Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad – A Competitors view

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface tablet at a press meeting that was held in Los Angeles. Many experts believe that the Microsoft is all set up to take on head with the iPad which is currently the leader in the tablet market. The introduction of the surface from Microsoft is a clear indication that the company is aggressively looking to expand and popularize its proprietary. From many weeks I have been
thinking to sell my phone and buy new iPad. Actually I have 2 phones, one is basic and other is Android based Smartphone. Windows is a platform for the tablets and smartphones.

Even though the Surface tablet is expected to get released in the fall of 2012 and Microsoft hasn’t spoken much about the Windows 8 and other features of the tablet, based on whatever information we have, here we provide you a comparison between new iPad and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Microsoft Surface Display vs ipad display


Display is one of the major aspects of any tablet device. The Apple’s new iPad has incorporated the IPS panel in their iPad which would provide a stunning 263 ppi with the resolution of 2048X1536 which is four times the clarity of iPad 2. Microsoft Surface on the other hand features a Clear Type HD display. This display has a resolution of 1366X768 with a pixel density of 207 ppi. Both the tablets have the scratch resistant bodies. So, keeping all the above factors, we can easily make out the

Winner:  Apple iPad is clearly a winner as far as the display is concerned.

Apple processor vs Microsoft surface


In today’s world where the presence of a dual core processor is very common, it is very important as to how you utilize your processors rather than stacking them up. The Apple’s new iPad is powered by dual core A5X chip with the graphics stack doubled up where the game, animation and video playback has been improved and fluid. Microsoft hasn’t told anything about the processor of the Surface tablet. They clearly mentioned NVidia in their keynote which could mean that they could have incorporated NVidia Tegra 3 in the tablet. The Window 8 powered Surface Pro have Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge under the hood which has powerful processing power to handle a large amount of applications. We have seen what iPad is capable of performing and we are still haven’t sure about the processor and its capabilities in the unknown domain of Windows 8.

Tie: So it is a draw between the two tablets.

new ipad connectivity surface tab ports


Connectivity options are aplenty in both the tablets. There are a number of options of audio, video and data transfer. There are a number of adapters which are available for iPad but you have to buy them. The Microsoft Surface on the other hand has a number of connectivity ports and options. There is no Micro SD card support in iPad whereas the Microsoft Surface tablet. Some of the other ports which
are offered by it include USB 2.0, HDMI out and mini DP port. It can be seen clearly that the Surface tablet has a number of connectivity options as compared to the iPad.

Winner: This round belongs to Microsoft.


Build Quality:

The thickness of Microsoft surface is 9.3 mm which is only 0.1 mm thinner than the iPad. An iPad is enclosed in an Aluminum chassis whereas the Surface tablet is enclosed in a Magnesium chassis. Both the chassis are equally strong and give you a premium product look and feel. The cover keyboard of Microsoft surface is another attraction which is inspired from the SmartCover of iPad but instead of the
folding covers, the cover is rigid and has a keyboard imprinted on it. The iPad is available in only black and white color whereas the Surface tablet is available in a number of colors.

Winner: In design point of view Microsoft surface is stand out of the crowd with some good features !

I hope all above points will help you to select best tablet for you.If you have any more questions then please share it with us.

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    1. The basic version will cost 599$ where as PRO version will cost 999$, Not good w.r.t indian market ! I hope they will reduce the price to stand out of the market 🙂

  1. I am a big fan of IPAD. The microsoft surface looks good too but i think nothing can beat Ipad. Its just a perfect tablet and the price of the ipad is very affordable as well.

    1. Yes I too like iPad but its a world of competitions.We can't predict who will become popular ! btw ur right price tag of surface PRO is too much w.r.t ipad, microsoft must consider this in future otherwise it also become "Tablet of Rich People".

  2. I agree that the Surface definitely have an X factor and Appeal which make it stand out of the crowd. Also have wrote review on the same and personally and as a tech blogger, I feel that Surface would definitely steal the charisma of iPad series.

  3. Hey saurabh, I really appreciate your post and agree with you. Thanks for good information and way of explaining., This will be really useful. This article has provided me with an insight about Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad – A Competitors view. I am agree with your point "In design point of view Microsoft surface is stand out of the crowd with some good features !"

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