Web Summit Qatar 2024: How AI Will Change Your Work?

Updated on: March 27, 2024

The inaugural Web Summit Qatar 2024 happened at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) from February 26 to 29. This event witnessed a diverse mix of over 7,500 attendees, 300 investors, and 1,000 startups from around the globe. I was lucky enough to be part of this fantastic tech-driven summit. It was buzzing with ideas, and many people were curious about anxious questions rolling within the crowd like:

Will AI replace my job/business? What should I do to survive in the technology shift?

Websummit Qatar showcased a complex picture where AI is a game-changer, but perhaps not in the way we fear. It also exposes Qatar's emerging startup and digital ecosystem by highlighting opportunities in the MENA region. There are many opportunities to build innovative and human-supportive products in the MENA region. The support of the Qatar government & thought leaders was remarkable for this Web Summit Qatar 2024. Qatar's government introduced a $1 billion "fund of funds" to fuel tech innovation across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It's helping to drive global connections toward local ambitions.

AI Breakthroughs That Left Us Speechless

Healthcare Transformation:

I observed that AI-powered medical diagnostics tools stole the show. Speakers like Nadine Nehme( Medicus AI ) discussed accuracy in diagnosis & potential life-saving opportunities due to AI in the healthcare sector. She also mentioned that this technology could streamline processes for doctors and revolutionize patient care.

Nadine Nehme medicus ai

The Creative AI Revolution:

Generative AI platforms like Microsoft Copilot demonstrated the ability to create original text, images, and code. It sparks excitement and concern for creative professionals like creative media teams and independent artists.

To neutralize this anxiety, speakers like Trevor Noah & Robert Kyncl (CEO of Warner Music Group) discussed the productive use of AI for creative professionals. They even discussed why it's essential for business growth. I was surprised to find out that Trevor knows a lot about technology. I was impressed due to his tech knowledge.

Sustainability Solutions:

As many speakers mentioned, AI isn't just about flashy tools. Websummit showcased how AI could optimize resource management, reduce waste, and support the development of renewable energy systems. Carbon Emission control systems can quickly help build sustainable green cities worldwide. Rick Tallant from Shell shared great insights about technologies for net-zero emissions.

So, Should You Be Worried?

The answer isn't a simple yes or no. I believe AI has the potential to disrupt numerous industries. I'm confident that AI will eliminate some jobs, especially those focused on routine tasks. However, experts at Websummit Qatar emphasized that AI is also a powerful tool for innovation & creating entirely new roles. You have to figure out how you can implement AI within your existing business effectively.

AI is an emerging baby, you must become an attentive parent!

Critical Advice from Tech Leaders

 Adapt or Die (Professionally Speaking): 

The most in-demand skill in the AI age will be the ability to learn, adapt, and upskill. You better know what happened to dinosaurs :). Many speakers said, "It's not about fighting technology, but racing alongside it." Most of them were optimistic about AI adoption in their businesses. Following ResponsibleAI guidelines what matters to business growth. 

Team DataOceanAI Websummit Qatar 2024

Focus on Human-centric Skills:

Speakers also said, 'Remember, you've got something AI doesn't: empathy, critical thinking, and storytelling. These are superpowers AI can't touch. Double down on developing yours. I also believe the Fusion of  'Human + AI' is an excellent combination for industry growth. So, discussing this with your business decision-makers for better outcomes is essential. I'm already implementing it in my business and we started getting positive results.

Websummit Qatar fund for fund

The Rise of the AI Collaborator:

During panel discussion many subject matter experts said Instead of fearing replacement, envision how AI can be your influential co-worker. Popular speaker Neil Patel (NP Digital) shared advice on AI when I asked him. He said,

"If you aren't using AI, you are at risk of being replaced. However, don't rely on AI completely. It still requires human guidance and judgment, as it cannot yet solve all problems independently". 

Where AI Creates Opportunity

If you ask me which area I should focus on to get opportunities, then here are some of my insights from Websummit Qatar.

New Industries Rise:

AI development, implementation, and maintenance will create new jobs in the tech sector. I had a great discussion with Mrs. Helen Wang, a speaker from DataOceanAI, and her product manager, Michael, about how DataOceanAI helps existing businesses implement AI more effectively and seamlessly. They told me, "Designing AI, fine-tuning its ethics (yes, that's a job now!), and building supporting systems will create waves of new positions.'Their company, DataOceanAI, emphasizes on same.

Enhanced Decision-Making:

AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data in less time. Due to this, professionals in fields like medicine and finance can make informed decisions backed by insights. So historical data analysis and future prediction technologies are going to get benefits.

Personalized Experiences:

AI will drive personalized services in areas such as education, healthcare, gaming and customer support. So, focusing on human-backed personalized experiences using AI is essential for industry growth. Titus Walker from UEL gaming also endoresed about persnalization in e-gaming industry.

UEL Titus Walker Websummit Qatar 2024

Looking Ahead: Web Summit Qatar 2025

This first Web Summit Qatar applied the foundation for something unique. As I left Doha, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Web Summit Qatar 2025 promises to be bigger and bolder, a not-to-be-missed event for anyone interested in being part of the MENA region's tech transformation. If you are business owner and tech enthusiast then you should not miss Web Summit Qatar 2025.

You can pre-register Web Summit Qatar 2025 with 50% discount

You can find interviews and videos from both Web Summit Qatar 2024 and Night Summit 2024 on their official YouTube channel. They'll offer great insights into the event's workflow and speakers. Let me know if you'd like any other information about Web Summit Qatar 2024!"

Websummit Qatar 2024
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