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Updated on: April 26, 2020

Now a days their are numerous web technologies trending over the internet, which are more flexible, secure & more attractive than ancestors. In day to day lifestyle we explore many websites having attractive looks with complex functionalities implemented in really simple manner.This kind of situation stop-us to think about "Which technology is used to develop this website?" isn't it?.


If you are familier with web development then you can partially identify this scenario by looking at "View Page Source",but belive me due to availability of diversifying web technologies its hard for us to exactly identify technology used behind any web-page/site. Their are limitation while identifying "View Page Source".

Limitation  of "View Page Source" :

1. Can identify only client side technologies like HTML, JavaScript, Flash etc.

2. Complex, manual and time consuming process.

3. Depends on human knowledge.


If you really want to automate this complex process with most accurate result start using "Wappalyzer", a great browser add-on which will do this task for free of cost 🙂

Wappalyzer is designed in such a way that it can automatically detect the content & call of webpages,then according to it's algorithms it will show you everything about that page/site. Wappalyzer is available for google chrome & mozilla firefox. I personally using this add-on from long time and this is one of the best add-on.

wappalyzer website buitwith technology

Features of Wappalyzer:

1. Automatic processing.

2. Show client and server side technology details.

3. Can show frameworks/CMS name in result using their massive updating database.

4. Show surety  percentage in result.

BuiltWith Technology

If you are not having rights to install add-on/extension in your browser simply check same kind of stuff from online service called "Builtwith"

I hope you will like this must have add-on for web-development, Let us know what you did to check website  details and how Wappalyzer help you to automate your critical tasks.

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