Five Simple Ways to Learn about SEO

Updated on: November 23, 2018

New to SEO? Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit in search engine optimization and are now looking for a refresher course on the basics. Well, SEO has been a major keyword in the digital world for decades now, and hence if you are starting to understand what SEO is and how you can leverage it, you might feel intimidated. After all, the volume of things you need to learn to get started is extensive. In addition to that, you’ll always need to play catch-up on all the new tactics and updates that come out often.

Here’s some respite:

Although there’s a steep learning curve to get started with SEO if you break down the different components and focus on its core fundamentals, it’s pretty easy to understand.

Read this post till the end, and you’ll get a fair idea of how to learn SEO easily.

Understand On-site SEO Basics

On-site optimization is one of the two major factors that influence search engine rankings. This part of SEO deals with manipulating the website to affect your ranking. It is a collection of simple to implement strategies geared towards making the website indexable and visible for the search engines. The tactics include ensuring clean and minimal code on the site, fast loading speed of the pages, optimizing for meta titles and descriptions so that it includes relevant keywords and providing significant and keyword enriched content on all pages of the site among others.

Keyword research

This is the number one step of the SEO process and includes researching and gathering industry-specific terms and phrases that drive search traffic to website pages that appear in the search results. Keywords related to the services or products offered on the website and researching specific target keywords is extremely important for SEO success. It’s important to understand that keyword research involves understanding the target audience and the questions they are asking so that you can guide the direction of your SEO campaign towards bringing qualified visitors to the site.


Technical SEO

One of the most intimidating and equally essential parts of SEO is the technical SEO. Although, the name suggests that it might involve programming and coding but fret not, most of the elements of technical SEO can be learned easily without any technical knowledge. The process involves optimizing the website for crawling and indexing phase and mainly involves working on the infrastructure of the site.


Off-site SEO

While on-site SEO constitutes 25% of the work put in the website’s SEO, off-site optimization accounts for the remaining 75% and hence is the cornerstone of good SEO. Basically, off-site search engine optimization involves boosting the brand’s online and offline presence. There are a plethora of strategies that are a part of off-page optimization like using content, relationship or links to craft an excellent experience search engine bots and prospects. Working on the off-site optimization of the website is what leads to increased traffic on the site, better lead conversions, good search engine rankings, and a positive brand image online.

Since this is the most extensive part of SEO and includes several strategies, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time learning, updating and implementing it.

Monitoring, Analyzing and Troubleshooting

To get optimum results from your SEO efforts, it’s paramount that you measure your results regularly, evaluate your findings and leverage it to make improvements on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, problems and challenges with the website are bound to surface now and then. It’s important to work on diagnosing the problems and addressing them on time to make the SEO strategy effective.

Learning and mastering SEO can be quite intimidating, and for sure not everyone can master the skill. Therefore, it’s important to understand when it’s time to get professional help. There are several experts like Tampa SEO company that can assist you with all your SEO and marketing needs.


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