How Blockchain will revolutionize the gaming industry

Updated on: December 27, 2020

Blockchain has made a remarkable breakthrough since it took fame because of its huge potential. The gaming industry has been in the dark clouds in the past while waiting for a unique change such as blockchain.  However, it’s not everyone who knows what blockchain is?

Blockchain provides a unique and advanced way of storing and transferring data along with other features that will benefit the gaming industry. It breaks huge data into different pieces and will distribute it across the network based on the request initiated. With blockchain being implemented in the gaming industry, data will be decentralized as people and institutions won’t have access to owning or maintaining it. So with this blockchain gaming will be a different type of innovation that can broaden the overall gameplay of any casino games at the new online casinos.

That’s not all because blockchain revolutionizing the gaming industry will bring numerous benefits. And the issue of inadequate security in the gaming industry will be eradicated as blockchain makes use of advanced cryptography in securing the data of gamers.

Here’s are several ways the blockchain industry will revolutionize the gaming industry:

1. In-game Assets

The in-game assets will be among the first things that the implementation of blockchain in the gaming industry will affect hugely. However, with blockchain being implemented in the gaming industry, gamers will have the ability to transfer all in-game purchases from one game to another game while retaining its original value. Popular games like Fortnite and PUBG have digital assets and upgrades such as costumes and other accessories, which are often purchased by gamers for a better gaming experience.

So, with the blockchain gaming platform, all the digital purchases will be stored in a secured network where their value will be retained. Once these in-game digital assets are stored on the blockchain network, it will be available to be resold in the future for a certain value.

2. Gaming Economics

With a decentralized network such as the blockchain, the gaming industry will definitely grow more than it has been over the past few years. The blockchain developmental features will introduce the use of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in purchasing in-game assets. This also means that gamers can actually earn a couple of cryptocurrency from playing video games, which can be redeemed for real money.

3. Opportunities for Online Casinos

Blockchain will not only provide benefits to video gamers but also to online casino players. It will boost blockchain gambling to another level as almost every online casino will have to make use of cryptocurrencies. Imagine playing casino games with Bitcoin and Ethereum at your favorite online casino. And as secure as the blockchain network is, you can also play anonymous without a need for unnecessary verification processes.

According to our lead man Daniel Bennet here, who’s an expert guest post expert, the implementation of blockchain to online casino games will give casinos the ability to not get regulated. It’s also an opportunity for blockchain casinos in Canada to skip spending a huge amount of money to get certified. With this, players from different locations around the world will be able to play online casino games without abiding by any state law or rule as the government has no access to the blockchain network.

4. Worldwide Exchanges

The gaming industry is popular with a combination of professional gamers around the world. With a unique innovation of implementing blockchain technology in the gaming industry, the requirement for worldwide exchanges will be needed. Blockchain gaming will require players from different parts of the world to utilize exchanges in storing rewards of digital assets.


A unique innovation like blockchain in the gaming industry will create amazing future opportunities for gamers.

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