How to Download & Save GIFs on Android?

Updated on: November 19, 2022

In this article, we will show you the very easy steps to download GIFS. Using them, you can save animated GIF files to your Android smartphone or tablet. Just follow our instructions as given. In this way, you can download and save your favorite GIFs offline. Then you can reuse them as attachments or embeds in various places. You can share this article with your friends so they also know how to download gifs on Android.

Animated GIFS and Stickers FTW!

Animated GIFs, emojis, and stickers are the different possible options of expressing emotions without words. The pictorial or visual ways of communication can convey your mood or feeling accurately. This is especially useful when you have less time or energy, or don't know how to express something in your words.

Funny, animated, dramatic and popular memes featuring celebrities or characters can hit the right note in capturing the mood or intention you have. Hence, people simply love using animated GIFs in instant messaging, online chatrooms and discussion forums.

Even for both personal and professional settings, such as in emails, presentations, slide decks and online videos, animated GIFs are great resources to get your message across in a crisp and humorous manner.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Download GIFs on Android:

1) Step 1: Go to GIFs website like Giphy

android gif 1 android gif 2
  • Open your favorite browser on your Android device.
  • Do you have any particular GIF in mind? You can search for it on your favorite search engine.
  • Or you can go to a website like GIPHY, and look for it there.
  • It is great to just browse the different categories and tags, and enjoy the funny, entertaining animated GIFs.

2) Step 2: Find an animated GIF you like

android gif 3

  • After browsing around, you will surely come across something that really strikes your eye.
  • Maybe you were looking for a GIF to wish "Good morning" to a friend?
  • Let's say you found the perfect animated GIF for your purpose.
  • Tap on the GIF thumbnail, so it opens its larger version in its own page.

3) Step 3: Tap & Hold (or long press) on the GIF picture / animation

  • On its own separate page for the GIF, you can tap and hold on the GIF.
  • This will open a dropdown menu for your browser.
  • It has lots of options, but don't let these to confuse or scare you.
  • Simply look for the option "Download image"".

4) Step 4: From the dropdown menu, Tap on "Download Image"

android gif 4

  • When you find the "Download image" option in the dropdown menu, just tap on it.
  • This will start downloading that GIF animation file to your Android device.

5) Step 5: Wait till the GIF is downloaded, you will see a confirmation

android gif 5

6) Step 6: Open the GIF to view, find it again in Downloads, and use it as you like

android gif 6

  • You can open the downloaded GIF file, to view it locally.
  • From this, you will be sure that the file is properly saved to your device.
  • You can see that its animation is working normally.
  • In case you don't see the file animating properly, it can mean the download did not happen properly. Sometimes files can get corrupted. If so, you can go back and try downloading the GIF file again.
  • This downloaded GIF file is saved in the Downloads folder on your Android device. You can locate it from this folder again whenever you need to use it somewhere.


gif or jif debate

GIF is officially pronounced as "jiff". But many people instead use the "G" sound, like in "gate", "gas" or "gift". Both pronunciations are fine, as long as people understand what you mean. So, everyone should respect the others' preferences on choosing their favorite way to say "GIF". The good news is that every GIF remains as funny and entertaining as it is, irrespective of how you call it! We hope you enjoyed this short and sweet article on how to download GIFs on Android. Make sure to share it with your friends and let us know in the comments how you like to pronounce "GIF"!

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