How to Keep Midjourney Images Private without Stealth Mode?

Updated on: March 27, 2023

Midjoureny is an amazing AI platform to create powerful images on basis of human imagination. I'm using it for a couple of days and really enjoying its heterogeneous functionality. I personally thought Text to Image generating tools are getting powerful, which is creating an 'artificial digital economy'. While using Midjouney as a noob I discovered a few important privacy measures we must execute to protect your personal images while generating images at Midjourney /imagine prompt.

How to Keep Midjourney Generated Images Private?

1.  Activate Stealth Mode by upgrading to Pro membership [Easy Way]

Stealth Mode is nothing but a private mode where people within the discord channel will not be able to see your AI-generated images. Activating stealth mode in the Midjourney Discord server is easy, you just have to upgrade your account to PRO membership.


After availing of pro membership follow the below steps to activate stealth mode in the Midjourney

Step 1. Type '/settings'  in your midjourney discord chat, and you will see the settings dashboard in the discord. Midjourney stealth mode on settings

Step 2. Click on "Stealth Mode ", It will enable for all your midjourney data & communication.

After this, you will able to generate your images in private mode. No other person can access your data and information. Your stealth mode-generated images will not appear in your Midjourney Archive.

2. By Messaging the Midjourney bot privately.[ Free way]

If you don't want to upgrade Midjourney to avail of its stealth mode then simply use the below steps to keep your conversation and midjourney images private.

Step 1. Go to any public Midjourney Discord conversation.

Midjourney Private mode on

Step 2. Hover over the 'Midjourney bot icon', and click on the message. This will redirect you to the exclusive one-to-one chat interface of the Midjourney bot.

privacy images in midjourney

You can start doing private prompt-based communication with the Midjourney bot. All your data including all AI-generated images from midjourney will remain private between you and the bot. This is not a private mode but will help you to keep your photos private in a dedicated midjourney chat.

What's the difference between Stealth Mode and messaging the Midjourney bot privately?

1. In Stealth mode everything only remains in your control. All your data is applicable to you only and it will NOT appear on Midjourney Archive & on any other server. Data exclusivity is what you get in this mode as its premium feature. Your status changes to "offline" and your profile picture is grayed out. As a result, other users will not receive any notifications of your presence or activity within the server.

2. In messaging bot in private mode, Midjourney can access your data & which is also available on Midjourney Archive. This is a workaround to avoid posting images publicly at midjourney chat. No data exclusivity here. Your profile & activity notifications are still visible for other public channels of midjourney. No invisibility.


Conclusion :

By following all the above steps you can keep your Midjourney created artwork privately and activate the private mode on Midjourney. These techniques can help safeguard your personal information and ensure that your artwork is only accessible to you not in any other public channels of midjourney discord.

If you are facing some issues while keeping your artwork secure then you can comment with your queries. We will help you to resolve it.  Midjourney 5 is an amazing invention you must try once.

Privately store images in midjourney
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