
  • Leap AI Starter free: This package is for people who want to generate AI wallpapers and images for free with minimum features. Here you get 100 images, at standard speed, and you generate covers and images with realistic vision, stable diffusion, etc.
  • Leap AI Starter: The price for this package is $9 per month. Here you get 250 images, one model training per month, standard speeds, and all others in the free packages.
  • Leap AI Creator package. The price for this package is $27. The package provides 2500 images, at a fast speed, music generation, and everything else in the Starter package.
  • Leap Professional package: This package is mostly preferred by growing companies and its price is $220 per month. Here, you get 25000 images, music generation, at a blazing speed, and many other features including those in Starter and Creator packages.

Whichever package you choose, you will get the value of your investment.

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User-friendly interface.
Fast image generation
High-quality images
Wide selection of image types and themes


Might have a different experience on certain devices
Could be better with more professional features.

Customer Support:

Users can reach out to the Background AI customer support team through the Leap Contact Us page. You will redirected to your email client to send an email message. You can contact them any time; 24 hours 7 days a week.

We hope you have all the necessary information about AI image generator.

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How do I fix AI not working?

If AI is not working, probably your browser has an issue, or the Background servers are upgrading. To fix this, restart your browser and wait for a minute or so before you load the AI website. If that doesn't work, clear browsing data from your browser to delete browsing history,cached images, and cookies.

What are the AI alternatives? is a great social media cover image generator and you can rely on it or its premium option at the Leap AI. However, if you would like to try another alternative you can choose tools like, AI Art Latitude, AI Shakespeare, etc. Every tool has its own unique feature that you might not find in other tools. So use which is good for your productivity. Best AI Cover Images for Social Media
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