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Updated on: October 28, 2019

Recently Microsoft launched their most waited operating system Windows 8. A new & reimagine version of  windows is having great customization and features. Windows 8 is now buzzword as they are targeting it into major device platforms like PC, Tablet and mobile etc. Large availability of  product leads more security issues. Now hackers  analysing new metro UI & metro apps for serious vulnerabilities. Remember "Prevention is better than Cure" and this principle is  also applied  in virtual world too ! Core windows components are not that much strong to fight with external attacks.

Bitdefender Windows8 Security

Recently Bitdefender Antivirus launched their  new 'Windows 8 Security' product which is going to help you to protect your Windows 8 apps and components from malicious attacks. Windows 8 security package is an enhancement into virus monitoring system,where you can easily trace the culprit process.Windows 8 security enable us to handle web-based content very seamlessly.

Bitdefender windows 8 security

Bitdefender windows 8 security is your online shopping guard, by using Bitdefender Safepay, you can automatically opens online banking pages in a separate, secure browser. Bitdefender Autopilot offers  hassle-free & smooth experience while handling  antivirus program in windows operating system  at maximum efficiency, It also support Theft Protection and other features to ensure your  privacy online.

To secure our virtual world we must need good antivirus for Windows 8 as its dealing with many web based metro apps. Web based metro apps downloading major data from internet & sometime they keep it in offline. Their might be a chance of some virus attack through such downloading . To avoid this kind of attacks we have to scan each and every incoming & outgoing packets and bitdefender Windows security providing us a solution to monitor, analyse and take action in such crucial situations. In simple word we are playing in safe side when we have bitdefender Windows8 Security installed on our machine. You can easily figure out some enhancements in bitdefender windows 8 security.

Windows 8 Antivirus Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Stunning Features of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security:

1. High performance & automation.

2. Work like AI (Artificial Intelligence).

3. Securing your Windows 8 Metro UI.

4. Enhance privacy protection & Safepay

5. Early startup scanner & scan boost technology.

6. Monitoring Windows 8 Metro Apps behaviours


If you really want to protect your data and metro apps in your windows 8 pc then Bitdefender is right choice for it. Bitdefender not only protect your data in offline mode but also in online activity. Now its really important to persist your privacy and security in safe place.

If you are enjoying windows 8 then I suggest you to try bitdefender windows 8 security suite to secure & lock your experience.Your comments are most welcome.

Bitdefender Windows8 Security
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  1. The main feature and it seems too be an important one is that Bitdefender kicks in on the boot up process protecting your system...specific to Windows 8 boot protocol. all purchasing decisions it's the buyers's call. I haven't yet migrated to Windows 8.and I'll be very cautious in doing so...since Windows working Super Fine on my system. I'd be more interested to know how many Wilderites..have made the move to Windows 8...or are planning on doing so? Sorry.I digress...fodder for a new thread. Bit defender is a superb product...hopefully it's shed some bulk...and isn't as previous editions.

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