How to Build Chatbots without Coding using Mobile Monkey

Updated on: June 28, 2022

Are you using Facebook for marketing? Do you want to make Facebook marketing is fun and interesting? If so, then you must certainly try the craze of the trending MobileMonkey platform. With billions of users, Facebook is one of the most important marketing tools that can target the potential audience. According to the experts, the number of users is likely to increase by 13% in the coming year. Thus, to make the most of this amazing marketing platform, the marketers need a super-amazing marketing platform.

Let us have a look at such an amazing platform that focuses on the aim of making Facebook marketing quite interesting. The platform will also make your entry smooth and easy in the world of messenger marketing. We are talking about none other than MobileMonkey.

What is MobileMonkey?

In simple words, MobileMonkey is a marketing platform that allows marketers to easily create, promote and manage their brands on Facebook. The platform makes use of Facebook-based AI Chatbots for giving the needed exploration to the brands. The AI Chatbots used in this platform is Chatbots without coding which makes its use even more easy and simple.


In other words, the MobileMonkey platform allows its users to make use of fully-functional Facebook messenger Chatbots without having the knowledge of coding. So, even if you are a beginner in the industry and are unaware of coding, you still can make the best use of this platform to outshine your competitors.

Features of MobileMonkey:

MobileMonkey is one complete solution that offers maximum features to its users. Some of the essential features of this amazing platform are as follow:

  1. Chat Blast: The platform offers this amazing feature called ‘chat blast' which allows the marketer to send messages to multiple users within no time. This means that the use of this platform saves the maximum time of the marketers as they can get in touch with all their users in just one particular segment. Keep all your messenger contacts in touch with this amazing feature of MobileMonkey.   ChatBlast
  2. Improved ROI: If you are more focused on getting better ROI with the Facebook ads than the number of likes, then MobileMonkey is actually the platform that must be your aid. This platform aims at generating better ROI with the Facebook ads, which are so designed that they can target and aim all the users. The platform makes sure that the Facebook ads reach to the respective audience at the right time and at the right place.MobileMonkey-Dashboard
  3. Generate leads: One of the essential features of the platform is the ability to generate leads by building an effective Chatbots. Without a doubt, the effective and balanced use of Chatbots is a must, if the marketers want to mark their success in the present time. Using the platform, the marketers can be absolutely sure that they can build a chatbot that will deliver them the needed success.
  4. Leverage AI: Today's marketing world has clearly understood the fact that if they want to be successful, then they must keep their users satisfied with what they want. In the same context, one of the essential needs is to serve the users with the content they want.MobileMonkey-5

But how the platform of MobileMonkey helps in this? Well, the platform is so designed that it can make the maximum advantage from the effective use of AI. The platform aims to leverage AI so as to serve the users with everything that they want. This means that with this platform in your aid, you can never go wrong with delivering your customers with their needs and requirements.

  1. Grow Facebook network: No business can make progress if they set themselves limited. It is quite important to continuously grow the Facebook network so as to get connected with the potential customers and users. MobileMonkey is that platform that can allow the marketers to filter the desired and targeted audience from the pool of people. This will ultimately help the marketers to grow their connections and thus being able to reach to maximum people.ChatBots-Analytics
  2. Better promotions: MobileMonkey is also an effective platform that helps the marketers to stabilize the promotional activities. By allowing the marketers to keep a balanced focus on each and every user, this platform can actually provide the users with all kind of needs and wants.Mobile-monkey-3

Along with this, with a well-designed networking system, the platform allows the promotional activities to reach to maximum people.

Benefits to the marketers:

Amidst the so many options that the marketers are always in need, MobileMonkey has clearly outshined. No matter what the situation is, the marketing platform is always ready to serve the marketers with one or the other benefit. Let us have a look:

  • Fast and easy access
  • Interactive interface
  • Codeless knowledge
  • Targets the audience with proper segmentation
  • Generate quality leads
  • Generates user-focused conversation flow

The tool is the one-stop solution for each and every need that the marketers can have. Make sure you try this amazing platform and make the most of the offered benefits. Do comment below your experience with the platform.

Mobile Monkey ChatBot Maker FREE
  • Features & Options - 95%
  • Functionality & UI - 88%
  • Facebook Integration & Privacy - 96%
  • Chatbot Analytics - 95%
  • Multiple Chatbots & tech support - 95%


No coding required
Easy to Implement & Customise
Chatbots are super powerful for marketers


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