How Your Business Can Convert Organic Traffic Into Sales

Updated on: June 18, 2022

Although online visibility is crucial to any business, making sales should be just the same. Business owners invest in marketing to increase traffic and turn those leads into profit. Usually, only a percentage of traffic gets converted into sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is excellent for generating organic traffic but not necessarily for turning it into money. It’s about optimizing your website to improve your visibility in search rankings. However, your website can have an excellent ranking but still have low conversion rates.

Organic traffic refers to site visits facilitated through unpaid sources. It’s cost-effective and usually has higher conversion rates. Ideally, the higher the traffic, the more sales you should make. That’s not always the case, though. You can employ other strategic moves to convert traffic into sales. Continue reading to learn how your business can convert organic traffic into sales.

1. Simplify Opt-Ins

E-mail marketing is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make sales. It offers users the option to receive e-mail. Opt-ins allow you to generate a mailing list that you can then use to conduct marketing campaigns. This helps you gather customer information, then retarget and tailor your e-mails to relevant users.

You must simplify this process because people may not be willing to opt-in for something they don’t know or trust at first. That’s why you need to make your website usable. Remember, first impressions matter, and these play a part in determining whether a user opts-in. Try not to request private or sensitive information from the get-go and keep your approach simple.

2. Use Live Chatbots

Chatbots can keep visitors to your site engaged. Live chat allows users to contact you or the sales team at their convenient time if they have questions or inquiries. People don’t enjoy waiting and value responsiveness. Hence, ensure your live chat provides high-quality customer support so it can be a great opportunity to convert leads into sales.

However, artificial intelligence-powered chatbots need to be programmed with the correct information to ensure they provide relevant feedback to the users. An unoptimized system may even lead to organic traffic loss, so understanding user intent is crucial. Several optimizations may be required, so you need to engage IT, professionals, to help you.


3. Offer Value

Realize that people have short attention spans. Thus, the first few seconds that a user interacts with your website are vital. You need to pour out high-value content even on the home page to ensure that visitors are engaged at all times. You also need to invest in regular website updates to make sure that you are offering informative content to visitors.

You can do this by providing or creating blog posts within your niche, from which readers can gain insights. The good thing about blogs is that you can insert links that redirect users to specific product pages or catalogs.

Besides, if you’re going to spend time and money on SEO to bring more traffic to your website, you must ensure that the user sees valuable content. Users won’t stick around for content that they don’t interest them. Keep in mind that they can turn to other websites, so it’s your job to keep them coming.

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Use Social Proofing

People rarely make buying decisions independently. Humans influence each other a lot when it comes to purchasing decisions. Thus, if you’re buying something, there’s a big chance that someone has spoken to you about it or recommended that brand to you. That’s why social proof can be an effective way to convert leads into sales. Family, friends, co-workers, and even celebrities are usually the voices that convince other people to buy a specific product or service.

Generally, you will consider throwing your support on something when a person you trust recommends it to you. The same goes for your business. Reviews and testimonials can be a powerful tool for converting traffic to sales. These can convince undecided customers to purchase if they see positive reviews and testimonials. The positive feedback from other users is substantial proof that the product gets the job done.

In addition, users trust other users’ opinions. Therefore, you need to ask people to leave reviews every time they purchase something. Begin by highlighting some of these testimonials at the bottom of your home page so first-time visitors can see them right away.

Optimize The User Experience (UX)

UX refers to the feedback a user gets while using your platform, and every aspect of it matters. It plays a significant role in converting leads into customers. It’s up to you to design and optimize that UX, such that it flows smoothly and is up to people’s standards. For example, if the user feels that it’s easy to navigate or scroll through the website, they’re more likely to enjoy the experience of using your website. If the UX is terrible, expect to see high bounce rates.

A variety of elements define the UX, such as adaptability, usability, functionality, and navigation. Note that people heed fewer details on the internet, so you have to make your first impression count. You can start by creating or designing a user-centric UX. You may optimize the UX elements here so that the experience itself adds immense value to the visitor.

Something as simple as optimizing button layouts or pop-up configurations can improve the UX drastically. Therefore, don’t undermine the positive impact of a good UX to retain users and convert leads into sales.

Likewise, improving the UX isn’t expensive as you may think. However, it takes a good team to pull this off. Hence, you may want to partner with professionals to help you optimize the UX.


Ultimately, any business aims to make a profit. To convert organic traffic into sales successfully, you need to understand user intent. Know what users value in their UX and optimize your website for that. You can opt for the many options available out there. Remember that the value you bring should justify why a user should buy your product or opt into your mailing list.

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