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Updated on: June 24, 2022

Remember those small cute flipbooks we used to own during our childhood days? The pictures would keep changing as we used to flip the pages. It was fun, right. Well, the online flipbook is just the same. It is interactive and is an online platform that gives you the same feel. It is as if you are turning a page of a book for real.

What is Flipbook?

Flipbooks have taken the place of conventional digital PDFs and all paper-based documents like magazines, catalogs, books, brochures, presentations, and even more. They are just the replica of a book that can be turned and flipped but without printing!

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Why use Heyzine?

Heyzine is an online platform to convert PDF to flipbook. If you have any paper documented files, you can easily make it more creative by converting it into an HTML flipbook. There are many other online sites, but Heyzine outshines them for several reasons.

Flipbook MakerYou can effortlessly convert your PDF or paper documented files into a flipbook. Heyzine not only allows you to change it into a flipbook maker but also enables you to make it more creative by adding texts, logos, icon styles, and many more. It gives you not only a real effect but also lets you slide and overflow effects.

1. Free of Cost!

In case you are wondering about the cost of turning your document into an HTML flipbook, well, we have good news for you! Henzine is a free online flipbook maker. It might have cost you a lot for printing in real, but you can do it for free. Moreover, it is free of ads and also a watermark. You can easily share your flipbook with anyone all around the world and brand it under yourself.

heyzine pdf to flipbook converter

2. Responsive on any system

Whether you are using a phone or a laptop or any device, you do not have to worry. You can easily access Henzine from any device and that too with adjusting size! Flipbook maker was never so easy before, but with Heyzine, you can do anything.

3. Sharing is Caring!

Once you are done with your work, make sure to share your flipbook with everyone. Heyzine allows you to generate a link and also QR codes or thumbnails so that you can share it easily.

What features make Heyzine stand out from other online platforms?

There are many competitors, but certain features of Heyzine make it more recognizable than the others.

Effects for Page-Turning

Well, in real life flipbook, it was just one way to turn your pages. However, in Heyzine, it does not get limited to one. You have the advantage of choosing from five different effects, namely- book, slider presentation, cover flow, flipbook magazine, and one-page flip.

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Customizing a flipbook

Heyzine allows you to create a customizable flipbook by adding logos, texts, background, changing symbols, controls that can show and hide your content, and even navigation controls. You can be as creative with your flipbook as much you want to!

Responsive to any device

Do not worry if your PDF is in A4 size, or landscape, or maybe portrait. Heyzine has the feature to adjust your document accordingly on any device and then turn it into an HTML flipbook. The flipbooks do catch eyes if used on Android, iOS, or any other devices.

Panel for Admin

Heyzine provides you with a panel that is like your own personal cubicle. Here, you are the manager of everything, and you can customize your documents, after the changes made by the site, that too on your wish. It depends entirely on whether you want to stick to the fundamental changes or make it more attractive.

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You can download your flipbook offline!

You can easily download the PDF flipbook that you have made on our platform. You can upload the free online flipbook on any site that you want. We also help you in customizing your flipbook on your website with our premium plans.

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Links for Integration

Heyzine allows you to share and interact with others by creating links or thumbnails to share your work with everyone easily. The preview of this link looks excellent on different social networks.

Access to API

Heyzine provides you with an API if you are a web developer. The flipbook API for web developers allow you to convert the PDF files into a flipbook easily. You can rely on their API systems as it is speedy and easy to integrate into any device. They can help you with the integrations if you opt for the professional plan.

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Benefits of Using Heyzine Flipbook

Ever wondered why converting a PDf into an online HTML flipbook is much preferred? Well, let's decode the probable reasons.

Impact is high

The online flipbook is much more colorful and can be customized easily. They can express anything way better than the traditional format.

Savings is huge

You can easily make a flipbook online and share it without even paying for materials, printing, and distribution costs.

Highly Flexible

You can create a masterpiece by editing and adding texts, colors, pictures, symbols, etc. You can easily make it into a book, brochure, or even comic strip and many more.

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You can reach others in a large number.

Passing on a real book is very slow; however, with Heyzine, you can share your flipbook to thousands of people simultaneously and that anywhere in the world.

Interaction is on a high level.

Online flipbooks are a revolutionizing way of digital reading. It can include more readers and help them interact by perceiving the same feeling given by a traditional book.

Final Verdict

Heyzine is helping in making a revolution out there. The fact that you can make a flipbook just by a click also makes a new change by avoiding cutting of trees. You can get the same feeling of paper only by using Heyzine. Are you ready now to create your first flipbook?

Heyzine Flipbook Maker Free to Convert
  • Flipbook Conversion Quality - 90%
  • Functionality & UI - 88%
  • Customization and Sharing - 90%
  • Templates - 90%
  • Embedding Option - 90%


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heyzine pdf to flipbook converter
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