How Much is My Laptop Worth Calculator?

Updated on: June 1, 2023

Laptops and phones aren’t merely devices. They are emotions and priceless ones. Thus, it isn’t easy to put a price on your laptop when selling it online, but obviously, you won’t give it away for free. Any seller would want to price his/her laptop at the highest possible figure before selling it. In this article, I will explain the best strategies for selling your laptop at the highest possible price.

How much is my laptop worth calculator

How much is my laptop worth calculator?

  1. Evaluate the condition and general value of your laptop
  2. Where not to sell your laptop?
  3. Where to sell your laptop?
  4. How to price your laptop?

1. Evaluate the condition and general value of your laptop

Before selling your laptop online, you would have to judge the worth of the laptop at your home itself. Then, we will help you find the best price. Consider the following parameters for the same:

i.Brand of the laptop

Brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus fetch are sought after in the market. If you own an Apple computer, then it will obviously be priced higher. If your computer isn’t of one of these brands, then it will be very difficult to sell it online since people don’t trust much outside these brands, moreover in the case of second-hand laptops.

ii. Check if the model is in demand

Let us assume you have a Dell Vostro laptop, but the model has been removed from Walmart and Amazon due to bad reviews. Would people want to buy it? Perhaps yes, but only if the price is set accordingly. The current rating of a laptop influences its price a lot. These days, users “almost obviously” check the price of electronics on Amazon before buying them.

iii. Age and condition

Sell laptop at beat price

While the age of the laptop matters while pricing it, for a smart buyer, the generation will matter more. Eg. Windows 11 cannot be supported by an Intel processor of the 6th generation or earlier. Other than this, evaluate the cracks and scratches. If the screen is cracked, buyers won’t pay much (since replacing the screen is expensive). But if the keyboard is scratched, then you can easily sell it for a legit price.

iv. Performance of a laptop

When would a 9th-generation computer of the same brand perform better than an 11th-generation computer of the same brand? Simple – When the 11th-generation computer has been used extensively and the 9th-generation computer has been used rarely. Usage leads to wear and tear and thus the performance of the computer should be tested before valuing a computer.

Now that you have a general idea of your laptop’s worth, we will look forward to pricing it appropriately. Before I explain how to find the best price for your laptop, I will have to tell you where to sell your laptop. Even before that, I would need to tell you where not to sell your laptop.

2. Where not to sell your laptop?

It is important to know where not to sell your laptop, especially because these options will be easily available and approachable.

i. Laptop dealers

When a laptop dealer buys your laptop, they may or may not have a buyer at the time. Most probably, they won’t have a buyer. Thus, they are risking their money by buying your laptop. Even more, despite the risk, they need to be sure of making a profit in the complete deal. Thus, they would price your laptop dead low to fill the gap.

ii. Online electronics dealers like Cashify, DeCluttr, etc

Laptop worth calculator

Just like offline dealers, online dealers including known brands need to make a profit from your laptop even when they don’t have any customers at the moment. They are simply hoarding electronics to sell them at a better price in the future.

However, one exception exists. This is when your laptop is broken. This is because no individual buyer will buy your laptop. However, dealers will fix your laptop and sell it.

3. Where to sell your old laptop?

Caution – I will suggest platforms where you can sell your laptop for maximum profit. However, a risk is involved so I will suggest taking the payment in hand. The best platforms to sell your laptop are as follows:

i. Facebook Marketplace

Sell laptop on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is clearly the best platform for selling your old laptop. Your listing will be visible to everyone in the area and that too for free. They charge only when you wish to promote the listing. Not otherwise. Even if you promote the listing, the profit will make up for the cost involved. I consider Facebook Marketplace the best platform for selling electronics.

ii. eBay

eBay has a huge user base and you can easily find a buyer on this platform. The company charges you a commission on the sale, so there is no joining fees. However, the percentage of commission is huge at 13.25%. But the good part is that you can price it higher than at Facebook Marketplace. Furthermore, the platform gives assurance that the payment methods are safe, unlike the case with Facebook Marketplace.

That’s it! Don’t check further because all other platforms are either dealers or don’t have a sufficiently productive user base.

4. How to price your laptop?

I mentioned that it is unwise to sell your laptop to dealers. But they are actually the most useful blocks in the chain. How? Check the process to figure out the best price for your laptop as follows:

1. Pretend to be a buyer and call a dealer and ask the price of a laptop of the same brand, configuration, and age as your laptop. Even if they don’t have anything similar in stock, ask them for a price estimate. Note it on a piece of paper.

2. Check the websites Cashify , Decluttr, etc for the price of laptops of the same configuration. Note the price on a piece of paper.

Now understand the fact that these dealers don’t give much of a discount and yet, people buy from them. So, if you price your laptop a little less than its price, you will be able to sell it easily.

3. List your laptop on Facebook Marketplace and eBay for a price little lower than what was quoted by the dealers.

4. People will inquire about the laptop and will try to negotiate the price. Simply tell them that your quote is lower than that of similar products on Decluttr, Cashify, etc.

5. Don’t be desperate while selling your laptop. Wait for a while till your get a suitable customer.

6. If you are using eBay, the payment is secure. If you are using Facebook Marketplace, then make sure to hand the product at a public place and accept cash in hand.

This is how you get the best price for your laptop.

Can I use a generic online calculator to estimate my laptop's worth?

There are 2 types of online calculators to judge the worth of a laptop online. The first are the calculators created by dealers and the other are generic calculators. Obviously, ditch the first option. As for the second option, you can use it but still try to price your laptop as high as possible using the method I explained.

How can I increase my laptop's resale value?

As obvious, if you notice any minor defect on your laptop, fix it before selling the product. But if the defect is major like a broken screen, consider selling it to a dealer instead. Also, if you have any premium software installed on your system, then make sure to mention it while selling your laptop.

Is it worth repairing my laptop before selling it?

When we buy a laptop, it is cheaper than assembling all the parts manually. Spare parts could be very expensive. Thus, it is important to make a wise financial decision before repairing your laptop. If the screen is broken or the motherboard is defective, then simply consider selling it to a dealer who can repair it at his/her own expense.

How much is my laptop worth calculator
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