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Updated on: January 12, 2019

Our friends uploads many photos on various social networking sites everyday. Its not easy to catch all of them but we have to stay connected and updated. If you are one of those who loves checkout what your family and friends shares everyday in less time – Pixable is best way to do it!

With Pixable, you can link up your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with your Pixable account in order to view all your friend's photos in one place. Considering Pixable based on social networking sites it will need sign in with facebook, this may dishearten people who don’t have Facebook account.

Pixable Facebook login

Working of Pixable :

Developers of pixable took two very popular platforms- aggregation and photo apps then combined them to its photo feed. It works by connecting to your Facebook account.

It is by default integrated with Facebook, You need to login to your Facebook account and then only you can add other accounts such as Twitter and Instagram.

Once you have added accounts this App will start aggregating your all photos from various accounts in different albums. It links one account per service.

Pixable Feeds

The main page has three main buttons on top for navigation: the left one toggles different feeds, the right invites friends, and the P icon in the middle navigates back to the main page. Public feed section provide feeds from public accounts. Photos are presented in preview mode as thin strips of photos classified in several ways.

These include the latest photos, top photos for the day/week/month, and new profile photos, all taken from your Facebook account At the top left you can slide out a main navigation menu that will show you your networks, photos that are trending, your friends, and your photos. To open a album you have to tap on it. Selected album will expand having all related photos. You can also like a photo and add it to your favourite list by tapping to a heart symbol.

Like Pixable

 You can write comments about photos directly inside from pixable. Pictures which you liked can be viewed later in your favourite section.

It also provides notifications about facebook’s top photos of the day. You can turn it off from Settings menu.

Why you should use Pixable?

One of the features of Pixable that makes it a little different than apps that randomly pull in photos is that you can actually navigate through a friend's entire album. To do this, tap into any photo that they have in your feed and scroll up and down to view other photos they've uploaded.

Comments Pixable app

If you find a photo you'd like to share, you can also tap into it and choose the share button in the bottom right hand corner Pixable not only finds top photos and videos shared by your friends in one place but also sorts them like

1. Top of the Day

2. Top of the Week

3. New Cover Photos

4. New Profile Pics

5. My Likes & Comments

Pixable Day likes facebook

6. Tagged Ladies

7. Tagged Guys

8. New Shared Videos

9. New on Twitter

Feeds :  All of your friends’ photos and videos are ranked and organised into feeds like Top Photos of the Day, Shared Videos, New Profile Pics, and more. Pixable analyzes likes, comments, tags and dozens of other variables to find the photos and videos you care about.

Videos : View the latest videos your friends have shared.Follow: Stay up to date with your friends’ latest photos. Follow friends and get notifications whenever they upload or are tagged in a photo.

Link Pixable account

Synced to Facebook: Whenever you comment or like a photo on Pixable the same automatically happens on Facebook.
Multi Directional Navigation: Flick your finger left or right to browse through the photos of a category. Flick your finger up or down to browse through the album of the current photo.

Easy Share & Save: Found a funny or interesting photo? Share it via e-mail with just a click or download it directly onto your iPad!

How you can get Pixable:

If you want to explore all functionality on your web then just navigate to Pixable.com and login with Facebook.

We all know that Pixable is great app for smartphone users, so to explore it download it from app stores.

For Apple product  just go to Apple store ,search it and install  Pixable App.  You can download pixable on  android too.

Kindly share your experience with us to elaborate this great product in more extend. Is this app is worth to use ?

Pixable app
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  1. Hello surbhi,
    This post is really helpfull for us and pixable is the best way to do it now really this is going to help me in my making my facebook account more familiar to every pics .
    Roushan sharma

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for providing the important information about the picture updation. You can enjoy this service.

    1. Yes pixable is great to save your time and effort, If you have many connections on Facebook its really hard to get good updates. This app also increase your productivity

    1. Its our pleasure that you like our article. Kudos to writer surbhi who covered insights of Pixable app in simple manner.
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  3. It saves a lot time and procedure that we have to done on Facebook. This apps make you more familiar with all pics. I going to use pixable from now. Thanks Surbhi and Suarabh to take a time and sharing this post with us.

    1. Its our pleasure Julia, We always try to share useful things with our readers and I know our author Surbhi did great work for this article.
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  4. This reduce the our efforts. Actually Facebook takes more time than this. I really love this. And I am sure with the help of pixable my FB account more secure than previous.

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