How Data Centres help Germany to Leads In Tech Industry (Data Center Frankfurt)

Updated on: May 18, 2013

German Economy

There has been recent news to allay the economic fears within Germany, as the on-going recession that looked set to take another victim within Europe seems to have been thwarted. September saw an end of the spiralling southwards economic trend for the first time in five whole months. With the German economy now looking more stable, the Deutschlanders can look towards a fairly stable economic growth in the coming months once again.

Data Centers Germany

Tech Industry Leaders

So what makes Germany leaders in the tech industry with global tech organisations that are likely to assist the nation in maintaining its economic stability? For years, Germany has had a reputation for creating workmanlike, reliable and well manufactured goods. No more so is this better represented than in their car production. The likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi are all testament to the quality of the German industrial sector. But what about in the tech industry itself?

Siemens is one of the main market leaders in electrical engineering goods and services. This company functions globally but its base and its origins are firmly set in Munich, Germany. It is the likes of these global functioning corporations such as Siemens and the auto-manufacturers which can lead the German economy to calmer seas.

Data Centers germany

German Information Technology

One company that will be glad to hear of the economy stabilising is Telehouse. In January 2012 they opened their data center Frankfurt base. This data centre was established to provide secure data storage facilities for many of Germany’s top businesses and industries. With the economy now looking to be on the long road to recovery, there can only be more businesses expected to be established in the coming months, all in the need for secure data storage solutions.

Data Centers are becoming an increasingly popular method for secure data storage. No matter what the discipline of the organisation, there is always a need for ICT services and secure data storage solutions. Whilst Germany isn’t the only country to have data centers capable of hosting mammoth amounts of secure company files and information, Frankfurt’s is one of the newest and connected to the second largest Internet exchange for incomparable access speed to the tier3 data center.


Business factors that  help them to grow :

1. Diversify  portfolio in IT sector.

2. Better resource allocation & optimisation.

3. Availability of free & secure space to start with Data center

4. Methodologies used during execution process.

I personally like some key factors of Germany.Who are  doing their core development as well as emphasising on other industries. Let us know about this new face of Germany.

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