Exclusive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Deals on Antivirus

Updated on: November 27, 2021

It's that time of the year again where great offers are available for everyone across the world. Oh yes, Black Friday 2021 is just some days away and there are amazing deals on great Antivirus and Security software.

Before we take a look at the great offers for Antivirus Softwares for this year's Black Friday, some readers out there may want to know what Black Friday is all about and why it's important.

Why is Black Friday & Cyber Monday so important?

Black Friday is the day after the traditional Thanksgiving day celebrated all across the United States and other parts of the world at large. This year's Black Friday is on the 26th of November 2021. Cyber Monday is a shopping festival especially on Monday after Thanksgiving. Its major focus is mostly on e-commerce deals.

It is important because it is a shopping day when most stores and retailers have made enough sales across the year to move the rest in the black. Great deals are offered on goods such as Clothes, Electronics, Tech gadgets, Softwares and many more to customers. Some go as low as 90% off on their offers, which are great for the buyers.

In this post, we will be highlighting some great Black Friday 2021 deals on Antivirus across the world.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Deals on Antivirus

1. TotalAV Antivirus 80% OFF Black Friday 2021 offer

TotalAV antivirus is considered one of the top antivirus software's in the market today. It provides its users exceptional real-time protection on malware and virus threats.

TotalAV antivirus is compact and full of great features such as the WebShield extension which helps to protect your computer from suspicious websites. It also comes with a free VPN and ultimately, it is user-friendly as well as easy to navigate.

The plans are not cheap, but not to worry, TotalAV antivirus is putting out a great 80% OFF Black Friday deal on the purchase of the software.

Advantages of TotalAV Antivirus

- Fast customer service response.

- Guaranteed real-time protection.

- Free VPN.

- It comes with a duplicate photo finder and web filter.

- It also comes with a system optimizer and an email breach checker which users have access to.

Disadvantages of TotalAV Antivirus

- The browser extension is not so user-friendly.

- It can only be used on a maximum number of six (6) devices.

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2. Norton 360 Antivirus 78% OFF Black Friday 2021 Deal

When it comes to Black Friday offers, Norton 360 antivirus is never left out. Norton 360 Antivirus is a market-leading security software with a lot of great features to be explored by its users. It has one of the most impressive suites of security features out there. Its premium plan comes along with webcam protection to block an unauthorized view or access.

Black Friday 2021 is a few days away and Walmart is giving a whopping 78% OFF deal on all packages (premium, platinum, or Deluxe) of Norton 360 antivirus. Now customers can save a lot more and still enjoy all that Norton 360 has to offer for a whole year.

Advantages of Norton 360 Antivirus

- Norton 360 comes along with a password manager.

- It also comes with cloud storage.

- 100% protection against any malware.

- Good value for your money especially if bought on a Black Friday.

Disadvantages of Norton 360 Antivirus

- Not all its features are available for use on IOS

Get Norton 360 Antivirus at a Great 78% OFF Deal in Walmart!!

3. Bullguard Antivirus Black Friday 2021 60% OFF Deal

Bullguard is known for its great security features such as perfect protection against malware, top-notch antivirus scan, and frequent security update to ensure optimum protection against threats. It also has multilayered protection alongside dynamic machine learning to ensure your device's safety.

This Black Friday, Bullguard is giving its customers and users some great offers, 60% OFF on all its packages. This is an awesome deal for all users and customers.

Advantages of Bullguard Antivirus

- It gives users access to live chat on all platforms.

- User-friendly.

- It also comes with a dynamic machine learning performance

Disadvantages of Kaspersky Antivirus

- This plan is for only Windows users.

- It has no application for IOS.

Get BullGuard Antivirus at a Great 60% OFF Deal!!!


4. Bitdefender Antivirus 70% OFF Black Friday 2021 Offer

Bitdefender Antivirus is offering users and potential customers a great 70% off deal on the full version on any of their antivirus packages for a year. There is no better time to get security software than this black Friday.

Bitdefender Antivirus provides:

-Ransomware protection


-Parental Controls

-VPN & Password manager,

amongst its other features. It is rated by users as one of the best antivirus software out there today.

Advantages of Bitdefender

- Comes with a free VPN.

- Provides protection on ransomware.

- It provides top-notch service on all its plans.

Disadvantages of Bitdefender

- The VPN can be a bit too restricting.

To take advantage of this great deal by Bitdefender Antivirus, you can view the packages and get any of them in the link below.


5. McAfee Total Protection Black Friday 2021 52% OFF deal

If you are looking to explore other options when it comes to top-notch antivirus or malware detection software, then McAfee is an antivirus software you should keep in mind. It is great and effective for your computers, tablets as well as phones.

Just like other awesome antivirus software in the market, McAfee antivirus offers guaranteed protection of your device(s) with features such as password manager, sophisticated ransomware protection, speed-boosting, a shredder, and many more.

With Black Friday 2021 just a couple of days away, McAfee antivirus is dishing out a great deal that gives customers a 52% discount on the purchase of its antivirus software. This is an awesome offer for customers as they get to enjoy all the great features at a very good price.

Advantages of McAfee Antivirus

-  Shredder tool that helps you destroy all sensitive documents.

- Quick scanner that scans in a few minutes.

- Effective customer service.

- Ransomware protection.

Disadvantages of McAfee Antivirus

- It's not the best choice for Apple users.

- The speed booster only works effectively on Chrome.

Get McAfee Antivirus an Awesome 52% OFF Deal!! 


Final Words

There is a good number of top-quality antiviruses out there in the market for you to choose from according to your needs, but a lot of users are faced with the challenge of not being able to purchase or subscribe to a premium package due to the cost. Black Friday 2021 grants you the opportunity to enjoy the features of this software at a very good and affordable price.

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