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Updated on: August 18, 2021

The gaming industry has come on leaps and bounds in the past two decades. People having access to online multiplayer games from their smartphones, tablets, or even computers seemed impossible in the very early 2000s. Now every game has an online component, while new advancements are coming in thick and fast. Below are some of the ways that technology is continuing to produce an evolution in gaming.

Graphics Capability

Watching older games from the early to mid-2000s, you could be forgiven for thinking a child made them. Some graphics look entirely outdated, while you may even feel they were made as a spoof or joke. While the MGM technology and other advancements mean that innovations are always possible in gaming, even older, outdated graphics were revolutionary at the time.


The way that 3D graphics have improved over the years is staggering. Finally, lifelike human depictions and authentic backgrounds are the norms in AAA games that you can play on computers and gaming consoles.

Even games that require modest graphics, such as online poker or slots, look a lot better than they did a decade ago. That is because 3D graphics processing has come a long way since then.

Secure Payments

Buying games and items has never been easier for consumers, which is also a win for companies. Even though companies like PayPal are losing money, they are pumping a lot of time and resources into payment security. That benefits online gaming companies immensely.


Say an online casino wants people to add money to their account each time they want to make more bets. Doing that in the past was an arduous process, as it involved electronic checks and waiting several days for payments to clear. Moreover, even processing credit cards was difficult for particular gaming platforms.

The process is so easy, as an online casino can instantly receive payment and credit the money to the user’s account. The payment portals are also a lot more secure, so identity theft is not an issue when playing online or within video games.

Generating Game Outcomes

Using technology like RNG helps games create the outcomes that players are seeking. So even though random number generation is all about 1s and 0s, it can help make real effects within games, whether online poker, sports games, blackjack, or a first-person shooter game.

Such technology is a game-changer for so many reasons. Not only does it make the process of creating video games a lot faster, but it means that you can tweak the games a lot faster too.

Imagine there is an issue with a game. Then, rather than having to go into the code of the game and edit every possible outcome of an action, you can let the RNG program take care of almost everything.

Users also have peace of mind when they are playing games that have RNG within the game code. For example, if you are playing an online poker or blackjack game that is made with reputable software, you can be sure the RNG component is entirely legitimate. There is no manipulation from the companies involved with the game, which means the cards you get are completely random.


Mobile Gaming

Being able to enjoy games with state-of-the-art graphics and rapid movement when you are a computer is understandable. These are powerful machines that have very beefy graphics cards inside them.

Now imagine being able to play these high-quality games on a smartphone. People used to enjoy playing 2D games such as Snake on their phones in the early 2000s. Now, console-quality games such as Fortnite are equally accessible on smartphones.

Mobile gaming also means that companies can reach users a lot easier. For example, an online casino may have found it difficult to get people to spend hours playing online poker if they had to sit in front of their computers to do so. Playing these games on a smartphone means you can be at work, riding the bus, or at a family gathering and continue to play.

AR and VR

Games are already going to levels that were thought of as impossible a few years ago. Then, the idea of AR and VR games seemed like a fantasy, even in 2010. Now companies such as Oculus are at the forefront of VR gaming.


The experiences that gamers can enjoy as a result of advancing technology are second to none. If you are bored of computer, console or mobile gaming, you can try a virtual reality headset that wirelessly connects to joysticks in your hands.

You can use those joysticks to map out your arms in the virtual world. That means you are controlling your character’s motion within the game by moving yourself. If you can carve out a spare room in the house, you can have an entirely new type of fun with such games.

Enjoy the Best Gaming Experience

Sometimes older games may find it hard to recognize the industry they fell in love with twenty or thirty years ago. Even though gaming is not the same as in 1990 or even 2010, there are still the same core components. Gaming is about having fun, taking in new experiences, connecting with others who have the same interests, and having the time of your life.

Any avid gamer should be relishing the new experiences they can have due to the changes in technology surrounding gaming. There are so many reasons to be enthusiastic as a gamer between the advent of mobile gaming, virtual reality games, and online casinos.

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