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Updated on: August 18, 2023

Body fat calculators are essential tools for individuals who want to monitor and track their fitness journey or for those who want to join Army forces. A free online Army fat calculator (ABFC) helps individuals to calculate their percentage of body fat. A military fat calculator can be an Army BMI calculator and an Army height and weight calculator, at the same time.

In this article, I will focus on if you need to consider ABFCs and some of the best body fat percentage calculators for the Army; their pros and cons. I will also inform you how you can get this tool online for free.

Are online Army body fat calculators accurate?

The online Army body fat calculators are developed to show the body fat percentage using the girth or circumference method. This method was developed by the U.S. Army. All you need is to enter a few details like neck size, height, and waist size.

Some of the online body fat calculators could be more accurate, but the truth is, none is 100% accurate, Army body fat calculators have an error range of +/- 2.7%. They are meant to work and be as accurate as underwater or hydrostatic weighing.

What are the best free Army body fat calculators online?

There are many body fat calculators that claim to use Army-approved guidelines, but it seems to be hot air. However, there are others that maintain the average error range and those are the ones I want you to consider. Below are some of the best free Army body fat calculators online:

  1. Giga Calculator
  2. Omni Army Body Fat Calculator for females & males.
  4. Inch Calculator
  5. eCalculator

Let us now look at these Army body fat calculators in detail.

Army Body Fat Calculator Free

1] Giga Calculator

Giga calculator uses both new one-site tape tests (established in 2023) and old multiple-site tape tests. The calculator was established in 2019 and it uses U.S. Army Standards of Medical Fitness guidelines. For the new one-site tape test, you only need to enter gender, age, waist size, and weight. For the old multiple-site test, you need to details on your neck measurements, hip size, and waist size. It calculates your body fat percentage and notifies you if you meet the required percentage for different Army departments.


  • It provides detailed figures on the tape test methods.
  • The calculator shows the body mass index.
  • It gives you information on lead body mass.
  • Processes result in seconds.


  • The calculator is cluttered with ads.

Army Body Fat Calculator Free-Omni

2] Omni Army Body Fat Calculator

Omni Army Body Fat Calculator is one of the best body fat percentage calculators. Like Giga, Omni Army Body Fat Calculator uses both old and new tape test methods based on Army body weight requirements. To know your body fat percentage, enter abdominal circumference size, gender, age, and weight.


  • It has a simple and clear interface.
  • The calculator shows the body mass index.
  • Give detailed information about the weight range.


  • It doesn't show a lean body mass index.

Army Body Fat Calculator Free-Inch Calculator


The Army body fat calculator on is free to access. It complies with the U.S. Army Standards of Medical Fitness guidelines that we launched in 2019. It shows the body fat percentages and notifies you if you are eligible for Army recruitment standards. To get more accurate results, you need to take at least three measurements.


  • It gives you the option to choose between the new and old tape tests.
  • It shows you lean body mass.
  • The calculator gives you the body mass index.


  • The interface has ads that may give you a not-so-good experience.

Army Body Fat Calculator Free-ecalculator

4] Inch Calculator

Inch Army body fat calculator estimates your body fat according to the US Army standard regulation 600-9. It's one of the best free calculators with a simple interface. All you need is details about your gender, age, height, neck size, and waist size. However, to use this calculator, you must be 58 inches in height or above.


  • It gives you information about your Army body fat qualification.
  • The inch calculator has a great interface.
  • It takes seconds to give results.


  • The page has ads that can be a nuisance to some individuals

Army Body Fat Calculator

5] eCalculator

eCalculator is a go-to tool if you are looking for an incredible Army BMI calculator or a free Army body fat calculator. The tool can be used by both males and females; all you need are detail about your age, neck circumference, height, and waist circumference. Once you fill in these details, you will get results in seconds.


  • It meets Army body fat calculator requirements.
  • The tool gives you fast tape test results
  • It has a simple and easy user interface.


  • Some users might feel the interface is old-fashioned.

Those are the best free Army body fat calculator (ABFC) online. I believe you have enough tools to choose from. These tools offer facilities to humans who want to join the Army to know their body fat percentage before recruitment. The calculators also help Army person who are already in the service to monitor their bodies. Most importantly, the calculators help individuals who want to monitor their body fitness journey.

Free Army Female & Male Body Fat Calculator (ABFC) Online - FAQs

How do you calculate body fat in the Army?

To calculate the body fat in the Army, you need to provide tape measurements for your neck, waist, weight, age, and height. For women, they should also add hit size. Once you do that you need to use the body fat formula to convert the figures into body fat percentages.

What is the maximum allowable body fat for the Army?

The table below shows the maximum allowable body fat for the Army according to your age and gender.

Age in years Women (%) Men (%)
40+ 36 30
28 - 39 34 28
21 - 27 32 26
17 - 20 30 24


Best Army Body Fat Calculator Male & Female
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