How to Download ChatGPT response history in PDF, PNG format using ChatGPT Extract Extension

Updated on: April 4, 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Open AI’s ChatGPT Bot has been hogging the limelight for many months. It has amazed people by answering complex questions. The response is bang-on with added humor and personality. People take to Twitter and other social media platforms to showcase their witty conversations with ChatGPT. What if I tell you there are easier ways to capture and share your ChatGPT history than screenshots? 

Many complain that there is no official way to export ChatGPT history. There is a way to save it but no option to export it. Thankfully multiple tools help you do so. I have tried most of them and hand-picked one. 

Importance of Saving ChatGPT history

ChatGPT is most definitely going to spearhead the AI revolution. Making peace with artificial intelligence rather than fighting it out is prudent. In the current scenario, ChatGPT users are sharing history to show the prowess of the tool. Over the years, the scenario could change.

ChatGPT will likely evolve as a tool that helps people automate repetitive tasks. Despite the initial resistance, the use of AI tools like ChatGPT will be normalized in the near future. When this happens, a manager or a lead could share/export history with his team. It will help them understand workflow and function better. Read on to know how you can save ChatGPT history in various forms. 

How to Export ChatGPT History to a PDF file on a PC? 

It is not practical to screenshot an entire conversation. ChatGPT History is a powerful tool that lets you export history with a single click. All you need to do is login into ChatGPT. Export ChatGPT is available in the form of a light Chrome extension. It doesn’t require any registration or sign-up. The best part is that you can export previous chats as well. 

Follow the steps below to Export ChatGPT History to a file- 

1. Download and install the Chrome extension from this page. Make sure you download the latest version. At the time of writing, it is v.1.3.6. However, the version number is bound to change with new releases. Once downloaded, unzip the file and rename the folder if needed. 

2. Click the Hamburger menu on Chrome. The button with three vertically stacked dots on the top right corner. Go to More Tools and select Extensions from the option. You have to enable developer mode to install this package. 

3. The Chrome browser will show a list of installed extensions. Select Load unpacked.

4. New window will appear. You need to select the extension directory. Navigate to the folder wherein you have saved the extension. Select and load the ChatGPT Download extension. 

The ChatGPT download extension should load in a few seconds. 

5. You should be able to spot ChatGPT Download in the Chrome extension section (Type chrome://extensions)

6. Pin ChatGPT extension. This way, you will be able to access it easily. Select the extension menu (puzzle piece icon). Click the thumbnail icon, as depicted in the screenshot below. 

7. Open and Login to ChatGPT. Once logged in, Select a previous conversation from the left menu. 

8. Scroll to the end of the conversation. You should now see three new buttons: Generate PNG, Download PDF, and Share Link

9. The Generate PNG option captures the entire conversation in a PNG image. The feature eliminates the need to take multiple screenshots or rely on a scroll screenshot tool. 

10. As the name suggests, downloading PDF lets you save a local copy of the ChatGPT history. I can already think of many situations wherein a PDF file could be helpful. For instance, you can send it to your team for specific troubleshooting. Or you can save the document for future reference. 

11. Share Link is the perfect option when you want to share ChatGPT history in an instant. Simply click on the button, and voila ChatGPT history link is copied to your clipboard. Furthermore, the link opens in a new browser tab. 


  • How to export the ChatGPT excerpt?

Copy-pasting is one of the methods. However, the ChatGPT Download extension is nifty. You can export excerpts in multiple formats, such as PNG, PDF, and a shareable link. 

  • Can you save conversations on ChatGPT?

Yes, you can. ChatGPT keeps a record of your previous conversations akin to a traditional browser. 

  • How do I share Chat on ChatGPT?

As mentioned above, you can create a shareable link. Alternatively, you can also download a copy in PDF and share it.

In Conclusion

I hope you have learned how to save ChatGPT history on a local file. The ChatGPT Download export link is a beneficial feature. AI is undoubtedly going to change our world. Let us embrace the new technology and leverage it to enhance our lives. Stay tuned to BlogSaays for more exclusive articles on ChatGPT and other exciting AI tools. Did you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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