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Updated on: February 11, 2020

It has  been 5 years since the announcement of  HTML5, still we are watching the war between the staunch flash developers  and HTML-5  web-makers who continues to fight with their SWF and CANVAS swords :).Of course as a developer I know 'its a matter of  survive ', but early adopters of HTML 5  doing rapid application development than flash which leads existing flash developers to move into this new path. I personally think that both Flash and HTML5 have their own pros and cons.But as a web 2.0 is expanding like viral we have to adopt such changes for future simplicity.


HTML 5's major advantages over flash :

1. Write once deploy everywhere :

HTML 5 is a powerful technology having web-centric architecture , which help you to run any html5 code in any html 5 compatible device. No need to develop separate  software/app for every different devices like mobiles, browsers etc.

2. Coding standerds & Performance :

HTML 5 is easy to learn and code which help developer to write optimistic code in less time. Resource consumption of HTML 5 is much lesser than ordinary flash animations, which makes html5 mobile device compatible. As HTML 5 consume less resources it help mobile device to save their batteries. Flash eat lots of battery of mobile device than html5.

3. Better for SEO :

We know that HTML 5 include variety of advance tags, which will help search engine robot/bot to easily crawl the content and sort it according to tag properties.We can't do such things with flash 🙁 That's why google algorithms stop considering flash for SERP.

Though these 2 technologies are combating, you can use both, depending on your objectives. If you are looking to build once with average-to-good functionality that works in every eco-system, then HTML5 is a great option. For more advance requirement go with flash. I'm sharing some list of online tools which help you to convert your Flash into HTML 5 format.

Though these tools have limitation still it will help you for small scale conversion.

Converting FLASH SWF into HTML5 tools:

1. Google Swiffy :


Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads). It has limitation of file size, you can convert only up to 1 MB swf into html5

2. PixelPlant :Google-swiffy-flash-html5

This is another service which also include processing of action script along with swf. It support up to 2MB swf file size for conversion. It have rich UI along with drag and drop facility

3. Adobe Wallaby :

Its a complimentary extension available for Adobe Flash Pro. CS6 users , enables us to leverage the rich animation &  drawing capabilities of Flash Pro. CS6 while you make the transition to creating HTML5-based content. It take file as an i/p.

[yframe url='']

Wallaby translates the following Content :

  • Vector graphics to SVG
  • Bitmaps to <img> elements and JPEG files
  • Text to <p> elements or SVG text
  • Flash timeline to a group of CSS animations
  • ActionScript, Sound, Video and other assets are discarded.

Wallaby is not a final product & is still in the testing & validation phase,we have to use it according to our needs.

Look like HTML-5 will replace simple flash in upcoming days but its hard to beat the advance features of flash using html5.

What do you think, which 1 will survive in upcoming web world ?  Your suggestions & answers about html5 vs flash are most welcome.

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  1. to Point 1 Write once deploy everywhere : This works better in flash then it does in HTML5, with flash's superior OOP pattern and it running in it's own runntime oppsed to HTML5 having to account for every browser, browsr versions and devices. this can be a nighmare in HTML5. And your a ton faster in Flash
    to Point 2 Coding standArds & Performance : Every animation comparison ive seen between the two, flash has always out performed HTML5, and it has years over HTML5. Also learning 3 languages (HTML,JS,CSS) opposed to 1 (AS3) which is a full grown OOP language is more time consuming and difficult. And since flash doesnt run in the mobile browser but as AIR app, the last statement is also nonsense .. sry
    to Point 3 Better for SEO : This has always been done in the HTML the Flash is embedded in. So no difference her either ..
    Sry this is Bad information!!!

    1. Hey tomas we partially agree on your concern,I think you forgot to read that we already mention that HTML5 is suitable to replace small scale flash not entire flash technology and yes HTML5 is much SEO friendly than FLASH.I agree on your statement that we have to learn 3 languages along with diffrent frameworks which is little bit tricky.

  2. It is Very Interesting that Conversion of Flash Website to HTML5 Website is Now Online. Hope this Conversion will Help me a Lot in My Project.

  3. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Opera.

    I'm not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I'd post to let you know.

    The style and design look great though! Hope you get
    the problem fixed soon. Kudos

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing such an informative article. It's exactly what I was looking for 🙂

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