LEO Privacy Guard: An Android App Lock to Keep Your Privacy

Updated on: May 24, 2020
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Nowadays, Smartphones have become the best way to know someone! From photos to selfie shots, from notes to all kinds of personal messages and from preferences and tastes; literally, everything can be known from Smartphones if you know how to check! This is the same reason why you should be a bit careful while handing over your phone to a stranger, or even a not-so-close friend! Of course, we cannot refuse to give them the phone when they ask. But, you do have a better option — to use a privacy guard, and LEO Privacy Guard is one of the best choices you can go for! In this post, however, we have a review of LEO Privacy Guard, exploring different aspects of the multipurpose solution, available for Android Smartphones.

What’s LEO Privacy Guard?

We know you have this question in mind! LEO Privacy Guard, as its name says, offers a variety of superb features, in addition to the easy-to-use interface. Well, what has to be noted here is that it is not a typical app-locking solution to install in your Android. On the other hand, it has a number of capabilities to make sure that your device will get rid of all those prying eyes, from many perspectives. Now that you have a clear idea, we will check various aspects of LEO Privacy Guard.

Installation & First Use

LEO Privacy Guard for Android weighs just 3.1MB and the installation is way too quicker! Just after the installation, it is essential to set a lock pattern and choose a security question — in case if you forget the pattern. By default, Guest Mode of LEO Privacy Guard will be activated. In this mode, a set of applications — which are selected according to a preferred set — will be locked. We found the installation procedure of LEO Privacy Guard to be quite simple.

LEO Privacy Guard Dashboard

The User Interface

We think the user interface of LEO Privacy Guard is something great and simple enough to use! Right after installing, you get a dashboard that has a simple design. You have access to the App Lock section and App Cover section from that screen, and it shows the number of applications that have already been locked up. Let that be in any section of LEO Privacy Guard, you will find it easier to move on.

Easier Interface LEO Privacy Guard

Noteworthy Features

There are a few features that we found superb in LEO Privacy Guard! Some of them are as follows.

  • Different Modes, Different Needs

In LEO Privacy Guard, you can create different modes for different purposes! It’s clear that you do not need all those apps when you reach your home, as opposed to the college scenario. So, you can create two modes and enable that desired when you need it. By default, it has Home Mode and Guest Mode. Choosing the to-be-locked apps in each of the modes is a simple task, no questions asked.

  • App Locking, a bit Advanced

Rather than just letting you lock all those apps, LEO Privacy Guard has a set of options to offer! For instance, you’ve the option to select how lock is enabled. There’s Time Lock and Position Lock. If you use Time Lock, the app locking is enabled during a particular time period. On the other hand, Position Lock analyzes your position and enables lock, or vice versa.

LEO Privacy Guard Position Lock

  • Privacy Protection

Protecting your photos, videos and documents is also a part of privacy protection. In the Protection section of LEO Privacy Guard, you have options to hide all these stuff, by choosing what you want to be hidden. You can expand this privacy option into the case of SMSs and calls as well.

LEO Privacy Guard Protection

  • Miscellaneous Features

LEO Privacy Guard has a separate section for app management! Here, you can uninstall applications and know space that they are occupying. Associated with this, you can backup and restore applications you have installed. In addition to this, you get an option to manage your data services by knowing how much resources are used by each app.

Our Verdict

We think LEO Privacy Guard is one of the best, free security oriented Android apps you can have! Best part of LEO Privacy Guard is that it is not limited to app locking and all. And, availability of different things makes things cool.

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